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Dec 2019 · 249
No name 3
Sim Dec 2019
you were summer to my heart
and tasted like the first day of spring.

the air was saturated with prayers and dreams
and for once I truly believed Heaven still exists.
May 2019 · 280
No name 2
Sim May 2019
where the sun was born
and the gods fell from grace
thousands of miles away
I am still yours,
and you are still mine,
we have more than just a night.
Apr 2019 · 2.8k
No name
Sim Apr 2019
teach me what desire’s about,
make me your celestial creature,
consume me until death do us apart.
Sim Apr 2019
silk sheets burst into flames
blood drops of a victimless crime
devour me with your ruby gaze
pray on me one last time.
Sim Apr 2019
at dusk we meet again
longing for a hand to hold
book another petty room
thinking we’ll build a home.
Sim Apr 2019
I don’t need you to like my poems.

I need words to cut open your skin,
verse to rip through your caged heart
and, when all metaphors will disappear, ravens will wine and dine on your spine.
Apr 2019 · 248
King of beasts
Sim Apr 2019
soft hands choking me to my infinite end cracked lips brushing my lifeless face
such heavenly way to descent
by the hand of a treacherous angel God sent.
Apr 2019 · 471
Sim Apr 2019
perhaps I was only a tribute to your pride
perhaps you sought refuge in moments of raw desire
perhaps the nobility of loving was too much to ask for.
Apr 2019 · 187
Our reputation
Sim Apr 2019
two lovers intoxicated with pride and vengeance
venomous blood spilled in our battle for ascendance.
Apr 2019 · 214
Sim Apr 2019
punished by Heavens to charm and destroy,
everything she glazes upon turns to stone.
she wonders restlessly from home to home
but when he crawls back in the dead of night
her poisoned heart becomes only a bone.

— The End —