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Peris Wambui Apr 2021

At chasm,
Far deep abyss of despair,
Soaked gloomy atmosphere,
In a vague sparkle,
Arrested were my eyes to see,
My numb feelings jolted,
Salvation without sanatory,
I felt a new being resurrect,
Couldn't hold my feelings anymore,
I wasn't in control.

I was flummoxed,
Something I couldn't explain in fistful words,
Something hadn't felt for long,
Something my heart had long lost tune to,
Nearer I drew stuck,
Pootled in with mixed feelings.

With a gaze of his eyes,
I saw him,
Charismatic inclination,
I could no longer fight my thoughts,
A nightmare all was like alike,
A place of no return in flames,
In his world, I buried my thoughts,
In an ocean of love, lost I was.

Love at first sight the moment,
but wished to be a forever sight,
For in the stars in his eyes,
Was the forever in my heart,

My eyes craved his to see,
My heart wished to rewrite what I thought was lost,
My mind desired to rescript new memories,
To see the beauty in his soul,
Stretching out deep into him,
Dancing in our love,

In his cologne,
He became my body best scent,
Everyday, wishing he'd touch me more and more,
Dining in the thoughts of,
the grab that  I would give him when he is digging deep into me to satisfaction,

An overdose of him I took,
An obsession in my addiction,
That derived me numb,

He was the star that shone among the moons,
A star that had come to recollect my heart's broken pieces together,
To recolor my planet with colors of hope,
To refill it with diamonds where nothing fitted in,

But, the more I fell for him,
the more we drifted apart,
The more it hit me,
we were of two different World's,
Flowing in a whirl of perplexed events,

War of hearts, 
Clashes of cerebrations,
Fight between reality and delusion,
Conflict between heart's feelings and mind's instincts.

Reflection of his face,
Oceans and skies,
Space between fate and destiny,
Fantastical design,
Delusional exception,
Deception world of thoughts,
Dinning imagination,
Mental pictures,
confined behind my desires and wishes.


©tiana..❣ ft. A
Sim Apr 2019
I don’t need you to like my poems.

I need words to cut open your skin,
verse to rip through your caged heart
and, when all metaphors will disappear, ravens will wine and dine on your spine.
gab 吉 May 2018

A word.

A feeling.

An emotion.

What makes the world go round.


I ******* love you.

And it hurts me, everytime that I feel like you're ignoring me.

It hurts me.

Knowing the fact, that you can't reciprocate my love for you.


I still want to,

Thank you,

For all the *****.

You've caused a lot of chaos in me.

Inside of me.

I'm broken.

Because, once again, I became fragile.

And that **** happens,

Everytime I fall.

And when fragile thing falls,

They get broken.

So am I.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2018
I have wasted an eternity
Figuring a way to change my heart
Now I see that all I needed
Was you to keep me from ripping apart

If I counted the healing ways
You hold me together better than glue
I think you would be surprised to find
It is a lot more than just a few

Day after day you patch the holes
Sew the tears in my heart and my mind
With your love I stay alive and well
You are just the healthy choice I've been hoping to find
This is one from 2012, i added the third stanza today though, it just didnt seem like a good spot to end it.

— The End —