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Sim Apr 7
I don’t need you to like my poems.

I need words to cut open your skin,
verse to rip through your caged heart
and, when all metaphors will disappear, ravens will wine and dine on your spine.
gab 吉 May 2018

A word.

A feeling.

An emotion.

What makes the world go round.


I ******* love you.

And it hurts me, everytime that I feel like you're ignoring me.

It hurts me.

Knowing the fact, that you can't reciprocate my love for you.


I still want to,

Thank you,

For all the *****.

You've caused a lot of chaos in me.

Inside of me.

I'm broken.

Because, once again, I became fragile.

And that **** happens,

Everytime I fall.

And when fragile thing falls,

They get broken.

So am I.
Amanda Apr 2018
I have wasted an eternity
Figuring a way to change my heart
Now I see that all I needed
Was you to keep me from ripping apart

If I counted the healing ways
You hold me together better than glue
I think you would be surprised to find
It is a lot more than just a few

Day after day you patch the holes
Sew the tears in my heart and my mind
With your love I stay alive and well
You are just the healthy choice I've been hoping to find
This is one from 2012, i added the third stanza today though, it just didnt seem like a good spot to end it.

— The End —