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Justin Lai Dec 2020
squelched between bodies spiralling into escalators,
my trained eye couldn't help hovering a little left

right there, coming into view at the watch store,
though never caught dead anywhere near M·A·C

but neither should my stares, blatant without restraint,
fixed on a trio chattering like keys jangling

to the beat of a million other stolen glances,
only for them to slip away for some froyo.

rather than melt into a fruity confection myself,
I steel my eyes back into the spiralling masses

blocking out three gym bags marked 'WATER POLO',
my untrained heart pulses still for their suntan

and the bleachers of yesterday, the sight and sweat,
jocks jangling for position in glistening waters —

only then did I dare scream my lungs out,
safe in the crowds of a high school roar.
the bj stands for bugis junction, it's a local shopping mall okay xD
Sharmila Juliet Sep 2020
We never promised
Forever together.
But, somewhat we
Both know, other
Than us our hearts
Will stay together
Sarafæl Nov 2019
I am in love with him
He doesn’t know what love is
I want to stay up all night with him
When his mind is playing tricks on him
He says he cares about me
I care about him too
He said he loved me
I wonder if his love is true
I love it when he calls me
His baby g
Look at the clouds above me
What do you see
I see an elephant
In dungarees
Is our love superficial
Or does it run deep
I can feel his heart beating
When we are asleep
I want him to be closer
This distance is killing me
But I just love him harder
Every nigh we are together
Two birds of a feather
I feel bound by a tether
I want to be with him forever
But this distance is killing me
When my baby loves me
Waivers day by day
But my baby loves me
Sometimes so it’s okay
In his arms forever
is where I want to stay
the barker in charge
is sniffing markers
& the dog's the one
in the shock collar.

good god.
I'll come back


galapagos, I'm sorry.
rocketship jalopy
wrote a handbook on
banana boat cutthroat
reconnaissance exotica,
beast of tropic atrophy
broke folk casualty engulfed
in telescopes & TV shows

being monitored thru a monocle
the theatrical apathy & topical misanthropy

can anybody understand me?
Work in progress. Stagnation. Creative constipation
Her eyes in the moon
Reflection of a dreaming
That I can't awake

A following sun
Now that I am forced to be
A ring in a tree

Futile in my ways
One sees beyond shallow grave
Gurgle in the creek

Can there be so sweet
Your hand making me complete
Sun kissed cool in the twilight

In a circle rule
Come a stroke now of midnight
Silence flies the owl

Twenty-four hours now
Making my day complete
Blue sky , clouds pass by
Ben Ditmars Jun 2014
Almost never was
what we became

somewhat tired
somewhat hungry
somewhat vagrant
huddled in the ether
of our aspirations

possibilities in ruins
like hieroglyphics
crushed into the rock
our song reduced to
ashes in the sand.

the something that we had
becoming vaguely mythical
and somewhat lacking.

© Ben Ditmars 2014
Ciara Ballintyne asked if I could write a poem called Ode to Somewhat so I ran with the idea

— The End —