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Umang Oct 2019
How can i put an ocean in jar
If its meant to be deep and stretched as the sky!

How can i stop her from doing anything
Coz she is the ocean more blue than real one
And can be stormy too.

Drown me into your memories
Like oceans depths
Drown me untill
All the voices in my head go silent
All the anxitey pools get out and float up like a bubble into the salty waters.

I m dark moon
From far aaway i m pulling you up
Trying to lift you up and pull close to me
I want you to spread on my whole body to my whole depths
Leave these earth
Empty every drop
Turn into a tornado
Tearing sky layers
Come to me

Leave all that land
Dry out and just leave
Why you sell yourself to cloud ?
Why burn yourself over there !!!?
Why ? For whom ? You should bare all the doomed pain!!
Just come to me
And we will live happily
You wont have to cut yourself to pieces ,
Why should earth let you caged in gravity chains !!!
Just fly to me.
Umang Nov 2018
One day you are gonna love me back
Like you have loved before
Without any fear of breaking
Without any hurt

I m gonna build that trust
Where you can be yourself
Where you can feel the warmth
Where you can be fear less

I m gonna fill this spaces
Where i lack
Where the monsters hide
Where the darkness rules

I m gonna prove it
To be worthy of your love
I m gonna make you proud
To be one who holds you

Its gonna be hard
But i wont break
Its gonna get hurt
But i will wait

For that single day
For that little hour
For that slightest minute
For that flashing moment
Where you shall be fearless
To love me back
Without any smallest doubt
And that time will froze
That feeling will be stored
Carried on
Until i live.
Umang Oct 2018
Touch of your hand
To my skin
Had made me feel alive

Cozy lips
Feeling your breath
Pacing heart beat
Under the blanket sheet
Make me feel wanted
Makes me whole again

Friction of bodies
And a memorable hickey's
Turning down and tossing up
Perfect finger knots
With a Peck on neck
Feeling every inch of your body
Kissing on your nose
And grabing you tight
Feels amazing
Feels alive

Sliding my hands
To every curve of your body
Feels perfectly fine
Feels like uh are mine
  Sep 2018 Umang
and so my mind ventures,
cutting a deeper wound
from which i cannot heal.

words seep into the opened flesh,
like salt tears;
they sting and sear.

my eyes are open,
yet closed all the same.

they close like a stone sepulcher,
held within are the murky waters
that splash against my skull,
leaving an ugly mass of hatred.

one day,
my eroded forehead
will split open
and out will spill the fault of who i am.
Umang Aug 2018
Sunrise with your thoughts
Sound of nestling open my eyes

But i want to live that dream
Again for one last time

In which we're holding hands
Digging our legs in beach dirt
Wind trying to blow wisp of your hair
Me looking at you
While you seek the shells
And this feeling i get
It is irreplaceable
It is irresistible
And i find pearls
By having you
Right next to me

In sleep if i m having these dream please dont wake me up

Every time you are on my mind
It seem like a movie running in the daylight
I see you with my open eyes
Sharing tea and cherishing your smiles
The traffic chase we had
In the rain
And cold drop running all over the face
Your hands protecting my head
The hot filled cups
And our wet hands
With all these little things
day passes in the daydreams

At night i get lost
Worrying about the future
Than i get this feeling
Of having you
Distant, but virtually
By my side
Fills up my heart
And pump it hard
All these feels like
I can conquer my quest

My last thought
Dusk with your name
With it i find my peace

Next day the same things happen
Bt the movie changes from one place to another
One meeting to another
From first hiee
To out of sight good bye
Waiting for the next meeting
Untill then reliving the recent ones
Long distance relationship
Memories bridging up the distance
Umang Jul 2018
I am far far away from you
But nobody think of you
As much as i do
Everytime i feel like
Just to be with you

Distance and time
are not a friend of mine
Bt I ll make it up to you
Cover the distance
Change the time
For everything to be more perfect
uh be mine
We Stay fine.
Long distance
  Jun 2018 Umang
Krista DelleFemine
Very often
It is the
To accept constructive criticism
That will cross a person
From mistaken
To ignorant
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