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Goddess is a description
of radiance, not of appearance.

~ z.s
Journey to the subconscious,
Do you dare,
Feel no scare,
The feeling,
You can't compare,
Your way down,
Inside your own town,
They call it the devils' lair,
But that's the fear,
With your soul you can pair,
So explorer - fear not,
Put your ego on the spot,
Shread the mind,
Feel the heart,
You're one of a kind,
[Unique - a beautiful freak]
Madness and stillness you'll find,
The rhythm and blues of spirit,
Yeah mad explorer - feel it,
The journey to the subconscious,
Time to focus;
[Let your soul loose]

~ z.s
The key to spirit,
love and magic,
is not found in
things, places
or in pleasures.

It is found in
the depth of

~ z.s
Imminent existence was the poetry that pierced
her eyes. The thirst for evolving into a life form
that was perfectly aware of
its own beauty.

Unaware at first,
passionately later on;
she supplied me with
pieces of ink for the
enigmatic puzzle of our
momentary lives.

~ z.s
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