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Genesis Hawley Jun 2016
You take my breath away,
You always have and always will.
Where others have turned away,
There you stand.
You comfort me
You hold me up.
I wish to do the same for you.
Let me hold you
Let me steady you
Let me be your world,
Your sun
As you are mine.
You are the song
I hear in my heart
You hold the key to unlocking
Even the deepest parts of my soul
You touch the parts of me
I didn’t know could be touched
You are a burning fire,
A burning desire in my heart
You flood my mind
With the waters of hope
Hope for the future
No day is complete
Without seeing your face
Hearing your voice.
The feel of your touch
Is heaven on earth
Your arms around me
Is safety in a physical form.
Every moment with you is cherished.
Every breath
Every kiss
Every touch.
This is what you are to me.
I hope I can be the same to you.
Genesis Hawley Jun 2016
What are we?
But the sum of our experiences?
We walk around
The chains on our shoulders
We all have chains
The chains are what’s left of those experiences
We feel our chains but
The chains of others are invisible to us
We forget
That others may have greater chains than ours
That they may suffer daily like us
So we walk
Letting our chains
Slap into others and give them more chains
Without a second thought
For how they might feel
For our only concern is for our chains
So we lash out
Genesis Hawley May 2016
Life is blank
A page to write
A canvas to paint

We choose
What goes on it
We decide
How it will look
Who will be in the picture

So choose well.

Don't invite people to stay
Who will make the picture dark
Don't make an action
That will damage the page

Make your picture bright
No matter your surroundings
No matter your circumstances
You have a choice
To make your life beautiful

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
So make your story
Make your picture
Beautiful for you
Don't try to impress another
For your life is yours
And it's beauty is determined
By you alone.

Make your life beautiful.
You do have a choice.
Genesis Hawley May 2016
Where do I go
When I'm feeling low?
When the days are long
And my thinking is slow?

To you I run
To your warmth
And your comfort
For you bring me happiness
You fill me with warmth
That comes from within

You meet my lips
I can't help but smile
I hold you
Feel your heat

I take you in
And slowly relax
You are my first love.
Genesis Hawley May 2016

It runs through me
I don’t understand it
But it makes me scramble
Makes me scream

So many things to fear
Enough to make me cry
What if they get divorced?
What if they never forgive me?
What if they find out?
What if you change your mind?
What if I lose you?
And then lose them?

It could be crippling
It could get control
It could drive me
It could cut me
It could **** me

But will it?
Will I let it?

Each day I make a choice
I have control
It will not win
It will not cut me
It will not ******* me
I have strength
I have hope
My life is my own
That’s right
It’s your turn to run
It’s your turn to flee
I control you
I will live
I won’t hold back

It is better to take a risk
To love,
To hope,
To dream,
To dance,
It’s better to take a risk
Than never try at all
Fear is small
I am rich in soul
And powerful in mind.

This life is mine.


— The End —