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Nehad Zein Apr 2016
Those dangling chains,
I wish for them.
Just like a baby wishes for his mother.
They, the chains,  jump around;
Just like wild and free kangaroos.
The holes so close,
Remind me of fishnets;
The livelihood of those at sea.
The hanging chains, like grapevines
Much like people, hanging onto hopes.
Dangling in the storm to save their life.
The chains still dangle,
Carefree, without concern;
Lost in their own world;
Like few people,
Those who stand out.
Those dangling chains;
So **** beautiful;
Just stare at them,
Like you stare at the stars,
On a moonlit night.
They keep dangling,
Undeterred by the world.
Chains are free,
Chains are dominant,
Much like the unfettered few.
Nehad Zein Apr 2016
I feel an emptiness,
Somewhere deep inside me.
The hole you fill,
Is open now.
I miss you,
I yearn for you.
Where are you?
I wish I knew.
I'm dying here.....
I want you,
I need you,
I crave you,
Where are you?
I keep asking myself;
Where are you?
I need to talk to you,
Or suffer a sleepless night.
My mind is nothing but you.
My everything.
I miss you.
Nehad Zein Apr 2016
The day has come,
Our souls must part;
I can't take it anymore.
Our souls once tightly bound,
Aren't anymore.
It hurts, the wounds in my heart;
They grow deeper and deeper.
They might grow so deep,
I'm afraid they won't heal.
I can't take it anymore;
The pain, the breaking of my heart;
Its beyond me, it must stop.
Let's just..........Part.

— The End —