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Micaela Tennis Apr 2014
I live in  a world where Christianity is sold dirt cheap.
Where taxes aren’t involved, without interest rates, signing fees or commitments.
Where we claim to have salvation, yet never walk in it.
Where the churches deem themselves ordained, righteous and holy
You’re not doing anything more than completing your weekly chores.
Where the congregation sings “OUR GOD REIGNS!”, on Sundays.
Where the other six days don’t matter
And the sabbath no longer means rest.

I live in a world, where you can claim Christianity.
Where you can live in a nation that declares “ONE NATION, UNDER GOD”
Yet never experience doctrine, worship, service and fellowship.
Practicing traditions and never knowing the reason behind the season
So we cover up the reason, to make those who never cared, feel better about themselves.
Salvation comes without cost, yes.
Not free from ridicule, persecution, mockery, lies and threats.
Free to accept.
Costly to deny.

I live in a world, where an army continues to rise.
The army of the dead to be more precise.
Where women believe that beauty is physical and sexuality is a must.
And that happiness comes from being held in the arms of a man.
Where the men are taught to be a man and temptations arise.
And that their life has to be kept a secret, behind closed doors.
And when the world experiences heartache, we all of a sudden become united.
And the other days, we act like senseless strangers.
And we treat each other like dirt, through acts of ******, ****, assult, bullying and word of mouth.
The world lies in the palm of our hands, where we’re connected at our fingertips
Which is made  much easier to idolize, lust, cuss and make light of lies.  

I live in a world, where the past defines who we are.
Where the past should be a place of reference,
yet we treat it like a place of residence.

I live in a world, where the Holy Bible is the number one book…. to be stolen.
Yet, the world is still clueless of the wonders under the cover.

So, Woe to you, church.
Sanctuaries filled with apathetic hearts and praises...
My presence should be welcomed in this place
The name of the Son should make you feel overwhelmed.
Fall on your knees and bow before the lamb who was slain.
Proclaiming the truth in the aisles!
Raising praise to the rooftops!

Woe to you, believer
How many times shall we fail again?
Standing upon His very presence.
Yet never digging below the surface to stand upon the truth.
Only going skin deep.
When conviction strikes you flee.
Going farther and farther
But never going out of the father’s reach.
Yes, in the dark it is hard to see,
yet light overcomes the darkness.

He  has  left The Word so that you can unveil all of His promises
Broke in to beam the light of salvation through you.
Christ invited the Spirit to dwell within our very being, as a promise that He’s coming soon.

Have you not heard? Do you not know?
For the Lord our God is the EVERLASTING God.
I count everything I have ever gained as loss, so that I can be lead to the cross
To recrucify each and every day of my life
I'll stop living off of how I feel and start standing on the truth that has already been revealed.
Our God? He is not dead! He is surely alive.
The glory of God has defeated the night.
So that we can see his face, in every sunrise.

Lord, you came and pursued us
No worry in sight.
Got down on one knee and proposed to my heart
Took out ours and gave us yours
Leaving a promise of eternity
Giving us an everlasting salvation,
and if you didn’t know, that lasts forever.
Longer than the drugs, alcohol and temporary fixes that you desire.
God isn’t someone who takes you higher
He’s someone who reduces you to nothing in this world, to show you EVERYTHING he has to give.
Even when we cannot see.

So let this be apathy’s anthem
May the chairs no longer be empty
And the aisles filled with praise
Church this is the time to rise
The time to shine is now, here in this very moment.
Let us rise against the army of the dead
You see, The Lord shall not return again until it is good again.

What is it going to take? O, Believer?
Things cannot be made much easier for you.
As the Lord commanded Joshua to be strong and courageous, you to shall reciprocate.
You are not free from the ridcule of this demonic world. People shall rise against you.
And in the day of ridicule, there shall be one always with you. And that will be Christ our eternal Savior.

May it be so.
Micaela Tennis Nov 2013
I've been to the Garden of Eden
Where the sun and moon share the same sky
Where stars were
precariously placed
The suns rays reflecting off the water

Standing there
I felt secure
Peace overwhelming my body
I stood in a perfect world
A perfect place
I knew where I was

The Garden of Eden

Luscious green grass grew above my feet
The morning dew danced on my shins
All around me, the flowers grew and flourished
Colored in white to depict God's perfect

All noises echoed in perfect harmony
Animals executing perfect melody
Not missing a single beat

With such majesty, the waterfall towered before me
Looking down I saw my inner beauty in the water
I drank
Words cannot describe the water
Uncontrollably I wept
for I drank
of the
living water.

As I knelt before the living water
A haunting thud echoed in my ear
Motionless, I saw the forbidden fruit
I longingly stared at the glossy fruit
As it pierced through my soul

"Eat of the forbidden fruit", hissed the serprent.
"No", I declared, "for it is forbidden by my God!"
"Your God", he scoffed, " He is the tempter, not I!"
Keenly he stared at me, knowing my every weakness
Holding the apple in his grasp, I longed for intelligence.

"Yes, yes, yes", he whispered, "You are mine!"
"NO!", I screamed, "I belong to God!"
Splashing the water in his face
He cringed and screamed
The serpent burned before me

I awoke.

With a sudden realization
The Garden of Eden no longer exists
For it has been abolished
Just as Satan has promised
The Army of the Dead has arisen
to destroy God's

So now church, where is our victory?
Shall we hide in fear for the days to come?
With our synonomus Christian comforts
And generous lives?
No! We must rise to the battle!
For the Garden of Eden no longer screams!

Rise up Army of life
For you have the eternal power
Stand up against the darkness
For you have
marvelous light.
Micaela Tennis Oct 2013
No, I'm not here to tell you that you're weak.
I'm not going to turn your weaknesses against you.
Just to say you need a God to make you strong.

God transforms you.
I can't tell you that the
and cursing
are bad
and that
you should consider
a God who can
change it.

I'm not going to lure you in by your own demons
Just to make you believe

But let me ask you this,
Do you honestly believe that God can't use you?

Noah was a drunk
Abrahm was "too old"
Jacob was a liar
Leah was ugly
Joseph was abused
Moses stuttered
Gideon was afraid
Rahab was a *******
Jeremiah and Timothy were "too young"
David had an affair and murdered
Isaiah preached the gospel naked
Elijah was suicidal
Naomi was a widow
Job lost everything
Peter denied Christ
All of Jesus' disciples fell asleep during prayer
Martha worried
The samaritan woman divorced
Paul was  "too religious"
Timothy had an ulcer
And Lazarus?
Oh, he was dead!

But Christ used each and every one of the characters of the Bible to bring Glory to His name!
Micaela Tennis Oct 2013
I don't know where to start O' God.
For I hear you call my name.
And I feel your touch, your presence
is new to me.
Take me deeper.

Pieces of the puzzle start coming together.
I'm suddenly realizing the love you have for me.
Draw me O' God.
Take me Deeper.

In your waters I am only ankle deep.
And your love is more than enough for me.
In your waters I am cleansed in your name.
No chains hold me down.
Take me deeper.

But God I am struggling
Things don't make sense.
The path I thought to be straight has become
and everwinding.
My lips forsake and my lips proclaim a falsity of your love.
I am washing ashore.

No, no my child.
For I did not promise a straight path with
instructions along the way.
I promised
am with

God proclaims you are the lamb, and I am the shepherd.
For the seed inside the sower is my spirit.
For the Lord your God is not I was...
I am.

The cross was a sacrifice, not an article of my image.
Not to be plastered on cotton or proclaimed by false prophets
But to display a promise.
A flag to be flown.

So Lord, I return to your waters.
Your current pulls me in.
Increase my faith, O' God for I have astrayed.
For your promised your love for me
I shall not want.

In your waters I am only ankle deep, and your love is more than enough for me
In your waters I am planted firm in the sand, anchored by faith.
I will not wash up on dry land.
In your presence I am replenished and satisfied.
For my cup overflows.

Let your current take me in.
Even when the waves ripple and roar.
I will no longer wash ashore.
Take me deeper, Lord!

So I'll sing a new song while I'm waiting in the water 'til you return again.
And even when the waves hit me I'll return to you again.
Cause see I was drowning in sin 'til you pulled me up and gave me life and then you promised us, you will never forsake us.
Even though we fail again, and again and again.

You are the 1 and I am a 0.
but with you I am made a 10.
But don't you dare mistake that as a blen.
He took me and crushed me and with a
broken body he'd mend
a new creation in him
A beautiful bride to wed.

You see on Calvary was the cross was the son of man who bled!
And as he bled, He thought of me and you
I'll say it again
He thought

He died so me and you can be with him
Not to try to be a good person or to
try to stop cursing, because if we are trying, it is certain
that things will only worsen
Honestly! Him dying for us, did we deserve it?
But then we go on trying and we go on cursing and we're still not learning that there is no trying
When it comes to his loving, we should be crying
We should be yearning and glorifying!

When you have burden, start relying
because when you are praying he is replying
when you have mourning, He's also crying!
Stop buying, start giving
Stop reclining, start standing!
Start finding and understanding!
Keep seeking 'til it gets overwhelming!
And just because, just because you found him does not mean that you're done
No matter where you are in your walk
He isn't done with you
We are not called to be content
and comfortable
So don't pretend you reached your goal
We should be inseparable to the One that is undeniable, uncontrollable, invincible.
We should believe in the unbelievable!

Get rid of me, myself and I
Things of the flesh must die
Realize that in order to live, we must die.
Just as he was crucified so we re-crucify
Each and every second of our lives!

Oh on Calvary was the CROSS was
The son of man who bled
And as he bled he thought of me an you
I'll say it again, he thought of me and you.
Lord, Take Us Deeper.
Micaela Tennis Sep 2013
The sun beams across the horizon.
Today is a new day.
My feet hit the ground, awakening the enemy.
I feel a pull on my legs
I fall to the ground
Crushed under the foot of the enemy
Today is a new day

I pick myself up, brushing the settled dust from yesterday’s battle.
Each step is taken in agony.
He stalks  me wherever I go.

Every turn, every step you are there.
Breathing on my neck
I turn and run to my Lord.
The chains stop me and I fall.
Grabbing my hand, you spin me around.
Catching  me and lifting me.
We dance.
Left right, left right.
Heel, toe, heel toe,
Spin, spin, sway.
You pull me away.

The chains keep the beat.
For I am under his subjugation.
He pulls me back by the chains.
Straining my every move.
He is the puppeteer of my life, staggering every step.
My bones ache, my faith quakes.

Bruised, broken, weary and lost am I.
Being walked by chains.

Every turn, every step you are there.
Breathing on my neck
I turn and run to my Lord.
The chains stop me and I fall.
Grabbing my hand, you spin me around.
Catching  me and lifting me.
We dance.
Left right, left right.
Heel, toe, heel toe,
Spin, spin, sway.
You pull me away.

I stand in God’s house, defined by my religion.
“It’s all a show you see? You are my marionette.
Hypocracy lies in you, you’re a fraud in Christ’s name.”

Escape I try escape I will.
For my help comes from the Lord.
The enemy cringes at The Name.
The ground shakes, and the chains shake.
For there is power in the name of my Lord!

He stands before me.
Taking the chains in his posession.
He said it is done, take up your cross and follow me.

Jesus breaks the chains.
Jesus set me free!

No more addiction.
No more pain.
No more shame.
No more guilt.
No more sorrow.
For He holds your tomorrow.

You are not defined by the rules of religion.
For my spirit has

The motions bind you in chains.
For I have broken every chain.
You are free to dance in my name.
Never again will you waltz with Satan.

My child may I have this dance?
Dance with me wherever you go, and I will never leave you.

God takes me by the hand.
We dance.
I cling to his garment, never letting go.
Lifting me and catching me.
Left right, left right.
Heel, toe, heel toe,
Spin, spin, spin.
God your presence carries me away.

— The End —