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Carla 1d
I make my mother cry,
More than I make her smile,
Take a step but go back five,
When I try to walk a mile.
Carla Jun 14
A blanket,
Full of stars,
Hides the world,
And it’s scars.

Doused in the dark,
Free of the light,
Is the arrival,
Of the night.

My greatest fear,
Is at it’s best,
Until my demise,
It will not rest.

You haven’t a clue,
What lies in the dark,
Perturbation and dismay,
Have already left their mark.

A fear so terrible,
A fear so great,
A fear of mine,
A fear to date.

My fear of the dark,
Of a void of emptiness,
A fear too embarrassing,
To want to confess.

Maybe it’s not the dark,
Or rather the unknown,
Or maybe it’s the fear,
Of always feeling alone.
Yep, I’m scared of the dark, oops
Carla Apr 12
Today is my birthday,
Twelve on the dot,
Not the best so far,
But it's all I got.

I'll work with it,
See what I can do,
Because there's no need,
For me to listen to you.

Put me down,
Drag me to hell,
But no matter what,
I won't hide in my shell.

Today is my day,
A memory to keep,
But not right now,
Now it's time to sleep.
It was actually on the 7th of April but forgot to post it, and don't mind the 'Twelve on the dot' thing, I wrote it at midnight. It actually ended up being an amazing day, so that's a plus!
Carla Mar 25
This day was fated,
Thoroughly rated,
You've waited and waited,
Now life feels truncated.

This day wasn't celebrated,
You're so isolated,
To this hell you've created,
And now you're devestated.

Your family is irritated,
Overwhelmingly aggitated,
This day's so complicated,
More than ever calculated.

You, yourself, were nominated,
Everyone else violated,
The rules that're illustrated,
The day is now here, long awaited.
Carla Feb 7
Happy Valenitne's day,
Hope you have a good one,
Because I'm here to say,
Don't got a date? Just run.

Sit on the couch,
Binge some Netflix,
Get the food in the pouch,
It's a simple fix.

That's what I'm gonna do,
As the guy I like, doesn't back,
But, good luck to you,
With your lovely Valentine's hack.
I wrote this in the middle of class in 5 minutes, so it is somewhat rushed, but I might write another one on the same topic.
Carla Jan 18
Hate me,
All you like,
I'll laugh,
At your strike.

Hate me,
And you'll see,
That nothing good,
Comes of hating me.

Do it,
I dare you,
You wouldn't,
If you had a clue.

Hate me,
Just hate me,
Because I see,
I see the glee.
Carla Jan 17
I met a girl,
When I was three,
My best friend,
She was soon to be.

We met by a pool,
She was older than I,
We were inseparable,
I can't lie.

But few years ago,
She moved away,
Across the globe,
She couldn't stay.

I still love her,
She's still my best friend,
And no way on Earth,
Is this close to the end.
My best friend moved away to a country in Europe a couple years ago, but before that, she moved across Australia so I didn't see her much. But we still keep contact and it's proof that no matter what you go through, you'll make it out alive and well.
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