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Nandini Apr 2015
She shook
Ever so slightly
Trembled and
Fumbled along
A single tear
Rolled down
Her cheeks
They didn't know
She was hurt
They didn't
The turmoil she felt
Inside of her
All they knew was
That even though
She had a sad family
She was the one to put smiles
On her lips , for them
Even if they were fake.
They will never know
What she went through
They will never know
The pain her tender
Heart had suffered
They will always think
What she made them think
She was the girl who smiled
The most.
Nandini Apr 2015
She died
But still was alive
She broke
Yet she was one
She wanted
Never to see the next dawn
Still she took another breath
She wanted nothing more than
An eternal sleep
Yet her eyes opened
To each rising Sun
They say ,
They saw her die
Yet she lived just another day.
Nandini Apr 2015
She fell
Past those arms
She fell
Not grasping any help
She fell
Into an endless pit
She fell
Past her broken heart
She fell
Into what seemed cradle of darkness
She fell
And kept falling
Only to rise in another horizon.
Nandini Apr 2015
She wanted
Nandini Nair

She wanted to run
Run from the monster inside her
Who everyday
Told her
She was a failure
She was unloved
She wanted to go
Go away from the creature inside her
The one who told her
She was a burden
She was pathetic
She wanted freedom
From those bonds
That held her down to
The monster she had created
She wanted to run
Run away
Before the monster she knew
Pulled her back down .
Nandini Apr 2015
She screamed
She thrashed
But those chains pulled her down
She fought
She struggled
But those chains didn't let her go
She tugged
Harder than ever
Wrists , red from struggle
But those chains caged her
She tried
One last time
Then gave up
Those chains had won her over
She sobbed
She wept
But those chains just laughed
Their deep , metallic , sad laughter
They said she brought those chains upon herself
They said she deserved those chains
But what was she guilty of ?
She had not asked for it
Yet that pain seeked her
She wanted free
But those chains held her
Tired , from the struggle
She gave up
She let those chains
Win over her !
Nandini Sep 2014
We were friends for five years
Lovers for ten years
Then what did I do wrong
Why did you leave me
Oh why did you go
We were so perfect
For each other
You were my peach and I was your purple
Then why did you go
Oh why did you break my heart
Even with all those broken pieces
I loved you
Oh what was my crime
Why are you making me suffer so much
If there were words to describe my pain
You would be speechless
If the world was to tell my ache
The galaxy would not be enough
Oh if I was to express my love for you
I would not be enough
All those promises of togetherness
Were not forever
Oh if only I could reverse the time and reduce the pain
Yes I did do one crime
That was to fall madly in love with you
Now I receive my punishment
That too such a painful one
Our love was so strong
We were stronger
Oh what did I do wrong
Why am I too suffer
The pain is to much
The loneliness is more
My only guide through this mess is death
I will everything of mine to you
This was a small note for you
The walls are now splattered with my blood
It is indeed now too late
I'm leaving you with all the happiness we deserved
I'm talking away all the pain you deserved
I'm still in love with you
Oh don't I regret
But I can't take the pain anymore
So I say my last farewell to the world
To all the love and pain in the world
Oh it is indeed my last farewell
I love you yet I hate you
Oh but i can't take it anymore
Bye my love indeed its me
Who is gone forever !!!!
This poem is about the thoughts the girl is having before she will cut herself to death!

— The End —