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Liquidchaos Sep 2010
A wandering, a wandering.
A gypsy feet lead her north and south,
east and west.
Wander as you will and love as thou shall..
For the swirl of her skirt, and a shake of a bangle.
She'll become just a dream to hold close for the night.
A gypsy heart might be consider fickle
but she loves with all she has.
For to have it but a moment is all the time in the world.
Aide-o a love for a moment, is worth a lifetime of gold.
To hold her a moment, is something a feat.
For you never know where her roaming feet may go.

A roaming wandering heart that no walls can hold,
a restless spirit for all to behold.
Wild comes a calling and she'll put her foot out the door
calling softly "My true love,my one love I come"
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Hidden in my soul,
lies a passion untold.
Buried deep for one
to unfold.
Yet hidden tight within a shell
it remains.
Trapped by the secular world,
to be deadened by his touch.
Longing for one,
yet chaining her mortal soul
to that which weighs it down
clipping wings no longer there
and causing blood to flow,
in sweet rivulets down the spine.
Now condemned to live her life
with the tolling of mockery
a soft smile and
simple sound is all that
needs to fool that careful eye.
As mind drifts to deeper things
and hope of love eternally...
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
O my fallen love
Slain by the assassin's arrow.
As I watched from afar,
Captured within my own war
against his deadly aim.
Knowing the arrow has hit true
within your still warmed chest.
Injured apparent upon your form,
humbles a warrior's soul.
Holding your cold body
within trembling arms,
bathing you with my own life's blood.
Hurt to know I'll never have
your warmth at my side,
or your sweet kisses upon my cheek.
I mourn your passing deeply
for the lost of body and half of a soul.
Though do not fret my love,
the Goddess' path we'll walk together soon
I feel myself grow weaker yet.
His aim truer than I thought,
Still there is penance that must be paid
for the sin of taking life.
Wait patiently...
I'll be in your arms soon again my love.
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Those rocks that are thrown,
at my special house
you know that one?
Made out of transparent glass?
I see the tiny crack begin
to grow and grow.
Till bits and pieces do fall out
and memories begin to flow
into the world that is call home.
I warned you once
I told you twice
by the silence and solitude.
yet those stones you've cast,
have split the glass and
thus has set the inferno free,
and the devil torture me.
That simple seduction
and the beauty of your stone house
blown to the sky
to rain upon your crown.
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
Lost within your arms,
feeling the strength of security
wrapped tightly around my form.
Simple joy of feeling
lips brushed gently across my cheek.
Seeking nothing more
than my peace of mind.
Stirring passions
where words have failed
lips turned towards yours
in silent plead of need.
To catch a glimpse
of the stars
in your eyes this eve
Soaring at your touch
as I fly towards the sky
within your arms of hope.
Soaring as
I've only dreamed of
to find a gentle peace
to soothe a tatter soul
As I lie
in your arm tonight...
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
A brush of lips,
a trace of fingers
against warm flesh,
The warmth of your eyes
The simplest of seduction.
A heated sigh against
a cheek of another,
the whisper of
'I love you'
and I'm yours
The simplest seductions.
A simple embrace
and the strength of
our ever long chats
The sight of your smile
sends a heart racing
The simplest of seduction.
The feel of your lips
upon the flesh,
a quick hug to
show that you care.
The simplest of seduction,
and forever I'm yours.
Liquidchaos Sep 2010
My soul cried out tonight
Trying to break through confines
placed by an iron will.
To tell of the wounds it holds
that will never heal
laid open by the knife at my back.
Of scars that have been laid
at an innocence's price.
The scabs that speak of tiny wounds,
that maybe forgiven but not forgotten.

My heart bleeds freely from
that one wound gained by stupidity,
the price of a newborn's chance.
Many a scars find there way,
all over a heart that has no cause.
Smaller wounds to bleed eternally,
from those who never listened.
The one scab attempting
to heal properly for
the one who did listen.

My body broken by life,
because no one would catch me,
when I fell from on high.
Scars earned by trials that
have come before me.
Some the price of extremes,
when no one heard my soul
shatter the first time.
Scabs from the times I was
left unprotected in the world again.

The tears that have been shed in a lifetime,
that was sworn never to start.
Some for those who've gone,
Some for those still alive but broken.
Others for those who walked away,
heading towards a life without me.
Many for the harden soul that refuses
to go to pieces after twenty years of building.
Very few in joy for those who've found
something worth life and soul.

The pints of blood given freely
in this lifetime and the next.
Given for those who could not
raise a hand to defend themselves.
Taken for those who vengeance
called the debt in,
the price of redemption between us.
Lost because of unseen trickery,
and the refusal to raise
one's hand ever again.

The life that seems so unreal,
and so lonely at times.
Gladly given to those few
who would ask the price of me.
Unwanted because of what the pain
has shaped the form into.
Yet for the scared soul I hold,
For the broken heart I hold,
For the tears and blood shed,
I live on because... need me still.
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