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I try to defend her love
For me against a predator
All she repay was labeling me
With words that pierce into me
As did sun onto a water

Written by
Martin Ijir
eyes see
moonly face
misses the knife
In hand
Good intentions
Change hell
Into heaven
Touches soft,
Rough, tough

Written by
~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~
 Mar 2018 Salim Alavi
Ali Qureshi
They hear the crescendos,
All the highs and the lows,
Never do they notice
That I–
Am a soulless piece of music.

The hurt, and the dirt
On my feet and my shirt.
Never do they notice,
It ends–
Even before it all begins.

© Ali Qureshi
Been on a long hiatus,
might just be gone for a while again.
Who knows?
As you come closer to me
I feel the sun so closer to me
The heat is calm by the pearls of night
As volcanoes is extinguished by your warmness sight
Everything becomes transient as moon

For my heart follows heaven's mandate
As everything is chaotic in nature
Where is the sun early in the morning
When its shadow cast as deep in my heart
Hurricanes and earthquakes my heart will stand

Love stings in my heart as fire beetles
As I seek for the water that quench my thirst
The sun is up it is time for we go down
For thy sake I have no place to stay in the heaven
Nor on earth for peace and love resides in heart as light

Written by
Martin Ijir
Flowing like a river does,
Straight into the ocean,
I embrace my inner self
With a calm devotion.

Winding roads and rolling fields,
Them I see aplenty.
Lethe is my acolyte,
Them I have a twenty.

I’m the current and the brine,
Nourishing and ageless.
Slipping through your hands like time,
Cleansing bitter rages.

Sifting through the memories,
Finding those of merit…
Love me like a river does -
Light is there to share it.
11 Feb '18
Written in one breath.
You know what… I forgot to be awesome one day.
Got all boring and bored… I un-learnt how to play.
People stopped me and questioned:
“Hey yo Timmy! What’s wrong?”
And it felt like my heart badly needed a song.

So began I to sing (to myself before all),
And the world around me got more joyous a tad!
As if shackles were broken, melted was the ice wall
That imprisoned my love, where dull hatred was bred.

All the braver, the sweeter, the freer my song –
Voice so clear, the whole world would listen!
Hearts a-warming, ill thoughts all gone before long,
People smiling, their faces would glisten.

...And as long as you live will your dreams be alive,
Will your happiness be in your hands.
Sing a song, while small – overflowing with life.
Don’t forget to be awesome, my friends!
Dec 25, 2017
Merry Xmas and DFTBA!
 Jan 2018 Salim Alavi
I taste death
in every food I eat
I see beauty
in every face I meet

It all once lived
before it died
One day maybe
nothing will need to die
for mankind to survive

I see beauty
in the face of every  person I meet

The public world
of shopping malls
Working's pall

Inside while primitive
still reside
Rageful tides
Spiderwebs blowing down hillsides

Carrying  on a private conversation
in a public gathering
"a little privy please"
There are no walls
in the outhouse
The outhouse is lined
with mirrors and windows

The rules are the rules
even for desire
tho sometimes we all do
a mashpit at the opera

Everything has a taste
make a mistake
it's back to the wild
Food for fodder
fodder for thought

Still seeing beauty
in every face I meet
Tasting death
in every food I eat

Makes water in
the desert
so so sweet.
When winter came and snows took over,
I danced among the falling flakes.
I ambled freely like a rover,
Forgetful of the world at stake.

The days were short – I did not care.
The elegance of fiery ice…
With coloured thoughts enough to spare,
I painted wintry paradise.

The nights were long, the blessings counted…
The warmth of summer still with me.
I never took my love for granted,
It always felt like spring to me...

With blizzards gone and skies a-clearing,
I smiled broadly at the sun.
It smiled back – kind and endearing…
Twelve months and I were all but one.
Keep warm.
Dec 2017
Don’t shed your tears when it’s all over,
Don’t let the hurt take root in you.
Instead, rejoice you’re moving on now,
To something promising and true.

You’ll find yourself in dreamland, treasure…
There, every rose is deftly prim,
There, love and peace and –  for good measure –
Joy everlasting reign supreme.

Free rein and grace is all that matters…
Come join bluebirds in their flight.
You’ll have your doubters – let ‘em chatter.
Just say the words: “bring on the night!”

Let’s slip away into the darkness…
To be reborn, replete with light.
Let’s go astray, enjoy the silence…
To find indomitable might.

…You needn’t offer, needn’t suffer –
Not for a single day again!
You’re home now: every man your brother,
And not a thing is preordained.

The hourglass, forever broken…
Who needs the time? You’re so alive!
Forget the rules, writ and unspoken –
Your oneness into overdrive.

They’ll see you flitting 'round the rafters,
A bluegrass garland in your bill.
So, dry your tears and share the laughter:
New life is just around the hill.
Felt so good writing this.
25-26 xi 2017
We’re motes of dust and stars that sparkle,
We’re cherry trees and busy bees,
We’re rays of light when it gets darker,
We blossom, finely, in the freeze.

We shimmer, warmly, in the void,
Defying odds and making friends.
We build when others are destroying,
We guide you past unlit dead-ends.

We’re rivers winding through the deserts,
We’re oceans, gentlest at the shore.
We are the snow, we are the claret…
When earth is parched, we let it pour.

We are the night, we are the morning,
We are the ticking of the clock.
We are the comfort in the times of mourning,
We are the feathers mild when you sleepwalk.

We are the sky, we are the thunder,
We are the sun, we are the rain.
We put the rapture in the wonder,
We put the slow in the fast lane.

We are the truth, we are the spirit,
We are the numbers and the runes.
…So take your life and boldly live it
While humming all those merry tunes.
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