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  Mar 2018 Salim Alavi
Timmy Shanti
Blood calls to blood like sirens in the night
Run-of-the-mill, it’s just the way love goes
We, all-entangled, step into the light
And all the stranger, bolder is our song.

We dare to dream, regardless of the perils –
The ones we see and those we shunned before
And life’s to us like water to the vessels
That hold it dear and sail to and fro’.

Our only hope is hope itself undying –
The remedy for all the broken souls
Oblivious to folly underlying
We persevere: that’s what makes us whole.
11 iii 18
  Oct 2017 Salim Alavi
Timmy Shanti
It was a long, long time ago
We did not know where we should go

That night, the forest was our home
A place where both of us belonged
We saw a deer
Then saw a fox
When snow was falling
Crystal rocks
So tender
No one could pretend
Our dreams
They never have an end

With my eyes closed
I still believe
There's more to see
A life to live.
Dream on. Live on.
  Apr 2017 Salim Alavi
Timmy Shanti
Wanna cry out loud
But my voice dies unborn
Wanna take off and fly
But it feels like I’m gravity itself
Wanna reach out and touch you
But my limbs are stiff
Wanna see the moon and the stars
But my hatred blinds me
Wanna hear the laughter and the songs
But I’m deaf with my own rage
Wanna live and let live
But death is all I feel
Wanna stand up and fight
But I know there is nothing to gain
Wanna die in peace
But what is dead may never die
25-April 2017
Here's to better times.
  Apr 2017 Salim Alavi
yasaman johari
Fasten your waistband
Put on your shoes
The pigtails shine under the sun
The little doll you're hugging now
Will die tomorrow
Come on
The window was staring at us
Demanding breath
Have you ever noticed the
blueness of everything in the morning ?!
I love this blue
Our white skin with the livid lips
Your eyes were touchable
through the blue fences
Where did you leave your doll ?
I'm so sad
Ouch !
Your waistband is open
Haven't you noticed ?
It's ok
I'll fasten it
Don't cry
The windows have been daydreaming
Always .

بندینک ات را ببند
جوراب ات را بپوش
دم گوشی ها در آفتاب روشن می شوند
عروس کوچکی را که در آغوش گرفته ای
فردا خواهد مرد
پنجره به ما زل می زد
نفس می خواهند
هیچ دقت کرده ای
در صبحی که هنوز خورشیدش درنیامده
همه چیز آبی رنگ است
من این آبی را دوست دارم
پوست تن مان سفید بود
...در لب هایی که کبود می شوند
از میان نرده های آبی رنگ
چشمانت لمس می شدند
عروسکت را کجا گذاشته ای!؟
من خیلی ناراحتم
!!! بندینک ات باز شده
تو فهمیده بودی!؟
اشکالی ندارد
من برایت می بندم
گریه نکن
پنجره ها همیشه خیال کرده اند
People enter your life
For a reason,
A season,
Or a lifetime!

By Lady R.F (c) 1999 - 2017
A quote I wrote
many, many years ago!

— The End —