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Ali Qureshi Jan 2018
They hear the crescendos,
All the highs and the lows,
Never do they notice
That I–
Am a soulless piece of music.

The hurt, and the dirt
On my feet and my shirt.
Never do they notice,
It ends–
Even before it all begins.

© Ali Qureshi
Been on a long hiatus,
might just be gone for a while again.
Who knows?
Ali Qureshi Apr 2017
I yawn,
you pay
no attention–
none at all;
a day’s work

© Ali Qureshi
The feeling we come to know
at one point of life or another.
Ali Qureshi Mar 2017
I don't write for you
Or for your entertainment
I just love writing.*

© Ali Qureshi
When they stop caring about you and your work!
Ali Qureshi Mar 2017
Today, when we talk:
ghosts from our past
haunt our minds; our souls
shriek– ‘We are ******!’

© Ali Qureshi
When one’s love have plunged them,
and their beloved, into a living hell.
Ali Qureshi Mar 2017
Still deciding:
Was I lucky
or unlucky?

To have met you!

**© Ali Qureshi
Loving someone is hard, always.
Ali Qureshi Mar 2017
Everything that I write
I do not share it here
I think it's only fair
to post the ones to spare

© Ali Qureshi
I don't know why,
but, I do this!
Ali Qureshi Mar 2017
Thanks for the compliments.
They mean a lot, I’m serious!
I don’t know,
no one does,
but when words flow
they are on their own
I just watch them go!

- Ali Qureshi
Had to thank a fellow writer for her supporting/praising words for some of my work. Thus ended up writing this, it goes out to all the people who like my poetry. I thank you all!
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