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Deep within blue eyes
I see a constellation
I'll find nowhere else
 Mar 12 Poetic Eagle
Sal AK
I burned your letters
and finally
felt the warmth of your words.
I'm sitting here
on the darkest night
when a poem comes
and says, "stay there",
and silence will be your friend.
Let's pretend
to know each other
even though
we never remember
faces like the people
we once loved.
I'll say this
and everything you hate
shut up.
You are victorious
over all solitude.
Indonesia, 17th December 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
As time passed by,
I've finally realized.
That you'll never be mine,
That everything we had,
Needed to be ended up.

I have to forget you,
You, that i love so much,
You, that i thought "my one less lonely boy."
You, that give me joy and happiness,
You, that brought color and symphony into my life.

Now that it came to an end,
I'll forget everything about you,
Everything about us,
Everything we used to do.
All the laughter and pain,
Troubles and triumph,
And all of the silly things we sometimes do.

And now is the time.
Time for me to let you go,
My BESTFRIEND, that i care  for,
My BESTFRIEND, that i fell for,
And my BESTFRIEND that i love so.
'Cause now,
You were just Somebody that i used to know.
this is for you, hoping that one day, you'll read this, and realize how important you were in my life, and for you to know how lost i felt when we parted.
thank you so much for everything.
I will send flowers
or a plane
if that’s what it takes
just come home
for another minute
Between the freezing
Rainy days,
your cold stares
and deafening silence,
I don’t know which
One is worse.
It was only you,
My love at first sight.
My heart became a canvas,
Where I splashed colours of endurance,
And when at last you accepted me,
With your soft lips on mine,
Waiting for you was worth every single moment.
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