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Mr. Fair Weather
He’s there whenever
Things are going your way
But soon rain will come
And that ***** ***
Will go find someone
Having a sunny day
I just got soundly beat
To a pulp
On Words With Friends
“Scottie McBuggarface”.
The stones of you
Settled in the bones of me
Someday I’ll **** them out
And I will be free
Round and round
Descending spiral of insults
I can see
That’s where you want to go
I hope I have the good sense
To climb
It wasn’t aimed at me
I had nothing to do with it, really
But also, I did
Because I saw myself
In your casual insult
Aimed at someone else.
I’m sure I’ve done this before
To someone who needed more
Turn about is fair play
And I forgive  
And it is forgotten
Who is this about, anyway?
You and I are alike
Maybe we all are
Innately human
Whatever that is
For good or ill
Humans have
We are alike in our demons
However different they may be
I am the opposite of you
You use twenty words
When only ten would do
Free donut off the cart?
You will take two
Throw one in the trash uneaten
That’s what you like to do
You’d rather take too much
Than risk having just enough
Wasteful habits feel a lot like
Wealth to a show off
All your stuff
If you don’t need it
It is a luxury
But really, you’re just wasteful
And it’s something we all see
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