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Don't do that
You better do this
Or we will discuss you
With disdain
And loudly proclaim
How your decision affects
Us all
Put it upon your shoulders
The weight of someone else's fall
Proven or not


What we want is to be right
And we will make ourselves wrong
To insist upon
How right we surely are
This is the majority
And the vast majority
By far
And the majority is
Always right
At the time
And when it's proven to be wrong
It hates to apologize
And here come all the corny memes
With a man sticking his *** in the air
For the turkey to stuff
And how happy all the cows are
They don’t have to die that day
And the buckle hats
And glorified image
Of a cult
That started their own demise
Show me the Puritan
I’ve never met one
That is what I’m thankful for
I came with the perfect poem in my head
But I used a new phone, as my old one is dead
And the process of getting to writing the poem
Made it get lost in my head
But I came here to write a poem
And write a poem
I shall
About all the brilliance
Turned into vapor
Between the thought
And commitment to paper
It's drama
And you're holding on to it
Because that's
What you feel
You have to offer
If they're not talking about
Your latest meltdown
They're not talking about
At all
And you're not responsible for your
Because you can't control
Your inability to deal
Or at least that's how you've
Conditioned yourself
To feel
Trying to write a poem with nothing to say
Hoping inspiration comes my way
Not yet
There is nothing,
I'll bet
But I force it to come
And be ** hum
Because ** hum is
I could write about anything
Most of us know, but
Who hasn't hoed
A couple of hums
Typing hums out
On the tips of their thumbs?

Sometimes being corny can work
Sometimes it cannot
But corny is undeniable
And inexplicable
Known when it's seen
Without so much as a mugshot
I'm not ready to talk
Just yet
Still so angry
Wishing we'd never met
One day
Some day
I may be able to forget
Or at least forgive
But it ain't that day yet
You are the pop up ad that has a
Teeny weeny
Wanna be unseeny
Microscopic X
Right next to the
Buy now
And now you’re tryna charge me
For opting out
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