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Raven Feb 2018
Well she

                Spread-eagled in the empty air

                                 Saw the waiting faces

        Time stood still

And she didn’t trust a man in tights


She fell

                   She paused in her existence

Feeding her resistance

No one had answers

Not even her

She decided absurdity wasn’t for her

And chose to follow a different philosophy

To live by

And grabbed a solid rung
Raven Jan 2016
In the wake of disaster,
When mountaintops touch my lips
And my toes curl from the cold sea
I think of your hand resting on my hip
Creating an earthquake in my too sill mind
Your chest moving with each sleep drenched breath
Your soft snores like honey to my fearful ears
Because when I'm with you
For a moment
I forget that I am required to be more than I am
And sink into unfamiliar rest
Raven Jun 2015
She sat on the bed, her eyes focusing and un focusing on the dust motes dancing across the room. “Why are you so inconsequential?” She asked out loud. Whether she was talking to herself or the flurries was unclear, but the words left her mouth either way. They hung in the air, a dark question that left her in dark places.
    Her eyes drifted around the room until they fell on the shiny blade, lying so innocently next to her. In her mind she debated having an existential conversation with the dust motes or dragging the sharp object over her thighs until she broke through her flesh and revealed the creamy white bone nestled beneath.
Raven Jun 2015
Draw your fingers across those skeleton keys
Match your breath to the tempo of my heart
And put the gun down.
Raven Mar 2015
Today feathers slipped from my mouth
Galaxies of bruises spread across my skin
And I became content with my body for a fleeting moment
But I can't tell you that.

Today someone cut my skin with scissor-sharp words
I felt the pressure of everything crushing me
And I aced a science test.
But I can't tell you that.

Today I realized that I feel like the only person in my universe
I missed the soft touch of your skin
And I felt sorry for myself
But I can't tell you that.

Today I tasted molten gold
Silver cascaded from the sky, similar to stars
And I wanted to kiss you
But I can't tell you that.

Today my fingers tapped the censored keys
I had an empty conversation with you
And I worried about our survival
But I can't tell you that.
Raven Nov 2014
You were supposed to be my forever
My heart ached for you
I was was blinded the moon
Never looking deeper into the clouds
My thoughts were birds
Pecking my fingers
Letting the ivory bone show through
I knew then
That it wasn't meant to be
That I was trying to feed my starving soul
With paper
And I cut to let my desires bleed out
Until a different pair of fingers
Brushed my skin.
Raven Nov 2014
My fingers danced across your skin
Dipping across valleys
Sliding down chasms
You radiate warmth and love
Filling me to the brim
Our hearts beat erratically
We cannot turn away from this
We stick together
Bonded by sweat and memories
We cry out each others names
Tasting salt and meaningfulness
We no longer act as two
We have absorbed each other
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