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Mar 2017 · 472
Astral projection
Otero Mar 2017
Do you ever think about me?
Because my heart Still beats for you
no day goes by without you flooding my mind
and you clueless about my life
how your soul took hold of mine
for you just to walk away from time
and fall into another’s hands
and still you lurk around my head
so much I’m trying meditation
just to forget
you burned your name in my subconscious
so well
I achieved astral projection
ended by your side
oh, my soul falls apart
when I saw you and how happy you were in your new life.

                                                                                 Otero © ..17
Dec 2014 · 464
My Words
Otero Dec 2014
All I have to give
Are words
All I have
Are my thoughts
Yet heaven knows
that they won't last for ever
For love just doesn't seem fair
And my memory fails
So I must let my fingers dance over this keys
And let them speak for me
For all I have to give are words.
Dec 2014 · 712
Can you taste these words?
Otero Dec 2014
Can you taste these words?
They are like paint
Over the soul
They’re both bright and warm
Or they’re both dark and cold
They can save a life
Or condemn a soul
They could inspire a man
Or just destroy his hopes
Oh, can you taste these words?
They seem so sweet
But they could just be
Bitter like me.

                               OterHead.   ©. 2014
Dec 2014 · 524
Can you tell?
Otero Dec 2014
Can you tell?
That my heart has grown cold
That my scars are now more
And the pain cannot be muffled
That I have drowned my self in pain pills
And yet pain is all I feel
Can you tell?
I’m not the person you once knew
Called out to God while I was dying
Yet God did not answered
I begged for death
While my chest was still open
Yet its forgiving embrace never came
Can you tell?
That all these things torture me, every day
Dec 2014 · 744
Here I
Otero Dec 2014
Here I bemoan the emptiness in my soul
The absence of happiness, the endless cold
I have searched everywhere under the unforgiving sun
And I have found nothing but a broken heart
Yet one spark, took over short after
It lit my way it healed the madness
My mother and sister’s love
The one true thing that I can feel
More than pain and sadness, for their love knows no end.
And I know that it is real.
                                      ­                OterHead
Cant say what I feel
so I try to write
Jul 2014 · 328
Otero Jul 2014
I fell in love with the girl in my dreams
then one day I manage to learn her name
We talked and laugh and this time I was awake
from then on things would not be the same
I know I was madly in love, but I cant say the same for her
I fought so hard to make it work
but thing just then began to change
instead of love, I felt pity from her
instead of smiles I received sorry stares
My life began to fade away
and with it her love
I had to walk away
never to hear from her again
but now I still find the girl in my dreams
and it hurts so bad when I'm awake
Jul 2013 · 366
More than a Game
Otero Jul 2013
I have seen my self broken and dead
Empty, without any words to say
Kissing on the lips of my beloved
My sweet, sweet, death
She comes and goes and comes back to me
Holding me tight as I drift in my dreams
She is soft spoken
For each word steals your soul
But I know that she loves me
When she comes back for more
She has taken my life more times that I could say
But she always brings me back
So she can visit again
We are in love
Its like a game
Who wins who looses
Its all the same
Mar 2013 · 1.2k
Upside Down
Otero Mar 2013
Let the world turn upside down
As for me
I'll keep on being a Clown
Ignoring pain and all the things that seem important
At least to those around

I have bigger fish to fry
Lets hope that i am still around
At least until my heart's content
And then you'll hear it loud

My laughter echoing thru the walls of life
Gliding thru ears and smiles
Leaving just one thing behind
My love for music and its sounds
Nov 2012 · 4.2k
Otero Nov 2012
Distracted by turmoil
Looking thru the window for an escape
Loosing the balance
As the tight rope breaks
This foolish act
Must come to an end
For freedom now seems
Too far away
This is not a task for feeble minds
Since we know the truth
Only the strong survives
Spinning walls
Hypnotic floors
Clawing thru life
As the air grows cold
Betraying our instinct
A haunted circus
Hiding our faces
Behind masks
Nov 2012 · 2.6k
Otero Nov 2012

A dark cimmerian dream where it has become impossible to see
There I dwell without a voice or any sleep
Under a dismal rain of fear where I am govern by my tears
And so out here I pray for the light
Chased by memories and cries and the sanguine sounds that kills the mind
So I fade away without a single word to say
In dismay with the condition of my heart
Now things have changed and just like a game I must start again
One more time

                                                                                                Omar Otero (c) 2012
Nov 2012 · 1.6k
Otero Nov 2012
Broken heart from birth
Lips are blue
Gasping for air
Breaking the bones
Building the chambers
Trying to repair
All is not lost
Fighting to live
In constant despair
But time moves on
And it never waits
Time moves on
While the health deteriorates
Inside my chest
I already carried three hearts
I hope this one
Lasts longer than the last
I have fought against death
Some how made it back
The endless pain
So many scars
You may think I'm broken
But I am far from that
Just trying to find out what people thinks of my work

— The End —