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Otero Mar 2017
Do you ever think about me?
Because my heart Still beats for you
no day goes by without you flooding my mind
and you clueless about my life
how your soul took hold of mine
for you just to walk away from time
and fall into another’s hands
and still you lurk around my head
so much I’m trying meditation
just to forget
you burned your name in my subconscious
so well
I achieved astral projection
ended by your side
oh, my soul falls apart
when I saw you and how happy you were in your new life.

                                                                                 Otero © ..17
  Dec 2014 Otero
Devon Webb
We are critical.

We find flaws in
everything we see
because nobody
wants to write
about perfection,
even though sometimes
we wish we could just stay
staring into that
unblemished surface.

2. We are never satisfied.

We live our lives upon
mountains of
scrunched up
bits of refill and
ideas we gave up
trying to

3. We never forget.

We write words about
eye contact made
three months ago
that we replay over
and over in our minds
even though it
being relevant.

4. We are fickle.**

Our emotions flash
from one
to the other
like strobe lighting that
disorientates us
until we feel as if
the world
will never be still.

5. We are exposed.

We don't know how
to keep our feelings
to ourselves so
we'll write them
down for
you to find

6. We are vulnerable.

We wear our
hearts on our sleeves
and won't lift a
muscle to fight back
if somebody tries
to break it
because we thrive
from the pain.

7. We will never stop.

We will never stop
feeling and
we will never stop
we will never stop
breaking and
bleeding and
even though the cycle
is endless
and we know what's
coming next.

We are addicted
to agony,
but we agonise
for the art.
It's worth it though.
  Dec 2014 Otero
Srishty Mittal
That’s the thing with us poets.
We fall in love too hard.
We get the worst heartaches.
And we still romanticise it.
Otero Dec 2014
All I have to give
Are words
All I have
Are my thoughts
Yet heaven knows
that they won't last for ever
For love just doesn't seem fair
And my memory fails
So I must let my fingers dance over this keys
And let them speak for me
For all I have to give are words.
Otero Dec 2014
Can you taste these words?
They are like paint
Over the soul
They’re both bright and warm
Or they’re both dark and cold
They can save a life
Or condemn a soul
They could inspire a man
Or just destroy his hopes
Oh, can you taste these words?
They seem so sweet
But they could just be
Bitter like me.

                               OterHead.   ©. 2014
Otero Dec 2014
Can you tell?
That my heart has grown cold
That my scars are now more
And the pain cannot be muffled
That I have drowned my self in pain pills
And yet pain is all I feel
Can you tell?
I’m not the person you once knew
Called out to God while I was dying
Yet God did not answered
I begged for death
While my chest was still open
Yet its forgiving embrace never came
Can you tell?
That all these things torture me, every day
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