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Nathan Vienneau Jul 2016
How do you deal with pain I ask, I cannot see behind the mask.

I punched until bare knuckles torn. I cannot wait until reborn.

I drank until I ran away, I come back home a wasted day.

I call my friends to no avail. I haven't eaten I'm turning pale.

My sleep is restless, night sweat's soaked. I screamed until on tears I choked.

She does not understand my pain. I don't know, who I am to blame.

It was love I had but now is lost. This memory it must be flossed.

It is indeed my heart she broke. I swear to God I will not ****.

I will face my demons, bring it on. Until I see my troubles gone.
Nathan Vienneau Feb 2016
I'm twisted,
I'm backwards ,
I'm all wound up,

Turmoil plucks my heart strings creating a symphony of confusion,
Their shriek is shrill and penetrates all levels of my consciousness

It burns,
a blazing fire reborn from the ashes of a left over pain that had been long forgotten,
Receptors singed but still quite intact
Am I a puzzle or a teacup, shattered on the floor

Does grinding down graphite dull down the pain?
Nathan Vienneau Aug 2015
I can't for the life of me keep an orchid alive.
I've had three or four but they never survive.
I may try once more in hopes to achieve,
the most beautiful flower I've ever perceived.
Nathan Vienneau Aug 2015
The fire of life spreads across the wide  horizon, not even the great Atlantic can stop it now. The lack of wind sends a storm of blood ******* fiends to nibble at my *****, enjoy my juices!

I sit around the remnants of someones idea of good time and rekindle the flame. Smouldering seaweed is enough to keep those ****** parasites away from my blood. Drift wood catches, crackles and keeps the morning chill at bay. Crows, chipmunks and chickadees call out to one another.

As the ruby grapefruit awakens from her slumber I notice that the moon is in full bloom behind my head. The king and queen have set and their masters have come out to play.

Miniature seabirds preform impressive aerial stunts while searching for their morning meal. Hungry crows check for crab corpses as the crimson Sun makes its first appearance atop the curvature of the world.

Reflecting rays blind me and cause spots in my vision. The price you pay for looking into the soul of God.

Cirrus clouds soaking in coral rays. Mother duck feeds her young. Cool sand between my toes. Searching for sticks to spread the flame, running free, no better place to spend one's hard earned sand doller.
Out of bed before the crack of dawn, no use trying to get any more sleep, I've toss and turned long enough. It's been much too long since I've witnessed a Sun rise.
Nathan Vienneau Oct 2014
Running through frozen fields of morning frost
Blinded by Winter Sunrise golden rays
The crunching of grass beneath every step
My Sanctuary
Nathan Vienneau Sep 2014
Cookie crumbs painted on chubby cheeks grinning angel faced,
Golden rays of Summer's end bounce off brilliant blonde curls,
Enlightened blue eyes, forever captured skies.
Nathan Vienneau Sep 2014
Drunken camaraderie, Casey who's hair grows fire,
Who's laugh pierces the silence and looks that pierce the hearts of men,
Who's drama cannot be contained in a glass bottle, or two glass bottles,
We walk with no intention, speaking of camping and snow storms to rival an Alaskan winter breeze
We drink, laugh, smoke, chat, whoop, shriek, spit and holler
A playground hit and run witnessed only by the steel barred helicopter pilot,
Who speaks of *** as though she wants none of it,
but then again, neither do I,
Young Moon grins, yet stars still hide from this city, and all cities.
Waiting to find you in nature before showing off the mysterious wonder of night.
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