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Aug 2020 · 658
Endless Nightmares
Mayari Aug 2020
Sleep was my one escape
To rest from thoughts of you
But in the land of dreams,
There, you haunt me too.
Leave me alone :(
Aug 2020 · 246
Candle 🕯
Mayari Aug 2020
I wanted to be your fire
A candle in the dark,
A calming radiance
Exuding warmth
So I kept burning
Just to be seen
Melting into pieces,
Enduring the heat
Until the flame
Left nothing of me.
just to watch you leave
Aug 2020 · 630
Mayari Aug 2020
Dumating na naman ang mga alon
Dala ang ala-ala ng kahapon
Sa pag-ahon, mangangako
Hindi na ulit magpapalunod

Ngunit tinatawag ng tubig
Hindi mapigilan ang pagbalik
Sisisirin ang pinaka malalim
Pangalan mo’y muling hahanapin
Gusto ko nang makaahon.
Aug 2020 · 184
Mayari Aug 2020
They say words pierce through the soul & heart
But it was your silence that left the deepest scar.
We don't owe anyone explanations but it does help to be honest. Let's practice saying how we feel instead of running away.
Aug 2020 · 215
The Strongest People
Mayari Aug 2020
Some believe strength is bravery
Some equate it with toughness
Some think it is to be unyielding
But I know strength is also kindness
Because it takes so much not to give pain
The power to fill you with bitterness
Never use your pain as an excuse to hurt others.
Aug 2020 · 259
Turbulent Waters
Mayari Aug 2020
Before you, life was stagnant
Calm, peaceful and balanced
Then you came in like a current
Exciting yet turbulent
and now i’m drowning in your sea
Jul 2020 · 320
The Lone Star
Mayari Jul 2020
Though stars are grouped into constellations
She did not feel the need to belong
Because alone in surrounding darkness
She shone the greatest on her own
find peace in being on your own.
Mayari Jul 2020
Sometimes answers don’t come all at once
Sometimes they arrive piece by piece
And only when your heart is at ease
You know the answers are complete
Jul 2020 · 463
Sa Gitna
Mayari Jul 2020
Lahat ng dahilan, naipon na
Saan na ako pupunta?
Masyadong marami para bitawan
Hindi naman sapat para ipaglaban

Ayoko na dito sa gitna.
Jul 2020 · 456
Dead Roses
Mayari Jul 2020
I watched the roses you gave
One-by-one wither away,
All its colors slowly fade
I hoped we wouldn’t be the same
But darling, we had its fate
We were vibrant red turned gray
Jul 2020 · 152
On The Way
Mayari Jul 2020
Maybe you took the wrong lanes
Perhaps you're stuck in traffic
Or probably got lost on the way
But in time, the roads will lead you to me
& I'll make sure to meet you halfway
for now i'll be waiting
Jul 2020 · 477
Mayari Jul 2020
All along
It was meant for me
To let you go
Because your absence
Gave me space
To finally grow
Jul 2020 · 98
The Truth
Mayari Jul 2020
You can
the truth
but never
so face it instead.

— The End —