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I stay awake to make
up a life in my mind
to unravel time
taking steps to climb
clearer it becomes
some thing worth love

all unseen until showed
don't go there
keep your tone
my life, yours
what a fight

i dont understand this late at night
That day, they brought me to a place for crack addicts and nut jobs and I wished I didn't belong there. However, this is where life brought me — to a silver lining of a place. I feel like screaming, but no sound comes out. I was a mystery and still am. The living hell of a memory that plays on a broken cassette.

Writing to time lost and to time regaining.
Farewell the follies of
past glances that collected
on the shores of my frail
They were luminescent beneath
the tides of my reflection.
But with every wisp that was
guided upon a collection of
clustered misinterpretation gathered.

Metaphors were lost in the deluge
of misinterpreted verses that were
washed away with  linguistically
congested verses.

I wanted the tide of my reflections
to be looked upon.
Looking inward to those who
gazed, but my translation of
simple waves, collected on the
thoughts and were lost in tides
that were lacklustre.

Not reading into the crest of thought.
My words were in a riptide..
pulled out beyond everyone's thoughts
Or darling, or sweetheart
But especially not babe.
You disgust me with your indecency.
Maybe some girls like when random strangers,
Mostly older men,
Scan their bodies intently.
I, frankly, am not really into that.
That is no way to attract me.

Don't touch my waste or the small of my back,
But most prominently,
Do not touch my hips or my ****.
At least not in public.
I am not insecure,
I just think that some things should remain private.

I owe you nothing,
But I deserve respect.
I am a lady,
And I expect to be treated like one.
 Mar 2017 Mario Cervantes
You age like wine
but you are mine
Young and old

I age like milk
but I am fine
A clever fool

You age like wine
blessed and saved
loved and wanted

I age like milk
brave and alive
strong and sure

You age like wine
sweet and immature
naive and suave  

I age like milk
pretty and patient
loaded and free
Women age like they mature we are clever but overloaded!
Men age like wine...... as they mature they are finely antiquated!
"Don't fight Feminists".... just an observation and debate I had with comrades!
I can't explain what it's about
I'm scared to death irrationally
But reason will not rescue me
There's no fighting this anxiety
I just need to wait it out
I was once aching flesh
On worn down bones
Encaging a restless heart

You were the cure
The ailment
You were everything
Copyright under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah
I wanna hold your hand all night

I wanna kiss you until I melt into your very soul

I wanna undress you with my eyes until the image of your perfection is embedded in my memory

I wanna be in your arms until I can feel nothing but you and the darkness that surrounds us becomes all we know

I wanna make love to you until the sun rises on us and we're blinded by sweat and high off the fire that sparks every time we touch

I wanna fall asleep in your embrace, secure in the knowledge that I am loved.

I wanna wake up next to you until...


I wanna be with you until...

 Feb 2017 Mario Cervantes
You are my cosmos.
My galaxy
of swirling stars.
I will never get out
from beneath your skies.
It does not matter
where I go,
or how fast I run,
You are always
above me,
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