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I want to be moved
Day to day
To revel
To  weep
Even in strangers conceit

But why can’t the thing that moves me just be my own two feet?
do not answer it.
Hide in a corner
until it peeks through the window
Facing its true face
unknowing and searching
With an honest pace
you’ll find that destiny
might be a fake
You showed me there was more than the labyrinth
more than the cold still waters,
           the ripples

In a love so intense,
   I saw your past self
        your present
and who you could be

but why could I see this in you and not see it in me?
Title not included...
Sometimes the thoughts and words just flow and revising the moment feels like a sin to its origin
We sang
And laughed
And drank the wine

Without knowing tomorrow’s lines...
So serene, in lying wake.

So close, to the end of days.

Another year, meant to weather.

Thank you my bouquet friend, my reforming lover.
#yousavedmylife #thankyou
Katherine Brooks Oct 2018
It seems there’s no gleam to the unsettling events,
That stick to you like necromance

Something comes this way,
They say

Some longing of an untold soul
Katherine Brooks Oct 2017
This is the last time I call it bliss,
releasing demons in each breath.
The last time I drag you to my lips,
reckoning the bitter kiss of death.
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