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Life Oct 2014
Stop taking the pills
feels like
coming home
to one's darker self
I feel like Dorian Grey, exept I am the painting
Life Sep 2014
I am made of flesh, blood and tragedy
Life Sep 2014
Do you remember
when you said
that with me,
you felt?
Life Sep 2014
Life: Noun: Uncountable: Plural: Lives
The ability to have: Abilities
Period of time filled with: Adjectives
With many opportunities to seize

Life as punishment: Contract/prison/love
Life as enjoyment: Contact/comfort/love
Love: Meaning: Affection. Also used above
Love: For idiom see also: Turtledove

Life: Antonym: Death: What comes after life
The leading cause of death on Earth: Neglect
Example: None cared the child had a knife
The leading cause of life on Earth: V-necks

Cheat: Suicide: Lessons on life not learned
Antidote: No cure has yet been confirmed
Life Sep 2014
I feel alive
And calm
And collected
And in control

I really am, a terrible liar
Life Jul 2014
A girl with arms and legs
A brain
A liver
A heart
A broken one
The liver I mean,
Not the heart!
Lost, but never in-pieces
She doesn't personally own one,
Or she does, it was stolen you see
The one she has now, she loaned
Just until she finds her own!
Though the time she uses to pay back her loan
Is time away from finding the stolen core
She pays through her liver
And her innocence
Speculating where her heart actually went
She gradually rewinds her life
To see when it disappeared
Maybe it was beaten out of her by her father,
Or flushed out when she put her finger in her throat.
Maybe she left it with her virginity,
Or she threw it away with her dignity?
Life Jul 2014
I will go to the worst of bars,
Share a drink with memories
Take shots with anxiety
Pick a fight with clarity
Get kicked out with hangovers.
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