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Kevin Eli Sep 2014
Addiction doesn't go away, it just gets put on the shelf.
Kevin Eli Jan 2013
I heard somewhere once that bad moments last 8 months, while good things last only 8 seconds.
And I thought to myself, "Like *******!"
Keep looking for those moments that make you happy.
Make love, Not your wars.
Kevin Eli Jan 2016
Stripped naked, burned alive and thrown in snow
Sitting silently as job after job lets you go
Showering under a faucet in a metro
Savagely being beaten by someone you love and know

Exiled by your teacher
Kidnapped by a dealer
***** by an actor
Drowned in a theater

Locked in a crematorium
Lost in an aquarium
Arrested in a museum
Killed in a stadium

Shot in a field by my favorite person
Stabbed in the chest with a needle that's bent.
Stumbling blindly, helping her up, feeling it pierce again.

Every night, for ninety-nine straight
I have been losing my heart, losing my love, losing my mind over a woman that fell from above and plummeted far below.

These nightmares started when I stopped holding on and I let her go ninety-nine nights and days ago.
Kevin Eli Jul 2014
The difference between a civilized society and anarchy is accountability.
Personal quote.
Kevin Eli Dec 2012
I just realized today that I have never been in a healthy relationship with anybody in my life.
Not friends, nor family, nor lovers.
I am a liar.
I am a frightened Child.
I am a broken, sick individual
More than just a foot in the grave,
A living, hollow, death.
My own slave.

I can change that right now, Today.
Grasp the moment,
Love Myself.

Close my eyes,
Find the inner flame,
Concentrate the pain,
Put it in a box for God to cast out of the fray,
Into the river of time,
And let it all wash away...

Push it away.
Gently, let it flow down stream
To be consumed by the waves
In the great ocean

It is the only way I can be saved.
I must and will take it minute by minute, until I can shake off my unnatural ways.
Kevin Eli Jan 2013
Will I remember the relief I felt when I was dragged into those rooms?
Will I forget the love that I threw away, the conundrums and curses, I wove into my loom?
The life I threatened to **** away when I couldn't see myself in the mirror?

It will never come back if I don't come around.
It will always be there if I walk back and start over, remembering to follow the sound.
The rooms will always be there, waiting to accept me with open arms.

By empathy, I take vicariously from those who say God keeps us from harm.
By praying for me, as I pray for you.
Release me from my suffering and give me an honest you.
That would be enough,
That will do...

Ad Infinitum.
I'll just do what my heart tells me to do.
Kevin Eli Jan 2016

To see you grow up and turn into the man you are is a gift... A young man, smart, kind, thoughtful to others. I have no criticisms to offer you in regards to the path and choices you have taken and made. I feel swelling pride for you as I write this and cannot wait to see and hear the adventures you will embark on in your life.

Having you as my cousin touches me and reminds me that I have an impact on the world, and for as long as you have looked up to me as your older cousin, I will always feel a sense of responsibility and caring for you, invigorating in purpose, which helps craft the home in my heart. Seeing time pass as sand in an hour glass, I can only glance in retrospect and see the years and times as a family you have shared with us; if it were a scoreboard, a test, the sum of all of your actions: a resounding win or success story on all counts. You are a gift to those around you and your happiness and caring will change this world for the better as it already has changed mine. Thank you for being my cousin, but more so for being the person you always are. You are a blessing and a light. Don't ever let anybody tell you otherwise or believe differently...

To end my letter to you, I will leave you with this: I can't wait to grow old and share more time with you; to go fishing, to go camping, to carry on our family's traditions and dinners which are so special among families, to share this chance to be alive and breathing, and to share our hearts with others. Go forth Brandon. Go forth and share your love with the world. Light your torch and burn it. I love you Brandon.

Your Cousin,
(For His 18th Birthday)
Kevin Eli Jan 2016
One early morning along the quiet forest floor, a little mushroom popped it's head out of the ground. Looking in wonder, he pushed passed the dead leaves and dirt to reach for sunlight below the canopy.

"STOP!" said the forest. "You have been unruly. We have seen you try to grow with discord and disregard, denying the order. And what are you, alien? Identify as plant or animal!"

The little mushroom responded, "But I only did as you did; made a home. Like the rooted trees pillar in our leafy halls, as the moss nestles among the rocks, or how the birds nest in their hollows, why am I so different? I am both you and me."

The forest inhabitants pondered. In this time the mushroom grew and died. It took too long for the trees and the birds and the moss to agree by the time their fellow forest friend had passed.

The trees, too slow to interrupt, cried out to all, "What have we done?!  we may not have thought him as beautiful as the rest of us, but the mushroom was a part of this forest!"

As a parting token, the little fungi grew a network of strands below the trees roots to support them all, feeding and protecting them even in death.

With it's dying breath, it dropped it's spores, to which would grow bountiful among the forest floor, among the trees and the rocks and moss. They had not known it, but the little mushroom was a part of a greater fungi, miles across. It had been there as long as the forest, keeping the trees company since time began, before humans, before us.

Only the trees had the knowledge to understand the little mushroom, but their voices were too quiet, too slow. So the trees let the mushrooms grow in their branches and on their logs to give them a home.
Kevin Eli Jan 2013
My eyes shifted at the sight of you.
I almost let it take me away.
You walked across the room and I couldn't close the door.
A sense of increased paranoia and tension caused my nerves to flash
Right before my moment, right before your eyes.
Kevin Eli Jan 2015
I sit here contemplating altruism.
I wonder why I get frustrated when there is no reciprocation.

Teach a man to fish, he will steal all your business.
Give a beggar coins, he can only buy a pint of Guinness.

I'm ******* tired of this ****. Somebody is living their dreams by taking mine away. I'd rather be beaten and hit than give up one more day.

Like trying to play guitar for others, just to be told "You ****".
I try to ignore the deterring phrase, "You'll never make a buck".

Teach a child love and tolerance, he will be abused and stepped on.
Give a loser a second chance, he will steal from you when you're gone.

Altruism doesn't exist. It's in my nature to share this exhibit.
Too bad it hurts me, feels like my belief is somehow complicit.

I hope I can see what I should give, and what I should prohibit.
Judge my charity, my gifts, my intentions, these words from my lips.

You call me an altruistic *******... But you're just a selfish *******.
Kevin Eli Dec 2014
My Grandmother told me stories
How she lived across the street from Bugsy Siegel's mother in Brooklyn
If you knew my family, it's hardly believable.
Mobsters near the family, I was told "things always fell off the truck."
I guess Great Grandpa Willie made it by, must have had good luck.

Berger became Bock, Grandma Marcia married Joel, my Grandpa.
He left Brooklyn for the Air force and they moved to Arkansas
East to Midwest, to West....
Grandma went with him, they finally rested in sunny California.
Willie would have been proud of Joel when he served during Korea.

William Berger passed away, I never knew him.
We now have scholars, businessmen, artists and athletes
It's iconic how living here will shape your reality
The memories and moments of a family to which we clutch
Softly being recorded, my family history shows how much he loved us.

A mysterious, touching legacy was left over time.
I'm sure my grandmother keeps pictures and pages I will never find.
No matter what, whether he was honest, hardworking, or in crime,
I know he did it all for his family, prosperity or depressing times.

I was told he had a lot of courage, and always made friends
I wish I could have seen his face, I wish I could have met the man.

Grandma says I look like him.
Kevin Eli Jun 2016
We can't think straight
Our stomach is in knots
We can barely eat anymore
And our love is dead

Ruthless world it is
Struggle is never ending
The rich proceed to get richer
While the poor feed on each other

I see my neighbors stop trusting
While friends and townsfolk cower
The market claims it's our own fault
When the chips were never in our favor

I want to fight a thousand people
Yet I'd only get my *** beaten
But I'm so angry at the treatment
This can't be the human condition
Kevin Eli Jun 2012
Lights out
Inner thoughts
Memories lapse
Open eyes
What is perceived,
Is all we know
Kevin Eli Jan 2013
Be gracious to me, O God.
in the measure of your faithfulness
in the measure of your great mercy
erase my transgressions
Wash me through and through outside
and purify me inside.
Verily I acknowledge my cruelties
and am ever mindful of my offenses
against you have I sinned
and done what is evil in your sight
Indeed you desire truth in the hidden parts
Teach me wisdom of secret things.
*Psalms 51:3-6, 8*
Kevin Eli Jan 2015
I'm having a dozen dreams a night; fluid and lucid.
I prefer this imagination and fantasy in my bed.
It's a lot of fun, also terrifying,
All in black and red...

Deep diving indoor pools with oil rigs and sea monsters.
I butterfly and sidestroke across the unfathomable chlorine waters.

Gliding downstream through swampy, vine-roped forests.
I end up in mangrove lakes, a canopy of bright glowing mushrooms.

Zombie hordes making me hide in closets at my parent's house.
They never break down the door, I don't understand why they carouse.

Being in a place without time, space, colors, physics or floors,
Talking to people I barely know, with no names or faces. Am I bored?

Sitting in my underwear on a dock, waiting for the bus
The others don't even seen me, but the cute girl next to me does.

I learn to fly, jump off a roof, start falling, then forget.
I twitch in my covers from a concrete slab, comical to wake up dead.

Sometimes I just sit in a cave with a reflection of myself
Talking to my ego; arguing and reasoning with nobody else.

Every time I close my eyes and lay my head,
I feel like a mad-hatter, locked in wonderland.
Kevin Eli Sep 2014
So we say as we play, under moonlight or day
That we can learn to love and live oh,
I feel this movement now, creeping into my bones
My lungs inhale, I sing, Oh.

We have each other, at the end of the game
We don't worry about the scores as we play
We just twiddle the time, and write down these rhymes

So we laugh as we play, under moonlight or day
That we can learn to love and see oh,
I feel this now, this movement in my bones
My hips swing then I sing, Oh.

We have each other,
We don't worry,
We just twiddle the time
Write down these rhymes, Oh

So we say as we play....
That we can learn to love and live this love,
Oh yes.
Kevin Eli Oct 2014
You never feel like you're being used until they stop.
Kevin Eli Sep 2014
Leaving the seduction, comfort and sins of suburbia is no easy task
For those spoiled to the point of sickness.
Privilege and entitlement.
Sadly, unable to survive...
Where are we?
Kevin Eli Jul 2015
Within the last few years since I left recovery, I have let many people and things into my life that have dragged me down over and over again thinking that my sympathy, empathy and support will somehow give these people the hope and help that I, myself was given. Combined with the feeling that many mistakes (that hurt people) I have made remain unfixed, my life choices from past to the present haunt me and cause me to lose sleep on a regular basis. I wake up half of my mornings feeling this isn't the life I want.

I feel used, unappreciated, helpless, unaccomplished, worthless, scared, alone, don't want to talk to anybody because I don't want to burden them... The list goes on.

(This is not every day. My friends, family and loved ones are plentiful and there for me. I am nevertheless thriving.)

This has caused me to be resentful, unable to trust, become guarded and unloving. This isn't me, nor the person I want to be. I have since cut out several people in my life, some suddenly and without explanation. I want to love these people just as much as I want to cuss at them. Steal from me, get loaded and make bad choices, refuse to pay me back, lie to me, cheat me, slander my name. Go ahead. You aren't going to be in my life for very long. Those types are no longer welcome, and I pray they stop one day because those people and those actions destroy this world slowly.

Regarding MY mistakes, there are some people I will never be able to make amends to because I will likely never see them again, while some will simply not accept it. Since I cannot make amends to these people, the only way I know how to feel better is to make a living amends and add good to this world in other places. These people will never know how badly I want redemption; for the last 6 months, I have given up my Saturdays and gone to the local ER and volunteered. My soul feels a bit better because of it and sadly it is the only institution that I feel valued at (irony that I don't get paid). I try and find things in my life that give me meaning, and do them. While some people will always hate me and only remember the messed up, strung out me, I have no choice except to breathe deep, but shaky, and trudge on. If this is the only life I will ever have, I choose to not let these people and my past haunt me. I choose to be here as a positive in the universe and will struggle with this until it kills me or hopefully until I don't have to.

I have tried for three years now my **** hardest to cope with a difficult work environment, deadly addiction and debilitating neurological issues. Few have given me answers or much less understood what the hell is wrong with me, none have provided a solution. Doctors don't know anything beyond their prescription pads it seems. The best help I get is a blank check for medical bills from my parents. They should not be suffering for my problems, I am 27. This only makes me feel more inept and worthless as well that I cannot take care of them. I took so much from them when I was bad, I don't want to take anymore.

I have gone and lost my **** far too many times because of what other people do... If you are finding yourself being self-destructive, you are likely hurting others with your actions. You need to remember that when you bring negativity to the table, you share it with those around you... I fight everyday to keep these negative demons away literally self-checking every hour I am awake and breathing (it is exhausting), but the factors adding to it must be recognized and dealt with. I'm tired of putting bandaids on infected situations, I want the infections out and the scars to form. I'm done with this phase of life's BS.

I made a promise three years ago that I would never give up, nor fall back to where I was. I am not perfect, but I will give myself one hell of an A for effort.

The few times when I see my efforts or apologies were appreciated, it feels like heaven. It is always worth it to help others as long as you don't give yourself and everything away.
Kevin Eli Mar 2013
I see you looking into the mirror
Look a bit closer, see a bit clearer
I see you lying, holding back from crying
Look at me now, look at me now

Cuz I see your reasons, you have your demons
look at me now, look at me now
I see you're dying, you're ******* lying
Look at me now, just look at me now

Just as I saw through all your fears
You're still here, standing in tears
Mention your name, tell me your game
Just look at you now, just show us how

I see you lying, you're ******' dying
Look at me now, look at me now
Holding back from crying, I caught you lying
It's all just a blur,
A blur

Cuz I see your reasons, you have your demons
look at me now, look at me now
I see you're dying, you're ******* lying
Look at me now, just look at me now

Blurred, Blurred, Blurred, Blurred, Blurred, Blurred, Blurred
I caught my ex in a lie several years ago. She was supposed to see me perform, and I wrote her this song to **** her off, but she didn't end up showing up. Instead she lied about coming and was getting banged by two guys that night.

Funny how ironic and true the lyrics were.
Sincerely for you, *****.
Kevin Eli Apr 2013
I got a call before the news even knew.
Frozen cold sweat and fear.
I stood at my desk able to do nothing.
I watched in horror at the live feed on my computer screen as I knew what she was going through.
She was there, and I wasn't. I couldn't.
I watched helpless in horror as the people scattered from the glass that was shattered.
I could do nothing but pray.
To watch people die is not a vicarious way I would want to ever live.
She tried her best to finish, but the race ended, even though she gave all she could give.

I need to watch this to get out of self.
Why must they die so we can see why?

You feel the same as I do.
Don't deny.
Kevin Eli Dec 2014
The reason why it's so hard for us to get paid and live on our words is because words don't cost us anything to give.

I sit on the street and pass out my writing.
All but a few keep on driving.

Do I just sit here and lock up my poems?
Throw them in a vault and never show anyone?

I sit in the market and pass out my writing.
All but a few keep on talking.

***** it. I don't care if nobody will pause to read.
And I don't care what they say about me, because words are cheap.

I sit on the pier and pass out my writing.
All but a few keep on walking.

Those who dare to sit and read, instead of speak while blind
Will find the value in a stranger's lines
Hidden just underneath.

I sit on a mountain and pass out my writing.
A hiker came by today and did something strange...

He started reading.
Change and hope are real. Be patient with one another.
Kevin Eli Jul 2013
Shine forever inside
                                                          ­                                                Let brazen halo encircle and sway
                                                            ­                                              Keep warm till the moon will rise
                                                            ­                                              Rest until the morning haze

Effervescent, like liquid gold
Last until the death of life
Make the spaces between our hearts bright
So we can swim in this soft light

                                                       Holding heat but not to burn
                                                       Reflect with your companions
                                                      ­ Closer to this bending prism
                                                       Mirrors, water and white
                                                                ­                                             You can be ten million miles away
                                                            ­                                                 So far to stretch your solar rays
                                                            ­                                                 Yet you never go out in the night
                                                           ­                                                  Not tomorrow, not today

Love and give tirelessly while you say
Silently, I will disappear one day
But never will we remember
                                                        ­                                                     Because my burning sun still shines
Kevin Eli Mar 2013
The band plays
Arms in the air while feet stomp the ground
Girls cross the dance floor like a caravan
The music still plays since I said goodbye long ago
It's the same party, different people.

Thick cigarette smoke stands still on the patio.
A glass of white wine swirled in hand with delight
The joy, the laughter, the old friends say hello
One by one with stamps or wristbands on tight
They all come eventually but some will never go

I remember this circus from long ago
With its memories and moments I so dearly hold
If you ever find the door and need a ride home
Just wait until tomorrow's sun gives enough light to see the road
Don't worry about missing the show
The band still plays
Kevin Eli Jul 2014
Summer sun and car rides.
We drive with Third Eye Blind and Oasis telling us where to go.
Which beach do we jump on today?
Doesn't matter, I'm counting the waves.
We came, found that peace and left our stress.
Sifting sand through laughter and digging holes with hands.
What else could we ask for in life?
That moment. Go find it.
Let's get back there.
Kevin Eli Jan 2013
From the very depths of my being.
Kevin Eli Sep 2015
It's black and white for the blue and red.
They're all bad.
Bipartisan politics is a show and we all know it's sad.

Follow the fistfuls of cash stuffed in big sacks by the people ordering black bags and drone strikes making Middle East corporate land grabs.

But don't forget to tip the driver of your cab.
Kevin Eli Jan 2015
I cannot control these dreams any more than I can control reality.

Sometimes I dream I am behind the wheel of an out of control car, windshields are covered in rain, the brakes won't work.

Every time I am in that car, I either careen off the road, over a cliff edge,  into a crowd, or into a wall.

No matter how hard I pull that E-brake, It's always too late. I am going too fast to stop the events in motion and the inevitable end of the line.
Any dream interpreters wanna take guesses?
Kevin Eli Jun 2012
If nations were like people, and cultures were like opinions,
We wouldn't worry about blood spilling over dominion

But people act like nations, and our opinions form cultures,
So our children will be killing each other because of their parents.
Vampires and vultures
Kevin Eli Apr 2014
I can stand on a cyber soapbox all day
Telling you nothing was ever okay
That you have a voice, a million in one,
Able to be heard from here to the sun.
So tell me what is important to you,
If you're smart, or a *****,
Or just have no ******* clue.
You only live once.
No, hashtags don't include
Your memories of screens, drugs and delusions,
Fear makes the conclusions.
Drop the key in the lock on your mind
From the courage we all have
Lost long ago in time.
Stop acting.
Start living.
Kevin Eli Nov 2013
Woke up at 7:00 AM,
went over to my Dali-style melting clock, took it off the wall and watched as just as easily I could turn time back, it would still rush forward.
Kevin Eli Jul 2014
The definition of success can be compared to a tree in a hurricane.
Although you can be whipped around,
ripped apart, sundered,
and even uprooted,
you still managed
to drop seeds
along the
Kevin Eli Dec 2018
Fires from a living hell
God has plucked me from conflagration
For the first time
I wiped tears of peace from my face
Kevin Eli Jun 2012
Well I'm sitting here with my friends
      and I can't tell them why
     this is the end
    of the times I'll try
   to explain again,
what I feel,
and never
Kevin Eli Jan 2016
I kept tumbling, falling...
Trying to walk down a black stone stairwell.
It widened and rippled like water with each sinking step, feet sinking into a dark blue glue.
Each stair I stumbled as the floor was lower than I presumed; giving me a feeling of vertigo and being swallowed down and down deeper into a hole I thought was only so deep, yet ended up being deeper than I ever imagined.

The lip of the top surface seemed hundreds of yards above offering little light to me, like a mouth engulfing less than what it wanted, tasting only my fear.
My dream last night 01/08/16
Kevin Eli Feb 2017
God, this universe larger than I, powers that be, Please hear my cry

I want to grow,
To make more music and write,
Meet people and travel.
If I don't, I'm going to stall,
Tumble into free-fall.
I would be the living dead;
A shadow of what I could've had.

I'm not scared of dying,
I'm scared of never living again.
Kevin Eli Jan 2013
I never yielded to you.
No matter how hard you hunted me down.
I didn't have to run I found out.
I just had to stand my ground.

I stood above your altar and read my own passages,
Of the friends others had lost because of you,
Of the enemies made, the loves that did fade
The families torn and bodies frayed.

You can never ******* have me. Never.
Go ahead and whisper in my ear.
Do it for two and a half years.
See what I will do, when you don't get to be in here.

The only problem I have,
Is that you can't leave.
Because you are in my head.
And if I tried to **** you,
I would be dead.

But I can choose to live or to die.
I can choose to tell the truth or to lie.
I can believe or deny.
What goes on inside...

So decide.
What your reflection shows you gives you the chance
To look into your own Devil's eyes.
Your inner demons and self-hate/fear is all in your head. You have the choice to try and control it, let it control you, or just let things be and be fine with the truth.
Kevin Eli Jun 2012
What I know
Oh I know
But did you know?
What they know?
Them cats be diggin'
Out to keep us down
Gettin' us goin' round
Oh I know

They ain't gonna stop me
From making my sounds
and goin' to town
Yes I know
How they know
How to keep cool
And spin it round

Yet I ain't afraid no more
For I am no fool
'Cuz in my world, I know
I make the rules.
Kevin Eli Apr 2013
This body, Which contains my soul.
Holds my desires, and that ever thirsting fire to feel beyond what my mind can experience. I can sometimes feel what my senses tells me exists beyond myself.
I must push forward and move through the fold. This beauty beyond myself shows no bounds.
To give myself is a sacrifice that must be paid if I am to see the extent of possibility.
No matter what, I must pierce this whole existence, this experience.
I choose to live, I choose to die, I choose to feel and to tell the truth and to lie.
To spin beyond the chance to be here, breathe, live and be alive.
I excite my existence and fight, what I see, and what appeals.
For they are not the same, and I know nobody else is the same.
Give the scream of your life and show you care more than you ever feel.

Shed some light on reality.
Kevin Eli Aug 2015
For every one good individual I find, there are ten ****** people.

Weak, scared, selfish, self-indulging, complacent pieces of filth that don't care. They beat the **** out of that one good person on a daily basis so they can keep the playing field level at six feet under, too selfish, too coddled to take care.

"Just let me ignore the problems."
"Can't I just be the victim?
"Let me be special."
"It's your fault, not mine."
"Always yes for me, always no for you."

If you all don't ******* care, how am I supposed to ******* care?
******* leeches. Where will you feed when the blood runs out?
Kevin Eli Jul 2016
Lets change this world
Let's make it better than we were left it
Let's make sure we have clean oceans and healthy land
Water in our lakes and rivers
Food in people's mouths
Olive branches in our hands.

No more wars
No more corporate overreach
No more fears of what we cannot see
No more sitting in our houses
Take back our democracy
Take to the streets
Kevin Eli Apr 2013
Ever wonder whats behind you...?
That scratch, that itch, that feeling that tells you there is more?
That there is something we're missing?
The emotion that makes us push towards something we know we should be doing?
We never know what it is, but it is always there, in every human being.
Is it the "I need more."?
Is it soul?
I could never tell, and I will never know.
Just move for it, wish for it, strive for it, try for it, drive toward it.
Kevin Eli Jan 2016
I saw a homeless man give a mother money,
A businessman brag in an emergency room,
A teenager who cut his wrists tried dying,
And an old man pray for his wife to live.
Kevin Eli Jul 2015
A cursed quench to a thirst I will never reverse
Game perverse
Coming in last, placing in first
Having nothing gives you something
Starving could be worse
Kevin Eli Jun 2012
Is my nature an appealing surprise?
Or do I walk through dreams in other's afterlives?
You make me wonder

As I float on clouds I see a familiar sign of you.... YOU
When I am here, I feel high, looking into your eyes... YOU.
You are a wonderment to the world.

So lets run and hide
We will sleep under a thousand skies for the rest of our lives
Just me and you
We will be eternal tonight
Kevin Eli Jan 2013
1                   Inquiry

1*          Open my mouth once again.

2          Spoke the same **** words I had repeated for the last twenty years

3          A sudden division
All I evocate I advocate
Everybody, appreciate the message and I will consummate

5         The demon, I requested it
Open its jaws once again to tear flesh
I hurt myself, my soul with white fangs and claws taking us hostage
A moment came with a hollow blinding light

3          I had no happiness this time
Fear and Isolation designated my footsteps and path
It's been a grandiose illusion

2         I'm tired, bored
Give way

1           Converting

1         /Evolving
Each line has either 1,1,2,3,5,8 or 13 words.
Kevin Eli Dec 2012
I have lost my lover and my life... I feel a part of me is gone, ripped off, scabbed, frozen over and then peeled off again.
Our path of destruction was a hurricane that ripped apart every person we had ever met.
Through Isolation.
I am now regaining control of my life and rebuilding.
As the farmer comes out of his basement to see the tornado's path, I have begun the long road of reconstruction. You can always build another road, another wall, another house, another field, but you cannot bring back a Loved one...
Just send your prayers down the stream and through the winds towards the world she lives in..
And hope you will meet her there.
Kevin Eli Jun 2014

The most tantalizing dreams are the ones that I cannot recall except for the lingering emotion and flash of an image that causes one to be haunted by a long forgotten reverie. Do I not remember because it was nothing? Or do I not remember because I am afraid to?

We might dig for the rest of the morning trying to find it again.
Sometimes it comes to us in the late stretching sunset, touched by Déjà vu.  
Other times, it is lost forever.
Was it lost love taunting the lover?
A monster chasing you?
Was it falling from a hotel roof?
Maybe it was flying before tumbling to Earth.
Sometimes it’s a mind just spinning, floating through time.
Lucid as all hell.

Love, fear, excitement, anger.
Wonderment with a million emotions shared,
but not connected to seven billion others in our daily oceans.
No matter what, when you are a dreamer,
you can be the only one.

Don't be afraid to remember, and it's okay to forget.
Have fun.
Just don't stare too long into your soul's sun.
Kevin Eli Feb 2017
Rainy days warrant wet poetry
A large pond formed in the parking lot
Flash flood warning on my iPhone went off
...I leave work in fifteen minutes.
**** this traffic, thank god for the liquor store.

While the rain washes away the street,
The wine washes away my mind.
Just get me home.
Kevin Eli Jun 2016
All this we feel
Everything we know
All that glitters isn't always made of gold.

But if you want to know
And you do share a care
The secret is in your childhood teddy bear.
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