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  Dec 2015 Haley
Madison Y
I can't think straight
(Or crooked or sideways).
I'm too ******* tired to invent some new distraction
(You're no good at party tricks)
And too scared to figure out what the hell I want.
The water's filling up your lungs—
A kiss could make it all better,
But I'm too busy blowing bubbles
And skipping rocks across the surface.
Despite it all, you stand and wait
When I fall behind on our afternoon walk
And offer me your arm when the trail gets steep.
You're oxygen, but I'm reaching for novacane,
Trying so hard to be indifferent to the spark in your eyes and the part of your lips,
Though I know **** well it's no use.
I am a moth to a flame—
When it burns too bright, It consumes me.
So I'll turn away before it starts,
Blind myself to every truth except the one I live inside:
If I can't love you, I can't love anybody.
  Dec 2015 Haley
I started smoking cigarettes again

Something about having another thing burning between my fingers

Besides your hands

Makes me dismiss the feeling that lingers 
when I think of you

Since I can’t have your taste in my mouth

Menthol will have to do

I am addicted 

Isn't this sounding familar?
You **** me inside starting with my lungs

Like the small nicotine sticks do with every inhale

I would much rather your slender fingers in my hand

But for $10 a pack they last around a lot longer than you do 

No matter how much you rot me from the inside out

A piece of me will always be yours

Drunk and smoking a cigarette last night thinking of you.
  Dec 2015 Haley
Summer Michelle
Busy tones fill the ears
Just to hear answering machines
Messages left unanswered
Until the time is wrong
Left wondering why they're gone
Young one, turn to a pen

Tops off to them all
Pants fall just the same
Maybe this is what they meant
When they said love is an action
We don't know why
But the hole isn't filling

How many times can this be written
How much is there to say
I wear this cross on my sleeve
To remind me
That I'm not alone and I
Can stay strong

Their screaming voices saved this one
Giving an outlet for the pain
But it became too easy to live there
Haunting themselves with the sounds
Of unpleasant settling
And unwanted misery

How many times can this be written
How much is there to say
I wear this cross on my sleeve
To remind me
That I'm not alone and I
Can stay strong

I need a new muse
The past is daunting
Haunting every part of me
Killing any chance
Of a future
I may blow my fuse
  Dec 2015 Haley
Madison Y
What happened to us was something like
what happens to flowers when the vase shatters,
Or what happens to misplaced keys;
Someone was careless,
Didn't pay attention,
And now we're left with empty spaces.
What happened to us was something like
What happens to the moon as the Earth spirals on its axis,
Or what happens to the trees as it starts to snow;
We were inevitable, natural,
But cyclical,
Never able to withstand the darkness,
Or keep together through the cold.
When you left, you took my pride with you,
Swore it was all my fault
Until I believed you.
I let you think that you meant nothing,
But you were the moon and I was the tide,
Without you, I'd cease to be.
In some other life, you'd be an artist, and I'd be your muse.
Long after we'd gone, they'd hang your paintings at The Met and say, 'Look how much he loved her.'
I'd still be a poet, of course, only this time
My poems would be taught in classrooms—Picked to the bone by children who'd scribble verses on their arms,
Wishing for a love just like ours.
Maybe tomorrow I'll feel better, but right now
Everything hurts and I wish you were here.
Written after seeing the Madame Cèzanne exhibit at The Met in New York City.
  Dec 2015 Haley
The Girl Who Loves You
I remember the you
That you used to be
Do you remember who
I was when I was me?
I forgot the truth
Of when you were true
I forget even more
Like when I was too

Do you remember?
That one late night?
You said you loved me
And it felt so right.
I believed you
Thought it couldn't be better
Then just you and me
In love and lust together
But you lied
I still don't know why
Then I cried
And you said goodbye

That was really me
The me that was with you
Now I'm damaged
I'm not sure what to do

That wasn't the real you
Not the man I knew
He wouldn't have left me broken
He was honest and true
What happened to you?

The truth?
You probably don't even know
You've always been confused
You don't even realize
**What happened to you....
  Dec 2015 Haley
Joseph Schneider
I've bled the blood of a thousand lies
Tasted the feast of her demise

I've seen her stripping away from time
Like a dying artists rhyme

If it wasn't for the echo of vitality
She would taste an oh bitter reality

Oh she, oh she, blessed without judgment
Criticized without budget

At last she stalks the shadows no more
It wasn't long ago crept the woman from ground floor*

All goes without saying ones demeanor
Is a wild poem hiding a message where the grass is greener.

-Joseph B Schneider
© Joseph B Schneider. All rights reserved
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