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lenore Jul 7
do not let them name you like they name the stars.

do not focus your brightness
on the tip of an eyelash
when your whole body is a hydrogen hive.

do not curl into a ball of light
when you can stretch and be a night sky.
lenore Jul 6
girls are soft as wolf's fur
subtle as a starburst
fragile as a porcelain knife
and we sting, we cut, we bite;

girls were born with strings tied to our wrists
and we'll gently drag you down;
you will lean in for a kiss
and we'll steal your paper crowns.
lenore Jul 6
poem is
a pharaoh's tomb:
the i interred in immortality.
lenore Jul 5
when words are slipping down my throat
and no tune stirs my vocal chords
i'll split the atoms of my soul
and i will sing like a thunderstorm.
lenore May 2017
Gather, gather
All the scattered
Pieces of yourself;
Daughter, daughter,
Fight your battles
With the weapon of yourself;
Take the shrapnel
From your bossom;
Turn it into something else:
A poisoned wine-cup,
A deadly blossom;
Make war like what you are:
A work of art.
lenore Apr 2017
The falcon, too, was once earth-bound,
    And scared to leave the solid ground;
    (How curious, to be afraid,
    To use the wings that you were given;)
    But she joined hands with her own terror,
    And let it lead the path to heaven;
    (How glorious, to understand,
    To use the power of your demons.)
lenore Apr 2017
Dance; bathe your heart in sweat:
Make the hurricane jealous of your fervour;
Sing; summon gods with your breath:
Make the stars beg for your favour.
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