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Sep 2014 · 701
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
Stones scattered around me
Remnant of the life they had
Each tell a story and a gossip
Of those who stood this ground
My fingers slowly hold one
I hear the stories of the brave
Who dared to live in peace
Tears struggle to flow
As the distant memories sink
Deep in the caves of my mind
Sep 2014 · 408
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
It’s only a myth, a story told by others.
A feeling that’ll make life run through your veins,
The white & black world will be painted with colors.

It’s fiction, all the characters lie and decieve.
They say they’ve found their long lost other half;
I have not. Why on earth should I believe?

A fairytale, written in rhyming poetry and song.
The sun shines and roses bloom when she appears.
You sigh. You’re finally at the place you belong.

Real life, feels so dry, cloudy, incomplete and grey.
Perhaps, they did tell the truth after all, but I was blind.
Of the one that’ll enchant my world, I dream night & day,
My fairytale, my fiction & myth, I desperately wish to find.
Sep 2014 · 438
A Poet
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
An old poet lived in a dusty room
Cold, quiet, dark and gloom

In his mind, to heaven he flew away
Promising himself to return one day

Under an olive tree he embraces his wife
As if it was the first time of his life

Smiling as his boys call him from afar
No more wondering where they are

Holding on to breath and regardless of pain
He forced himself to go back down again

Climbing back to reality with a rope
Wishing for one last teardrop of hope

Half way down tired of his quest
Decides it is time to finally rest

A lonely poet lived in a lonely room
Little did they know it was merely a tomb
An old poet died today.
Sep 2014 · 932
If It Was Up To Me
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
If it was up to me,
I’d sing your name
As my mother tongue.
Let the sweet melody
Echo through the ears
Of old and young.

If it was up to me,
My national flag
Would be your hair.
My hand on my heart
Mumbling the anthem when
It waves through the air.

If It was up to me,
You’d stop the cursed wars
With a smile or a wink.
All the fighting cease and
The red soaked ground
Will turn into flowery pink.

If it was up to me,
The golden eyes are
The sun at noon.
Eyeliner is dusk.
And when they shut,
Here comes the moon.

If it was up to me,
You’d be the trees
The oceans, stars & clouds.
Cold summer breeze
Hitting the bale faces
Of the worshiping crowds.

If it was up to me,
You’d be the books,
Butterflies, cities & art.
Brushes of love, desire,
Madness and dreams
On my blank heart.

If it was up to me,
You’d be my miracle,
My water and wine.
The one and only wish
Of this life is that
You would be mine.
Sep 2014 · 3.4k
Unseen Beauty
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
Hidden in plain sight,
Above us, and below.
The clouds will pass,
And the grass will grow.

The unseen beauty
Of this lonely rock.
You will not see it
Unless you stop and look.
An attempt to be positive.
Sep 2014 · 515
Parallel Universe
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
Through black and worm holes,
In a green and blue world as ours.
One giant sun that makes up
Years, months, days and hours.

Wind still blows, pure rivers run
Through valleys of green.
Cities stand to touch the clouds,
With veins of smoke and machines.

All remains the same as you know it,
Until different choices finally made.
Do not stay a mere copy of another,
Step up, change, don’t be afraid!
The different paths you can take.
Sep 2014 · 613
Moonless Nights
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
That fake smile
Sitting on your lips
Like a magic spell
Unbroken at day
Loose in the solitude
Of moonless nights.
Sep 2014 · 434
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
When all is left is echoes
Of jolly music, dance
And of happy souls.
Images of children on a ferris wheel,
Future lovers on a first date,
A clown spreading a smile.
Faint smell of sugar and popcorn.
When all is left is a silence.
Sep 2014 · 638
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
One once said: “If you fall, go down in style,”
This, the long lasting wisdom of a friend;
Always carry a warm and gentle smile,
Instead of dropping you will ascend.
Sep 2014 · 342
A Falling Moment
Fadi Sem Sep 2014
Lying on the roof
On a cold summer night
Clear sky above
Looking to catch
A falling star
One passes by
So fast I almost missed it
Just like this moment
Aug 2014 · 569
Fadi Sem Aug 2014
I wear black;
That’s the color of
The world I see.
Even if I wear a rainbow
I wouldn't know, because
The fault is in me.
Aug 2014 · 720
The Essence
Fadi Sem Aug 2014
You’ll never be as young.
Your skin will not be as bright,
Hands will not stay steady,
Black hair will become white.

But, your wide smile will
still embrace the world.
Wise mind full of memories
And a heart made of gold.
Aug 2014 · 2.4k
Fadi Sem Aug 2014
I go round
and round I go.
of my own mind.
Scared to look through
cracks in walls,
afraid of what
I might find.

Freedom with all it’s
lies behind
the open gate.
Leaving is
not so simple,
as I’m in love
with what I hate.
The desire to change and the struggle to exit the comfort zone.

— The End —