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Dec 2018 · 103
Abused Shelter
Epic Monkey Dec 2018
In your embrace
Demons throw their weapons and run
Storms of thoughts converge in one
in one place
Where I always want to stumble upon
the hopeful glory of another rising sun
in your gorgeous face!

In your embrace
A serene truce begins yet so brief
Like a chemical antidepressant relief
To replace
the empty "fading-out" feeling that grieves
the subtle intermittent happiness that leaves
without a single trace!

In your embrace
I feed on the streams of your affection
Filling my massive holes of self-rejection
An outer space
of stardust diluted by expanding void
A paragon diamond forever destroyed
What a disgrace!

Whenever you seek and find me
Stuck in my everlasting winter
Brace your arms around me
So I can survive a bit longer
For whatever once died in me
Never made me any stronger

But you can never trust in me
For I will always abuse your shelter

~Epic Monkey
Apr 2018 · 105
Fragmented Inspiration
Epic Monkey Apr 2018
She smiled asymmetrically
Challenged a stroke that paralysed her
Then lifted up dramatically
The broken hopes i had for her

I had strived to help her recover
But it was a single raindrop on a barren land
A decent yet so frail endeavour
A spark of life lost in dessicated sand

But life is not in the sparks we achieve
It's an imploding light
In the minds of those who truly believe
It's the persistent fight
The will to throw yourself on the battlefield
Against the illusion of fright
And the fear that you will eventually yield!
and even someday, you might
Rise up then and hold again your shield
'cause if you don't survive this everlasting night
It is also me that you will deceive

It was rather my mind that paralysed me
And rather her smile revascularised me
This dope I received
was the hope that I need
An inspiring pill
For an expiring will
A lifelong set of treatments
for my postponed disappointments

~Epic Monkey
Dec 2017 · 216
Freshly Lonely Humans
Epic Monkey Dec 2017
It's the void inside that triggers their filthiest reactions
And the sorrow that shows their ugliest face
It's the endless fall calling for redemption
And the hunger that longs for one last embrace
It's the leftover trunk of the dying tree
It's the wall that blocks the wind once free
It's the awakening of the inner demons
of all these freshly lonely humans

It's the energy inside randomly curling
Like a dead fallen leaf swayed by the monsoon
It's their compass in hand recklessly swirling
Seeking warmth at the dark side of the moon
It's the cry for luck inside a starving maze
It's the death of denial when it's no longer a phase
It's the extinction of the inner dragons
of all these freshly lonely humans

It's the passion inside that crosses all barricades
And their ability to adore, beyond imperfections
It's their anxious attention that never fades
And their constant need to release their affections
It's the empty wells they try to replete
It's the inner deserted hells of self-deceit
And just like warmth magnets
they lie cold and thirsty
and like orbitless planets
they lie bold and lonely
Until love comes once more
Knocking on their open door
and they will move mountains
All these once so lonely humans

~Epic Monkey
Oct 2017 · 307
Epic Monkey Oct 2017
Perfect stranger with a blinding light
Wicked danger blinding my insight
A hollow enigma in a shell of fright
and a passion magma I cannot hold inside

Architect of a mystery of irresistible blur
A refractory gravity, a vertiginous whirl
Some sort of gifted sorcery, a multidimensional puzzle
Tangled streams of poetry, a rhyme-shattering rebel

My uncharted horizon to dream about
What could be a reason to keep you out?
Will I need wings to carry you on my shoulders?
or will I require them to adapt to your soaring place?
Should i avoid to step out of my comfortable borders?
Or should I give in to a silhouette without a face?

~Epic Monkey
Jul 2017 · 414
Your head on my chest
Epic Monkey Jul 2017
You used to rest
your head on my chest
Listening to my heartbeat
Playing a drum solo anxiously
It's when our souls longed to meet
Fusing together passionately
Time went fast but precious
As we feared an end to all this

Now, as you rest
Your head on my chest
Listening to my heartbeat
Playing a lullaby peacefully
Our souls committed  to meet
Fused together already
Time goes slow but precious
As we cherish every second of all this

Soon, you will rest
Your head on my chest
Listening to my heartbeat
Playing skipped beats from malady
Our souls with destiny meet
Fused even more from agony
Time drains fast but most precious
As we fight our way away from all this

Until the day you'll rest
Your head on my chest
Listening to no heartbeat
Playing the pause of asystole
Our souls too far away to meet
Fused apart distantly
Time is out, not anymore precious
As you suicide away from all this

~epic monkey
May 2017 · 235
Epic Monkey May 2017
Flutter high
You'd better fly
and paint the air

Colorless worm
Powerless you were
Alone in the blur
of the world out there

Brought up by a careless mother
Brought down by a faithless lover
Back-stabbed by the closest friend
But never strong enough to mend

The abuse in their love
Fed the unconditionality in yours
The harshness in their souls
Fueled the kindness in yours

When all this world's horrors
Swept away all your colors
New ones were your creation
A spectrum beyond imagination

Now all you see around you
is this world's boredom and pallor
Many will underestimate you
Won't appreciate you precious color
'Till you find that rare other you
who knows the price of your glamour
Has enough kindness to deserve you
from all the pain he had suffered
To invest himself all in you
to paint the air together

"If only this world had many of you
we could have loved one another"

Flutter far
Better fly high
like the star you are

Colorless worm
Alone in the blur
Not anymore
But so much more.

~Epic Monkey
tribute to a friend
Oct 2016 · 522
As she laughs
Epic Monkey Oct 2016
Her laughter resonated
for only a moment
Then it lingered
releasing all tension
As if life in me detonated
in a glimpse of a moment
As it hindered
every little expression

Afraid to be too cheesy
All the poetry stayed inside
The touch of her cheeks so squeezy
The euphoria in me I couldn't hide
Couldn't make a single blink
Every ability of mine she defied
My weakness is this I think
When charm and bliss collide

As the laughter started to fade
The spark didn't last
The sun turned slowly to shade
and the void in me grew fast
Slave to a laughter to end my agony
Soaked in anxiety, deprived of rest
I'll defy myself despite my atony
Bring back that laughter, my ultimate quest

It was a hideous day when i saw her frown
Maiming my strength, twisting me around
Someone had just broken her heart
Remodeled her face, that piece of art
I got her flowers
of all sorts of colors
Tried a few pokes
Threw a few jokes
My neck bent down
But her frown never bent

But the next day she rose like a cedar tree
She became the hero I couldn't be
Flew her way up to happiness' peaks
I stood up as she lifted my soul
Reborn from those round cheeks
with soft lips and bright eyes at each pole

And I waited...
I waited not for too long

Till her laughter resonated
for only a moment
Then it lingered
releasing all tension
Then life in me detonated
in a glimpse of a moment
As it hindered
Every possible expression

~Epic Monkey
May 2016 · 506
Watching Time
Epic Monkey May 2016
Watching time
Pass me by
4 blank walls and a ticking clock
2 blank eyes and a feeling block
Colorful floaters flying
Colorless thoughts undying
Withered nerves, blooming vessels
Brittle bones, stiffened muscles
Spiritual paralysis in mental mazes
Emotional desert, unreachable oasis
When Silence heals faster than words
When Peace kneels faster than war
When Freedom feels like caged birds
and Dark conceals the sheltering shore

Watching time
Pass me by
Mute routine, no remorse
Swinging from bad to worse
Like a golden fish in a glassy box
where fake waters keep life flowing
A toy-castle and artificial rocks
where fake food comes daily snowing
False care to the insomniac in the toy castle
turns out to be the ultimate love-showing
The memory too short to be grateful
Better be oblivious than knowing
When you belong to a sea harsh and sinful
where sharks eat you to keep growing
Narrow box, shallow rocks void "only" a little
as the deceptive love keeps overflowing

Watching time
Run me by
Staring at the hourglass draining
Grain by grain
the golden sand
Staring at the emptiness draining
thoughts without a train
randomly banned
Staring at the misery draining
heart and brain
and its out of hand

'Cause silence heals faster than words
Peace would kneel faster than war
And Freedom feels like caged birds
As dark still conceals the sheltering shore

~Epic Monkey
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Epic Monkey Feb 2016
We are not just similar
We are parallel !
In this cruel world of all kinds of vectors
It's either an invariable distance
Or a fully superposed confusion
No single intersection
And we lie there
stubborn and hopeless
Craving a translation

We are not just similar
We are parallel !
Our limits confined to a single plane
As life flows in all directions
We miss the marvels around us
In every remaining dimension
And we lie there
Blind and shameless
Craving a translation

Louder words
Barely heard
Answers clouded by blur of ignorance
Questions falsely trigger negative emotion
Chaos in misplaced transference
As mazes form from conversation
And we lie there
Deaf and clueless
Craving a translation

Not even a cascade of tears
Can bend us to converge
Tried turning the other cheek
We failed again to merge
Until one day, we exhaust our energy
Shields get broken, armor gets heavy
Only our inner demons left unstained
But they decided to flee our weak body
So we **** the pride with a suffocating hug
Bend the frown with a devastating kiss
Poison the anger by our cleansing drug
We let go of our ego, off to our bliss
And we lie there
Victorious and united
Achieving a translation

Then days go by as we oscillate
to the finish line in this dance of fate
We survive, it seems
We relive on the extremes
Aligned in happiness
or divergent in depression
In mystical perfection
or in catatonic emptiness
Stubborn and stiff
Blind and deaf
Clueless, shameless, hopeless
Craving irreversible translation

But we are not just similar
We are parallel !

~Epic Monkey
Oct 2015 · 1.0k
In A Shell
Epic Monkey Oct 2015
Amazing people by her spotless shell
Hiding with a smile what she couldn't tell
Enchanting hearts with her paralyzing spell
Trying to compensate her need to be Free

Deep inside, beyond this gorgeous shell
Is a precious pearl in a sugar-coated hell
Colorful talents and creative ways to excel
An infinite beauty only the Wise can see

Prisoner behind this bar-less shell
Expecting Serenity to ring her bell
And dissolve the fears she tries to repel
As if peace can grow on a tree

As your fragility vanishes in a vigorous shell
Your Divinity remains a mystery to tell
Some wouldn't be able to handle it so well
Others would fight you but not me

So if you ever find yourself in a broken shell
I'll be the arms where you can safely dwell
Drown deep in my ocean, grow and swell
That's where treasures are meant to be

~Epic Monkey
Sep 2015 · 518
Relapsing war
Epic Monkey Sep 2015
You are the vase on the edge of the table
Falling down at minimal action at anytime
and there is no enough glue available
to fix the million fragments you'd become

You are the drug overdose
And the only antidote
Swinging to each extreme dose
Intoxicating then catching falls

We are a puzzle of mismatching parts
Failing to show what we must portray
We're on a journey of intertwined paths
With a broken compass to guide the way

Peace endeavors gone with the wind
Never stop the impending storm
Boiling blood under frozen skin
Will never keep our hearts warm

And so we wait
We wait for life
For the new season to overlap
as the old one fades
For the clock to whirl
At a faster pace
For love to show
in a tight embrace
For tragedy to wear off
the angel's face

~Epic Monkey
Jul 2015 · 2.0k
Wind, Soil and Water
Epic Monkey Jul 2015
The white orchid, static and bored
Until the Wind plays her a song
And so she dances, claiming her reward
Cleansing Wind as she sways along

The white orchid, frail and homeless
until the Soil becomes her shelter

And so she rises, strong and shameless
Embracing ground as she digs deeper

The white orchid, dry and withered
Until the Water perfuses her vessels
And so she sparkles, a colorless flicker
Exhaling life from root to petals

But hey, what if I tell you
I want to be your Wind, Soil and Water
Would you deny my irrefutable offer?

I'll smell you like the restless Wind
So you can shiver to my melody
I'll hold you tight like a weedless Soil
So you can grow old and mature with me
I'll rinse your tears like fresh Water
So you can smile eternally

But hey, what if I tell you
I live to be your Wind, Soil and Water
Would my dream come true or shatter?

And even though I'm all by your side
I've always been out of your sight
Since you're looking at the Sun above
Giving the Sun all your love
Amazed by the Sun's power
Thinking you're a Sun-flower
Mourning Sunset, celebrating Sunrise
Endless circle of frowns and smiles
Vicious denial of your maze of lies

But hey, I'm telling you
I'll no longer be your Wind, Soil and Water
Perhaps now, will it start to matter?

~Epic Monkey
Jun 2015 · 429
Dessicated Heart
Epic Monkey Jun 2015

Your touch rained a generous flood
Of all the bliss that you created
Your ocean turns barren fields to mud
But why am I still dehydrated?

Frail we are, in a world of ravaging forces
Don't try to push away the raging cyclone
Alone we are, with our unheard voices
Pleading for peace as we loudly moan

Here we stand after all these years
My dessicated heart can't absorb your tears
And they can never moisten my cracks
So hold my hand to run for the fall
To rise again above all our wrecks

Let our freedom guide our tracks !

~Epic Monkey
May 2015 · 895
Like an electron
Epic Monkey May 2015
Like an electron
I spin around you
in every direction
Like a proton
you drag me towards you
in elliptical fashion

Like an electron
I can cross the world
in a blink of an eye
I'd be free like a bird
without you nearby
But lost and orbitless
Forlorn and worthless

You are the source of all I seek
My existence is limited to your proximity
I see infinity in your raging light
yet ALL you see is my negativity ...

Your love is my specific energy
Thunderstruck me
Shifted me to a higher level
Into resonance
Your hand in mine in synergy
Perfectionised me
Turning every flaw into a marvel
Into excellence

As i watch the time pass
as you slowly lose your positivity
I'll abuse myself to earn some mass
or try to reach some kind of neutrality
'cause I see divinity in your loving heart
but all you CAN see is my negativity ..

Yet I will keep rotating willingly
Until you free me from my stupidity

~Epic Monkey
May 2015 · 910
Possessive Obsession
Epic Monkey May 2015
If you want to cry  
But only on my shoulder
Even if the reason is me

If you want to laugh
But let me see that laughter
Pouring the peace inside of me

And if you want to go
But let me stay glued around you
Wherever you roam
My caring eyes upon you
My sheltering arms your home

But if you don't want me anymore
otherwise you're a criminal
Destroying a human life

And if you can't trust me
You can't be skeptical
When betraying you is cutting myself

And if there's another you love
For no one deserves your light
Other than me

Forgive my sick obsession
To always hold you in my possession
You're just too good to be true
An overwhelming passion

Take back what i said

I love you to a point
I will set you free
Flutter in peace
Whenever you wish
In this needy world
Be wherever you want to be
I don't own you
I am not selfish
My gorgeous butterfly
Nor am I a cage you'd want to flee
But i beg you
Please don't vanish
But come, all over again
And choose me.

~Epic Monkey
Feb 2015 · 692
Love birds
Epic Monkey Feb 2015
Hugs with violence
Sacred silence
Open doors
for overflowing hearts

Hungry longings
For happy endings
To reunite
complementary parts

Incredible passion
Too magical to imagine
In a dream
of human minds

Birds that fly, up in the sky
Easy to fall if separated
But when love is high
On a heartbeat lullaby
Overdoses just
Reanimate it

Guiding me as we uproll
Catching you if you would fall
Such harmonious forces
recreate it

Spheres surpassed
Galaxies trespassed
As we travel
all sedated

Distracted by sacred silence
Devoured by hugs of violence
We left behind the universe
We flew beyond this existence

Like lovebirds we swayed
Ecstasy we portrayed
Until as one
We fluttered and faded.

~Epic Monkey
Written on Valentine's day
Jan 2015 · 3.2k
Speechless Poet
Epic Monkey Jan 2015
Standing there
With a mute stare
Amazed by you
Paralyzed by you
I became a speechless poet
No free-flowing words to inhibit
Stuck in redundant phrases
Running around in silent mazes

My bright poetry is suddenly evanescent
How did you freeze my precious talent?
My fancy lies
and my sincere confessions
My angry cries
and my serene discretions

My skill dies
distorted by your presence
As my voice tries
hardly a single expression
Then my brain denies
your acute aggression
As my fixed eyes
scream my inner passion

Then you left.

You left
But I stayed there
With my mute stare
Speechless because of you
Brainless because of you
My stupidity crystal clear
My creativity in denial
And you left me here
wishing you stayed near
Suffering from your withdrawal

~Epic Monkey
Dec 2014 · 693
Pull me back to heaven
Epic Monkey Dec 2014
When angry storm flashes
as heavy rain crashes,
spoiling the peace around me
You pull me back to heaven

When my steps hesitate
as my strength deteriorates
You cast your spell upon me
You pull me back to heaven

When guilty thoughts are many
When I stain our harmony
Your forgiving arms surround me
to pull me back to heaven

Countless hidden holes in the clouds
Aggressive winds, furious sounds
All attempt to exile me
away from my heaven
But your wings are tough
And I'm light enough
For you to carry me
and pull me back to heaven

It's not the nature
nor its ever-flowing energy
that I can't resist
It's not the angels
nor their trumpet melody
that would be missed
It's just you. I just need you.
Around me and beside me
Because in you, lies my heaven

                                                                                   ~Epic Monkey
Sep 2014 · 1.6k
Drying Rivers
Epic Monkey Sep 2014
Nothing is more boring
than the sunset's beauty
abused in every painting
Nothing is more dying
than a river drying
under a sun of spring
Nothing is more deceiving
than a leap over the waterfall
if not on the water you fall
But land on your head instead
or on your *** on dessicated GRASS

Yet ...
You still swoon in the sunset
Float on drying rivers
Blindly trust a waterfall's onset
Addict yourself to HERBS

Then you see the sun at noon
Burning and colorless
Uglier than the moon
Blinding and emotionless
The river, straightforward
Promising and regretless
Washes your anxiety
until you swell with hypocrisy
and deceptive ambitions
You start craving to fly
You start aiming high
Surrender to sense-less decisions
Above bottomless cascades
Until you meet your doom
Far below in the shades
On grass that doesn't bloom

And so you swoon again in the sunset
Re-float on drying rivers
Blindly trust another waterfall's onset
Re-write your fate on dying herbs

You forgot to find bliss!
in warm days and cool waters
in waterfalls' grace and the flowers'
You only aim for more than this
To lift yourself from the abyss
That keeps digging deeper
with every drying river
and herbs that you will again miss

Until your wings can't fly enough
or someone embraces you with love
For every addict out there
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
Insane Humanity
Epic Monkey Aug 2014
Innocent child
Spark denied
Hardly strived a final strife
Justice died
Mother cried
As hazard tried to save his live

Innocence-spilling massacre
Infant weeping
Held by his dying mother
Suddenly sleeping
Desperately leaving
This world to another

A masterpiece of insanity
A disgrace to humanity

Manipulated politicians
Manipulating ignorants
Discriminating religions
Yet same God is worshiped
Same peaceful visions
Yet all drown in hate
and proudly claim
to be believers
Yet **** in His name
like proud imbeciles
for inhuman leaders

Go read your holy books
Absorb the essence of charity
Accept we're all the same
Refuse the tyranny
Color your brainwashed minds
with stains of compassion
Break the political system
Overshadowing your freedom

Don't let their shams
Carve your misery
Unveil Insanity
Unchain Humanity

~Epic Monkey
For the inhuman insanities happening in many areas in the Middle East especially Ghaza and Moosel. As humans, we can't remain neutral to what is happening!
Jul 2014 · 3.7k
Diverging Dimensions
Epic Monkey Jul 2014
If only "us"
was an option
Our river of emotions
would never dry
If we could just
merge our diverging dimensions
On a silky web of a broken lie

I would be the one to
Dare to face your weirdest obsession
Dive into
Your darkest ocean
Earn a place in your wildest passion
If only "us" was an option

I'd soothe you like a cool pillow
Flip your mood like a morning coffee
So if you'd feel down like a weeping willow
I'd hold your branches up like a trophy
If only "us" was an option

You'd become my reason
to smile everyday
And even
To die smiling in my grave
And thus I crave
Despite our diverging dimensions
A perfect world where "us"
would still be an option

But it never was
And will never be.

~Epic Monkey
May 2014 · 2.2k
Sick Devotion
Epic Monkey May 2014
Another sleepless night is over
To her kitchen, she rolled herself
Took her meds from the lower shelf
and smiled
Her family is coming to visit her

She made them a delicious strawberry ****
That her diabetes cannot handle
Loving them strengthens her weak heart
For joy
and for their comfort, she'd gamble

The drawer where she hid for them the candy
is now a box for her meds to lean
She searched her memories for a fun story
Old adventures
to avoid boring them with her present routine

No one can swim against the stream
We're all just victims of time and disease
Golden leaves of autumn as precious as they seem
Fall down
And remind us again of our final release

~Epic Monkey
inspired by a close person
Feb 2014 · 1.1k
Dream Crushers
Epic Monkey Feb 2014
My promising adventures
Paralysed by realistic forces
My priorities confused
By kind magnetic sources

Heartcrushers, with their soothing embrace
Dreamcrushers, with their hidden chains

Should lovers weep
In the search of success?
Brothers to strangers
For seeking wealth?

Heartcrushers, with their tender hearts
Dreamcrushers, with their morbid acts

I’m rooted in the need
Of that priceless warmth
Believing though
In the untold future’s charm

Soulcrushers, with their endless prayers
Dreamcrushers, with their soft betrayal

Like a hardworking ant,
Squashed at the end of summer
Like a cherry tree,
Slammed by the last storm of winter

Soulcrushers, is your love enough?
Dreamcrushers, is your love as tough?

~Epic Monkey
February 2014
... when your dream doesn't include your loved ones
Jan 2014 · 3.4k
"Seek and you shall find"
Epic Monkey Jan 2014
I searched for "truth"
I found weakness
Forever doubted theories compromise
To hide their failure through fragile lies

I searched for "justice"
I found corruption
The fairest laws defy morality
And relativity fights equality

I searched for "happiness"
I found the source
Jesus, my almighty savior
I found You in the poor
Help me love my neighbor
The way You love me
To keep this happiness
Flowing inside me

You stand by me
Suture me with Your affection
Understand me
Lead the path to my redemption
Helped me draw
The masterpiece in me
And withdraw
The shackles off me

Somehow, lost within Your stream
I ended up finding "truth"
Personal and general
Strangely irrefutable
The weak you redeemed
Lowered the powerful
Your perfect divine "justice"
Defies my human logic, empirical
yet so vulnerable

~Epic Monkey
Nov 2013 · 5.0k
Innate Blessings
Epic Monkey Nov 2013
(To my sisters and brother)

I will always miss …

Our sunset ending quarrels

Our never-ending teases

Christmas’ shared carols

Warm hugs

Through sweet gazes

The sarcastic smiling faces

The growing-up races

Revenge taking chases

Greed over goodies to be hidden

In unpredictable places

And I will always miss …

Competitions and crazy bets

Singing hilarious duets

Of made-up songs in the shower

This innocence

Of our childish humor

Screamed from a room to another

That art of tricking eachother

To cleverly stay in control

Or wrestling over the remote control

And I will always miss …

Decades of shared history

Amplified joy and divided misery

Bursts of laughter on old tapes

Creatively imagined games

Of whirlpools in drapes

And goalkeeper leaps

Random costume parties

Daily role-play stories

Sega sagas from dusk to dawn

Alliances and conspiracies

Sisters, my lovely sisters

Wise, you have become

Loving wives, caring mothers

Soon, you will become

Make sure your kids relive

What we used to live

Their uncle will make you proud

Just like you fill him with pride

Brother, dear brother

I secretly looked up to you

As I grew older

I kept resembling you

It doesn’t matter

If you’re a little far

Brotherhood’s a matter

Of unbreakable bond

And I will always admire, respect, love and cherish …
Every single one of you
Written last month.
My brother lives in another country and my sisters will both get married next year
Oct 2013 · 1.8k
Double Devastation
Epic Monkey Oct 2013
A trivial thought like stabbing daggers
Sets the path to our devastation
A maze of chaos from simple matters
Failing paths of imagination

Not every quote you read is a masterpiece of wisdom
Not every act that’s weird is an evil conspiracy
Demons inside her head, their kingdom
Celebrate every victorious fallacy

Persuading herself by hollow theories
Fooling herself by un-ignored “if”s
Recollecting only the worst memories
Deciding the truth, deadly and stiff

Stop creating this useless drama!
Can’t you see it’s tearing us apart?
‘Cause every self-destructive trauma
Crushes again my exhausted heart

Fire is put out by heavy pouring rain
Arms protect from thoughts too scary
Why can’t I relieve your pain?
Why can’t I be your sanctuary?

My shoulder offers affection
To be gained
And has no intention
To feint
Come rest your eyes
And faint
You will find paradise

Come near my dear
Let me lift your worries for you
Stay with me here
Let all anxiety leave you
You will see clear
No demons to haunt you
Dissolve your fear
In my arms around you

~Epic Monkey
May 2013
My favorite poem of mine
Aug 2013 · 1.6k
Amaze Me
Epic Monkey Aug 2013
Amaze me
Free me from my own reason
My complication
Mesmerize me
Ban me to your mystical prison
Your temptation

Amaze me
If you think I’m a keeper
Mesmerize me
I’m a high sensation seeker
Amaze me
When waves are too high to ignore
Mesmerize me
When they crash at the shore

Amaze me
Turn my life into a fairy tale
Mesmerize me
With every innocent detail

Amaze me
Through joyful moments that forever stay
Mesmerize me
Through the disabling boredom of everyday

Amaze me
As long as I worship you today
One day, another might block your way
So mesmerize me
To a point you abuse my head
Be the med, and drug me instead

We are poetry and symphony
Creating the ultimate synergy
Take the challenge
Keep the balance
And vacuum tears of joy out of me

Forever amaze me
Until I feel nothing but you
Forever mesmerize me
And I shall mesmerize you too

~Epic Monkey
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Jun 2013 · 1.5k
The Siren
Epic Monkey Jun 2013
The siren sat on the rock and sighed
The ocean had exhausted her lungs
She exhaled the pain she felt inside
A beautiful cry of weeping songs

The waves crash and drape the shore
Drawing the limits of her blue cage
Far beyond, is a dream to explore
A better chapter on a new page

As she sings a symphony of despair
Winds coming from beyond the sands
Refresh her lungs with tender scents
Gently caress her skin, dry her red hair

Echoes of her voice
Fascinated an elephant passing by
His heart made a choice
And searched for the origin of the cry
Never knew he could run
Never knew he could jump
He found her shining under the sun
Came closer to lift her with his trump

He carried her through fields and lakes of mud
On his back, her throne, the lap of God
Her sad songs turned into cheers
Her voice fondled his big ears
She lived and cherished each moment
She found a world without torment
Without her fears
Without her tears

Days and weeks raced to end
The elephant’s back started to ache
He forsake his new friend
And fated her heart to break
The mermaid broke down and cried
A waterfall of deceit and betrayal
Too many tears until her eyes dried
Like the dying scales on her tail

She crawled back to the sea
Like an injured soldier of war
No more beauty for her to see
But the waves, whipping the shore
Filling every time the holes
Between the particles of sand
But not the one in her soul
That she will never mend

The siren sat on the rock and sighed
She had nowhere to belong
She exhaled the pain she felt inside
Reviving another weeping song

The sweet dream withered
But forever, will be remembered
Like a mortal flower
And its immortal beauty
Intertwined with the thorns’ cruelty

Another siren was watching her
Shared with her the lost endeavor
She smiles, dives and flips her tail
Strives to create her own happy tale
In the depths of the woeful sea

~Epic Monkey
June 2013
Jun 2013 · 1.2k
Epic Monkey Jun 2013
Living in an endless war
Feeling what I don't want to feel
Scars in my mind, shallow yet so alarming

The deeper, the steeper they are
The more time they need to heal
New ones bloom when the old ones are still calming

Searching for the open door
Weakness? Ignorance? Misplaced zeal?
There must be a reason why these feelings are swarming

Not like a green branch cut to be reborn
Nor like a tree stem forever forlorn
Between hope and despair I kneel
Illusive whispers around me humming

Too dark to discover beyond the imperfections
Too stuck and lost in so many questions
As my fake smiles conceal
A desperate loner screaming

Forgotten healed scars have stained my innocence
But also shielded me with resilience
Again, will I be turning the wheel
In the search for balance, will I be roaming
                                                                                                        ~Epic Monkey
Jun 2013 · 489
From My Garden
Epic Monkey Jun 2013
A beautiful flower from my garden
For the beautiful garden in my world
For my world without your smile shatters
A sweet smile pulling my heart in
My heart betrayed by loss of word
Loses control and flutters
                                                        ­                                         ~Epic Monkey
Dedicated to Rita
Jun 2013 · 933
Revelation Sky
Epic Monkey Jun 2013
A love-struck mind, hyperactive
Never was the night as alive, as new
A gaze at the sky, so attractive
Every thought brings me back to you

Shooting star, how beautiful you are
Teach me how to fly and take her with me
Shooting star, you are my shooting star
Let your fire warm my distant love for me

Your picture in my hand, I pictured
Your body in my arms that lingered
And as I abandoned myself in your eyes
Shooting stars multiplied and filled the skies

Fireworks emerged and beauty all around
And I'm still here blown away by your smile igniting
Fireworks in my heart, I'll be safe and sound
In a world so blind that I'll be always fighting

— The End —