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Sep 2014
Nothing is more boring
than the sunset's beauty
abused in every painting
Nothing is more dying
than a river drying
under a sun of spring
Nothing is more deceiving
than a leap over the waterfall
if not on the water you fall
But land on your head instead
or on your *** on dessicated GRASS

Yet ...
You still swoon in the sunset
Float on drying rivers
Blindly trust a waterfall's onset
Addict yourself to HERBS

Then you see the sun at noon
Burning and colorless
Uglier than the moon
Blinding and emotionless
The river, straightforward
Promising and regretless
Washes your anxiety
until you swell with hypocrisy
and deceptive ambitions
You start craving to fly
You start aiming high
Surrender to sense-less decisions
Above bottomless cascades
Until you meet your doom
Far below in the shades
On grass that doesn't bloom

And so you swoon again in the sunset
Re-float on drying rivers
Blindly trust another waterfall's onset
Re-write your fate on dying herbs

You forgot to find bliss!
in warm days and cool waters
in waterfalls' grace and the flowers'
You only aim for more than this
To lift yourself from the abyss
That keeps digging deeper
with every drying river
and herbs that you will again miss

Until your wings can't fly enough
or someone embraces you with love
For every addict out there
Epic Monkey
Written by
Epic Monkey  Lebanon
       ---, Titus Roney, keaoss, ---, --- and 8 others
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