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Delaney Sep 1
I'm sorry-
my heart is pounding.
these thoughts are crowding
and I can't seem to tell them no.

I didn't mean to say that-
to do that.
You'll forgive me though, right?
You'll still love me?
Oh, you don't have to.
I understand.
I'll just be outside,
waiting to be let in.
Delaney Jul 29
They plague you.
Your skin isn't thick-
one scratch and there's blood.
The sun beats down on you
and you cower towards the shade.
I envy you.
I pity you.
Put your hands up and fight.
These blisters don't hurt me.
I've walked on eggshells,
I've swam through deep waters.
I'm sure I can find my way home
from here.

-I'm sorry we can't relate
Delaney May 13
by social customs.
this day has been dreaded ever
since I can remember.
every gift I got.
every card I wrote.
was to appease you.
and i'm still a prisoner.
Delaney Feb 25
I gave you a gift-
And you regifted it
Into a weapon.

How can you question my actions
When yours throw swords into my chest?

-why can't I just give up?
Delaney Feb 18
Like a child wanting to touch a hot stove
You keep telling me not to.
to stop.
Perhaps you should just let me get burned.
Then I will understand.

I don’t want to get burned.
I’m just curious…
How hot it can get before
My hand sizzles.

-how long have we been doing this?
Delaney Feb 18
Powerful words of affirmation.
Three words that twist around my heart.
Do you mean them?
You say them.
You want them to be real.
Delaney Feb 18
A privilege anyone would want.
A presence some should earn.
You leaving shouldn’t be a guilt
I have to live with.
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