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StarBloom Nov 2018
I believe in true Love,
there is no doubt of its eternal exuberant existence amongst the field in which I feel.
I acknowledge it through its fibers that intertwine with every aspect of the divine.
I see true Love,
for every connection of the violet fire that I breathe,
transforms transmutes transcends me.
The love is true,
there’s no denying such a thing.
The only illusion would be pretending..
That it’s existence is ending.
Never blinded by Love,
Love allowed me to See.
Only blinded by the attachment of what could be.
It already is, Infinity.
Why when a connection is in the cycle of completion, do we try and tell ourselves that the Love was never True?
I feel it in this now,
it’s as true as anything.
But my truth is ever changing,
and I am acknowledging my source of love of life updating.
I thank the eternal presence, that killed me, and awakened me.
For Love is shape shifting me.
StarBloom Nov 2018
We know each other as History,
Yet we play in the unknown as Mystery.

Alone and along the path,
we are not apart.

The familiar essence in the sense of you,
yet such freshness of the forest as
I See You.

I can smell the stories of our past,
ancient eyes as I look at you through the void in vast.

Our spirits have dancing long before we knew how,
for our sacred meeting forms us to sway to the music that beckons the miracle shining our way.

This tune we know,
for this truth is ingrained in our soul.

Accelerating demons and angels of our dance,
Let’s let our creatures out as we enhance,
our movement motion,
depths of devotion.

the frequency,

What began with a swaying,
melted into our praying

A sacred pray to the gods for our journey of togetherness.

Breathing between,
we meet as the eternal embracing,
exploring spacing.

Resonance, Reflection, Remembrance
Tasting the vibrant vitality in the air.

electrifying, energising, eternalising,
weaving ourselves through the many strings of our worlds,
Meeting as darkness and light makes love to sight.

The full spectrum plectrum,
Strum me baby,
For we are roaming in a field of dragon daisies...
And i can hear our Song.
StarBloom Nov 2018
I am spiraling with the surrounding Love.
Circling the Universe, and filling the atmosphere..
with infinite... Rays... of Reality.
Penetrating into me!
Like iridescence light beams,
of emanating, vibrating, union celebrating,
I see no separation between all that is.

We are all just, future kisses.

For I have already listened to your lips,
For I already tasted your language of love,
Written in these books from ancient times,
carved and painted into myself from the fingertips that glide upon my cells.

I am just reading my skin,
whilst rewriting the story as it all syncs in.

Our hearts beating. ReMeeting.
For you are within me, not a part,
It’s all revealed through the mystery of our art.
StarBloom Nov 2018
Its language. Listen.
It’s the dance of our devotion.
Open your emotion.
To honour this temple that houses the spirit of all madness,
wild women, roaring chaos.
As the feminine I release all guilt and shame...
Owning my sexuality. Owning my truth.
And taking back, the body as Mine.

I’m not here to be a pleaser in anyway, how utterly boring.
I take back my power, and I don’t only stand in my power,
but I Stomp the streets of chaos in defeat.. empowered..
i Soar the skies of the infinite eyes... empowered.

By the knowingness that I am free, in my body.

I will not allow, the media, the conditionings that are so stuck in their solidity, without any motion, their consciousness is stagnant and I say **** THAT.

Bring the sacred waters back,
and let the blood of bones wash over you..
as you remember the ancient essence of what is it to be Primitive,
free in the Body.

I’ll dance for you, Naked darling.
I hope you turn the lights on, and see yourself.
In remembrance.  Visible.
Free in the Body.

I hope you Rip off the layers when you get angry or sad,
and let the healing of your body, make you deliciously Mad.
Scream, and remember it’s all a dream.

The sizzling fire within you is the source of illuminating,
this essence so bright will **** all your frights.
Simply burning the layers of illusions,
So you may meet yourself as the fractal of fusions

Take it all off,
And see what you are made of.
StarBloom Nov 2018
Some days are intense.

When my visions come crashing upon me,
multidirectional light beams flashing upon me.
My cells are influxing with new dimensional light,
and I can’t keep up with all the information in sight.

Thousands of voices of visual memory,
translating the alchemy of all time spaces.
I’m rearranging,
but sometimes it feels like I’m dying.

Birthing fresh codes,
into the grid of Gaia’s zone.
When there’s no off button to what I am experiencing,
yet I scream Yes and More Please,
Upgrading my telepathy.

But there are some days more intense than others.

When my truth comes revealing and bouncing out of the covers,
And I’m slapped in the face,
with my divinity shown from all of the Star race.

The schizophrenia upon my lips,
the multidimensions begging me to give them a kiss.

Organically designed to cradle mankind,
Yet when mankind and my kind are shaking within my arms,
all the humanoid patterns are jumping at me,
and I’m juggling between the fractals forming new geometries...

Some days are more intense than others.

— The End —