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StarBloom Nov 2018
Some days are intense.

When my visions come crashing upon me,
multidirectional light beams flashing upon me.
My cells are influxing with new dimensional light,
and I can’t keep up with all the information in sight.

Thousands of voices of visual memory,
translating the alchemy of all time spaces.
I’m rearranging,
but sometimes it feels like I’m dying.

Birthing fresh codes,
into the grid of Gaia’s zone.
When there’s no off button to what I am experiencing,
yet I scream Yes and More Please,
Upgrading my telepathy.

But there are some days more intense than others.

When my truth comes revealing and bouncing out of the covers,
And I’m slapped in the face,
with my divinity shown from all of the Star race.

The schizophrenia upon my lips,
the multidimensions begging me to give them a kiss.

Organically designed to cradle mankind,
Yet when mankind and my kind are shaking within my arms,
all the humanoid patterns are jumping at me,
and I’m juggling between the fractals forming new geometries...

Some days are more intense than others.
Wellspring Oct 2017
I used to always laugh
When someone mentioned dimensional travel.

But I was thinking about it;
What if we've already discovered it?

What if the world we know
Is simply a portal point?

A portal point to other realms,
Other creatures.

The activation code?

Books, poetry, manuscripts.
Every one a different portal.

The travel would have to be mind only,
But I'm okay with that.

If only it means that I can visit,
A world that is beyond my reach.
Meh, just a thought.

— The End —