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Hello my friend
I am glad you are here
We have much to discuss!
I have missed you
While you were away
It is hard to be
When the spirit is elsewhere
StarBloom Nov 2018
Its language. Listen.
It’s the dance of our devotion.
Open your emotion.
To honour this temple that houses the spirit of all madness,
wild women, roaring chaos.
As the feminine I release all guilt and shame...
Owning my sexuality. Owning my truth.
And taking back, the body as Mine.

I’m not here to be a pleaser in anyway, how utterly boring.
I take back my power, and I don’t only stand in my power,
but I Stomp the streets of chaos in defeat.. empowered..
i Soar the skies of the infinite eyes... empowered.

By the knowingness that I am free, in my body.

I will not allow, the media, the conditionings that are so stuck in their solidity, without any motion, their consciousness is stagnant and I say **** THAT.

Bring the sacred waters back,
and let the blood of bones wash over you..
as you remember the ancient essence of what is it to be Primitive,
free in the Body.

I’ll dance for you, Naked darling.
I hope you turn the lights on, and see yourself.
In remembrance.  Visible.
Free in the Body.

I hope you Rip off the layers when you get angry or sad,
and let the healing of your body, make you deliciously Mad.
Scream, and remember it’s all a dream.

The sizzling fire within you is the source of illuminating,
this essence so bright will **** all your frights.
Simply burning the layers of illusions,
So you may meet yourself as the fractal of fusions

Take it all off,
And see what you are made of.
HisStuntDouble May 2018
I was abandoned by your light

your distant taillight faded out of sight

Once a flame as true as any star just born

I took your hand and welcomed a new dawn

Now the rain pours in where once you lay

and I feel my life is slowly slipping away

Like the final wave which brakes upon the sand

I grasp the air where once I held your hand

I had kissed your lips that fateful night

Relieved at last that all was now alright

But alas fate had a twisted plan

and while we slept

death came and stole my man

Perforating my soul as you left

Leaving me shaking and catching my breath

Caught between loves fury

I begged time to reverse

"Grant me one wish

just this once

and take away this hurt"

Silence from the darkness

A void grew in my heart

And I vowed I'd never love again

not a single flame or spark!

Cast out all emotion

Let my body now just be

I won't feel

I will not care or wonder

what others think of me

I was engulfed with pain, with anguish

A bitter taste left in my mouth

Life now held no meaning

so my life could go without

Without joy

Without laughter

Without the need for friends

Without dreams and aspirations

For this world could never mend..

A soul so beaten to the ground

Heart now forever lost

How could something like our love

come at such a cost?

Now an absent soul

Senseless to the wonders of this earth

My mind trapped, fixated on this hurt

Like a demon growing from within

clawing out of my skin

a rage set in

I would scream at the sky

"Why? Oh why?"

Then desperately  cry

"Please let me die"

The darkness grew inside

and the demon found a feast

Feeding on my broken soul

I welcomed the pain, its teeth

But as the demon rose

and the darkness thickened over my sight

I caught a tiny glimmer

a little speck of light

So small yet ever present in the corner of my eye

Why had I never noticed?

Had it been here all this time?

Like a single speck of fairy dust

glinting in the dark

Enough to capture my attention

Maybe even strike a spark

So I peer in its direction

and was captured by it's sight

A face was beaming at me

Both eyes brimming with pure light

It warmed the darkness round me

Softened each and every tear

Relinquished me from anger

And soothed away all fear

A clarity sank in as this light became more known

It's pools of love followed me

and to me it felt like home

As the feeling grew inside me

a fog lifted from my sight

what was once darkness inside me

was now replaced with vivid light

A light which beamed towards those eyes

which watched with an abundance of love

And I knew at that very moment

I could never now give up

There was purpose

There was meaning

There was a reason to have fun

For this little light which saved me

Was the light within our son

When you left that fateful night

As your soul rose high above

A little gift was left beside me

The embodiment of love
Charlie Gnarly May 2018
Sometimes I wish I really was a bin.
Trash could fill my surrounds, and in.
******* would be in my mind,
I sometimes I could hope,
that a coin
might land
A graphically pleasing poem written about embodying my alter-ego transformation.
Gabriel burnS Jul 2017
in your eyes
the sky is twice as deep
and on your lips,
the sun, its hottest yet
Justin Chinyere Oct 2015
Reflections of my self, my being, my person, my soul,
Forever replayed, reshown, redone, reinacted
For the fact is
The strength that settles in my palms is ignited by the ignorance of man.

Oh man oh man how corrupt and vile does your mind be
Calculating and engineering plans and strategies
That will never leave your mind,
To be or not to be
A mockerey
Of your confused biology, which hysterically
Questions your existence.
A gift so great,
Yet bronzed with your persistence to query the beauty I have given you,
Which is life!
Behind every man is a woman who loves and sacrifices their own needs and Necessities for happiness,
Clarity and justice.
A dancing cherubim dancing elegantly like a warm summer ray from your childhood Window.
The root of your soul
As if the buds of may.

Honey toned, chocolate foamed
Milky light,
All pleasures for your delight.
Spread on to one body of immaculate perfection
Formed from Aphrodite's tears.

But the woman,

The woman possesses such omnipotent spiritual clasp on nature
That if she was to know,
Even accept a miniscule quantity of this knowledge


To trap and encase a man like a rodent
Is to burn a ring of fire around his finger that leads life to his heart,
Where it beats impatiently to the tune of the womans song.

Skin soft, eyes lost
Sight of who I am,
Many different descriptions -although similar- still not the same,
But am I really to blame?
For the insecurities that you have belittled on me.
For my hair is long,
Then short,
Then short,
Then none.
My skin dark,
Then light,
Then light,
But not right
A constant fight,
A battle to aim for the right kind of existence but even still
I Exist!
And realise whatever you insist, still
I Exist,
Which is that gift that i hold in my being here,
Looking there
At my elegant stare,,
Which i dare
To offend the image, which you have sought to be womanly.

No longer do I fear my image
As it is a powerful icon of modern day life
To withstand the turbulent stresses and grind of strife

To help a man.

To have.

A happy.

brandon nagley Sep 2015
I ɖʀɨռҡɛtɦ ɦɛʀ քռɛʊʍa
I sաɨɢ ʊքօռ ɦɛʀ ɨռċaʀռatɨօռ;
Sɦɛ ɨs tɦɛ saċʀɛɖ ɛʍɮօɖɨʍɛռt
Oʄ tɦɛ ɖɨʄʄɛʀɛռt աօʀʟɖ's aռɖ ռatɨօռ's.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedication
Title is- Embodiment to life

Poem is this if you can't read

I drinketh her pneuma
I swig upon her incarnation;
She is the sacred embodiment
Of the different world's and nation's.
kaylene- mary Jan 2015
if ever you
need a place
to rest, there is a four
chamber apartment inside
my chest.* if ever the molecules
that make up your head convince you
that you're better off dead, let
my bruised and broken back
bone be your solemn
deathly home.
embody me
and do
not do
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