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cosmicashes Aug 2014
Gnash your teeth and howl,
but you'll never see me frown
I'll never frown for you. My smile is all you'll ever see cause you can't affect me anymore.
cosmicashes Aug 2014
sometimes it feels like my mouth is stitched shut,
maybe to prevent me from saying the wrong thing?
but when the stitches fray and im allowed the luxury of voice it seems like wrong is the only language i know
my old account is called cosmic poet. so im reposting my old poem. uh what do you think?
cosmicashes Jul 2014
Every time the tears fall, i hold my head a little higher so even when im at my lowest ill be looking above
hold your head high sweetheart <3 things will get better
cosmicashes Jul 2014
love is a battle field and not many of us are willing to fight. Most of us just want the rewards but how many will actually brave the war for love?. Don't be one of the soldiers that sit back and watch the other soldiers fight . Lace up your armour and get your shield ready, its time you fought for what's yours.
"if you love something set it free, if it loves you it will come back". I believe that if you truly love something then you would do anything you could to fight for them.
cosmicashes Jul 2014
"I love you" is what i said. But as soon as those words escaped my lips i wanted to eat them again. I wanted to re-consume that broken whisper of a sentence and never let it out again.
About a girl in love with a boy and desperately trying to make him see that she is what he needs but she doesn't want her heart to be fractured by a fickle man.

— The End —