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 Feb 2018
It's a party,
Something to celebrate,
I stand in the corner,
And I'll just have to wait
For it to be all over.

I could be reading,
Or collecting summer clover,
But I'm listening to people, who are screaming,
I kind of regret having friends.
Introverts, am I right?
 Feb 2018
It's a party,
Time to celebrate,
I'm trying to get away,
Oh no, they're bringing out the cake,
I guess I'll have to wait.

I could be having a good read,
I could be watching Netflix,
I could be pretending I have a great black steed,
But instead...

I'm stuck with people I barely know,
In some unknown person's place,
Oh my god, is that Terry?
It's been weeks since I've seen her face.

I wish I was at my own house,
With my cat and with my pajamas,
Where the only thing louder than a mouse,
Would be my television screen.
 Feb 2018
Hello, darkness,
With your black, inky folds,
Seeming closer than ever now,
I've found you again.

Hello, sorrow,
With your tight, crushing embrace,
I still bear the marks,
Like a child's scraped knee.

Hello, anger,
With your red-hot grip,
You left scars on my soul,
For all to see.

Hello, sadness,
With your drowning, blue tide,
There's still some liquid,
Left in my eyes.

Hello, again,
I can still see you.
Waiting in the shadows of the horizon,
Like a predator about to catch its prey.
 Jan 2018
It echoes in the stillness,
A man's final words,
The impact of the passing,
Can still be heard.

It echoes in the quiet places,
People whisper it could be better,
With insincere faces,
And the echo comes again.

Still as death,
It looms in the night,
One might take a breath,
And have it stolen away.

It never occurred to them
That he might not be okay,
That this could have all stopped,
And he'd be here today.

There are so many things that could be better,
The echo would cry out,
Then life would begin,
And we could all go about.
A poem on the effects of suicide.
 Jan 2018
I would have liked to live from a world long ago,
Where dragons felt real and mythology was known,
I would have liked to talk about the gods,
Their shapes and sides and their place in the home.

I would have liked to live in a world of magic,
With fairies and elves abound,
When people took the time to talk,
And nature could be found.

I would have liked to live in a new place,
Even if it's in outer space,
I would have liked to travel and make a new story,
One that ends in a blaze of glory,
But I'm

So I'll make a new world,
One of my own,
With all of the magic that I had known.
 Jan 2018
My grief is magnified by love,
For there are no chances,

I hold a funeral for tomorrow,
With all its ups and downs,
And everything it holds.

The bright scars of yesterday,
Loathe the unmarred tomorrow,
And in that jealousy,
It took tomorrow away.

I hold a funeral for yesterday.
 Jan 2018
What is a name?
Is it a species, a link,
Something to tell us all about something?

And what is a face?
We make faces for everything,
From courage to beauty.

For us,
Captain America is courage,
Or Theodore Roosevelt,
Our mothers,
Sisters, family, friends.

We have names and faces for beauty as well,
Like someone who has always kept fighting,
Or Wonder Woman,
Or a favorite actor or singer,
And beauty is personified.

And what am I in this?

I am not beauty, or grace, or anything else.
I am just me, and I have a name.
But my name to me is the name I wear,
And I'll forever be known by
That fateful, eternal, unbreakable-

 Jan 2018
My sister has a secret,
About her boyfriend,
She says her relationship's going to end.

My mother has a secret about my dad,
Whenever she talks about him,
She isn't very glad.

My aunt has a secret,
It fills her with glee,
Her secret is that she'll be able to see.

I have a secret, but please don't tell,
It's about me,
And I'm not doing well.
 Jan 2018
I've always seen you.
Standing in the hallways,
Talking with your friends.
And I wanted the moment to stay.

I've always liked you,
Your hair and face and smile,
The way you are,
The way you live and love all the while.

I'll never be able to admit it,
It's too much to bear,
I'm afraid that if I confess,
All my love will go somewhere.

So I'm content with watching,
A quiet background figure,
And maybe, just maybe,
You'll see me over there.
 Jan 2018
I've always been good at logic.
That's what kept me sane.
Even with strange people around,
Logic helped my brain.

But with emotion,
Logic is as useless
as a:
Worm or an appendix, to list.

How do I solve this puzzle,
One that spans space and time,
A great mystery,
The one that spreads its feathers across history.
This is about confusing emotions.
 Jan 2018
There are no words for how I feel,
The feeble English feels unreal,
So I turn to other languages,
To tell me how I feel.

French says Bonjour,
Its word is "Amour,"
Russian says "Kak",
But it puts me farther back.

I look to Icelandic for an answer,
But all I get is "ást",
So I choose Latin,
And I hurry fast,
I type in my question,
And it says "tamquam" last.

Perhaps I'll find another language,
One I'll perfectly enjoy,
But for now, I'll stick with English,
And I'll say what it says.

"Like" and "Love".
 Jan 2018
Have you ever
Had emotions roll over like a storm,
An orchestrated catastrophe
Of words and color and sound,
Crashing over you until you want to drown.

You look up into stormy skies,
And remember when,
All there was
 Jan 2018
I used to look up at the sky
With hopes and dreams and lullabies
But I don't anymore,
And I don't know why.
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