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 Jan 2018
With broken wings and body I fly,
It's all I can do, so I try,
The simple words I cannot say
Have taken all my lives away.

Even if my heart shall break,
And all my loves I shall forsake,
I cannot help but be betrayed
By the love yet unpaid.

So to myself, I keep this trial,
Through suppression and denial,
And with it, I start to shatter,
But you don't know me

So it doesn't matter.
 Jan 2018
Chasms spread easily.

It only takes a second,
A blink,
And the earth yawns up before whoever had made it.

Perhaps they look at their chasms with regret,
Their voices sorrowful and muffled.

Or they are prideful,
Thinking they have done a great deed,
But when really they are shattering themselves.

Sometimes chasms form quietly.

They spread like crackling poison,
Starting small and growing.

Sometimes I fear,
There are chasms within us all,
And we will never be able to cross them.

— The End —