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Celaine Aug 2017
In a universe full of galaxies;
its clusters, superclusters, stardusts
and other heavenly matters in the
twinkling space,
the universe attracted two mere specks of dust in the earth
called mortals
with nothing quite like yin and yang demeanors

In a dark sky brimming with millions of stars,
the earth holds a sea of billion people who wander toward each other.
The universe must have conspired for these
earthly mortals to work their way around each other,
and finally to consign love and affection.

One mortal breathed life with her
shoulder-length hair at a time when her life is still unkept.
She did not know that
love was hiding its presence at the corner of the cold room,
branded with dark ink on his arms,
also concealed in bleak mood.

Love, all of a sudden, made known its presence and
his being to this startled mortal who was clueless
of anything.
Through time, Love altered its image from blonde to black;
and arms now fully covered with ink seemingly from back-to-back.

Somewhere along time and circumstance,
it was as if the universe almost failed its attempt of holding
everything together.
But fate
worked its magic around for two mortals who are
polar opposites to give in to the universe's strong gravitational pull.

Love, at first, failed to deliver on time
and could not have two mortals look straight
to each other eye to eye.

Finally, this mortal deciphered love
revealed through long full lashes which tickles the eyes.
It came with cute laughter,
chubby cheeks and bite-sized
chubby banana fingers.

Love wasn’t weak
for it found the courage to
finally meet his opposite
and carry on his purpose
in the vast mysterious universe.

Love always welcome with arms so strong
and wide open
Despite somber days and
as well as in luminous nights.

Love, surprisingly, came prepared with movie tickets
but decided
it did not want to watch
secret life of pets.

Love has a tiny medicine kit
always kept in a knapsack and
deep in the pocket.
Love was always making sure
they could have the time of their lives and
and accomplish a bucket of wishes written
in a dreamy list.

Love came with such thoughtfulness
and witty nature,
and rational mind,
and feisty feature.
Love came tough with love
and a smile so vivid it would capture you in

Love came with past branded on his arms
but was handed over with a present
through the mortal who identifies herself as shining light.
For the shining light thought
Love really did arrive in time.
Happy Birthday. You are enough, is still enough and have always been enough. :)
Celaine May 2017
You would have let your lips brush against mine
with your right hand on the left of my cheek,
slowly tilting my face as we give in for the
first time.

My eyes would surely flutter close
as the sky blush its orange and red hues above our very being.
It was the kind of painting of ours I would
always want rummage through my memory.

The waves and the moans would have
draped over my ears
like a music I would play over and over
so tirelessly.

Know that there is sense when I let myself drown
in your scent so intoxicating just like the air I
breathe from the sea.  

And yet, your lips met mine a little earlier
than planned and I missed
the chance reliving that

Prior to this, I already
told myself I would not let you drift away with the
waves of the sea;
Not with your hands not holding mine as we let
ourselves travel through the longest times.

That day could have been magical, I suppose.
But what I do know is the fact that
magic has surely gotten its way to make me
feel its presence on my skin
on all the moments that I am with you.
I always love it when your hand is on my cheek. Really.
Celaine Apr 2017
I am often told that I am lovely.
Yet, whenever I take a look at myself in the mirror,
I only see the blemishes and dark spots on my face,
the deep dark circles under my eyes,
the thick and unruly hair
and pale lips.

I would touch my skin while I watch
myself in the mirror.
I would let my fingers linger on my arms down to
my hands and feel that my rough palms are not meant to
hold anyone’s hands.
Because in the first place,
who would?
Then, I would stare at the green veins crawling like
roots at the back of my hand, feeling a little displeased.

I would dare not to show my teeth while I laugh
and would always keep it hidden behind a silver wire.
Who would even dare kiss those
lips and its cracks where tears sink through,
because isn’t it a little salty for someone to taste
such lips?
And who even want salty when the sweetness of
sugar is yearned?

Staring at the mirror I would
watch myself sip through a glass of
sweet red wine.
And who would want to taste an intoxicated being,
when sweetness only masks the bitterness of wine?

I think we can all agree that beauty goes way
more than skin deep.
I only want myself naked
when it’s dark.
Without the lights.
When it’s dark.
On a side note, I have someone who never cease to amaze me by his constant endearments of "you're lovely, you look nice today, etc." and it really helps a lot especially when you have lingering insecurities.
Celaine Dec 2016
Sa bawat paggalaw ng mga kamay sa orasan
Naitatala nito ang takdang oras.
Ito ang mga kamay na sumusukat sa bawat
Segundo, minuto at oras sa bawat araw
na lumilipas.

Ngayong araw na ito,
tila sadyang nagmamadali ang
yaring mga kamay
na parang bang may hinahabol.
Hindi naman sila mga paa
Ngunit sila’y parang kumakaripas ng takbo

Sa aking pagtingin sa mga mabibilis na kamay,
nabagabag ako sa pagkaripas nilang ito.
Na kung sila’y magkakabuhay lamang
Ay aking itatanong,
“’Hindi pa ba kayo napapagod?”

Akala ko ba’y
Bilog man o parisukat ang hugis ng orasan
Ay ito’y patuloy na tatakbo?
Tatakbo at tatakbo.
Tatakbo lamang sa lugar na iniikutan nito
at hindi lalayo.
Iikot ng iikot.
Tulad ng ating mundo na hindi naiisip na tumigil.
Liban na lamang kung mayroong sadyang pipigil,
kung sadyang naubusan ng batirya,
kung nawalan ng dahilan para hindi pumalya.

sa isang saglit na pagpikit ng aking mga mata,
'Di ko nabatid kung isang panaginip
o isang realidad na nga ba ang aking narating.
Ang mga kamay na laging kumakaripas ng pagtakbo
ay bigla na lamang huminto.
Ang pagkumpas ng oras ay nabigo.
Ang panahon natin ay naglaho.
Habang aking isinusulat ang tula na ito, aking biglang sabi sa sarili,  "Dami **** time, girl. May research paper ka pa." HAHAHA how ironic
Celaine Apr 2016
If I could gather all the love in this world
All the joy, all the hope, all the yearning
I’ll make sure to place them somewhere where it
Will remind you of me, like trinkets of hidden fortune
Then I’ll place them in a jar sealed with the most glued affection I have for you

If I could gather those, I’d still find something that I could give you
I’ll gather a handful of strength, quite a sum of laughter
And make it fit into the jar, though I wouldn’t mind giving
You an overflowing number because I thought you’ll be needing them
On lonely days and when you’ve lost yourself in a summer haze

I’ll make sure to add a few drops of excitement
‘Cause who else wouldn’t want surprises?
And maybe deliver a bunch of sunflowers and blue roses
And personally deliver
this jar to you with enchantment

And when I arrive at your doorstep
I’ll knock on your door, I’ll break down the walls that you built
I’ll keep the sadness out, erase every bits and pieces of doubt
Shower you with hugs and and magical spells
And embrace you with a force more potent than love
****, I think I'll date myself. Haha kidding.
Celaine Mar 2016
Sana kaya mo
Sana kaya **** sabihin sa kanya
Katotohanan sa iyong pagsinta
At huwag mo nang subukan pang ikubli
Huwag **** hayaan sa'yo lang manatili

Sana kaya mo
Sana kaya **** sabihin sa kanya
Dahil pagod na akong makinig sa mga kwentong
paulit-ulit mo na lamang binibigkas na
para bang sirang plaka

Sana kaya mo
Sana kaya **** sabihin sa kanya
Dahil kung sa totoo lamang
Hindi ikaw ang talagang nasasaktan
Pakiusap lang, 'wag ka nang mandamay ng iba

Sana kaya mo
Sana kayanin **** huwag magkwento sa iba
O di kaya'y sa akin pa
Dahil alam ko na alam mo na ang dapat gawin
Tapangan mo (kahit ngayon lang, pakiusap)

Sana kaya mo
Sana dumating na ang tamang panahon na 'di
ka na lamang mananahimik
At sa panahong iyon na ika'y balak na magsabi
Sa akin ay huwag ka nang babalik
Akala mo, okay lang?
Celaine Jan 2016
You say that ours was a candle flame
put out by a soft wind
too soon.

I say that ours was a candle
that was never
even lit.

— The End —