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Jan 16 · 141
The Raven King
Chris Jan 16
Of storm and chaos and desire,
The King shall be born and fed,
Destined to reveal such power,
That's known not to mortal men.

His cradle shall be a shield,
The King shall cry in it alone,
A sword his toddler hand shall wield,
Pain shall be his early throne.

His parents will be his killers,
Poison shall be mothers milk,
Gravestones will be ornate mirrors,
Thorns and iron will be silk.

He'll never know no gold nor kingdom,
He'll never know no woman's love!
His bethrothed a firey demon,
His enemy- God above!

His master shall be The Raven,
Carrying a ring of gold,
It's wings show the only way and,
Keys to the throne of old.

His servants will be all men and women,
Yet no kingdom he will rule,
His courts empty, no one in them,
He's his own squire, page and fool.

The Raven king shall spread his wings,
Yet the blind will call it war,
The storm that his crown will bring,
It brewed in the planet's core.

He'll never rest nor stop ascending,
He'll never know but grief and pain,
But he will be unrelenting,
The King of his soul and his name!
A poem about acheiving one's true potential through hardship
Jan 16 · 247
The Fire
Chris Jan 16
The ****** gallop through my veins,
Vessels boil and start to drain,
I'll take pleasure with the pain,
And I hope I'll go insane.

Her screams echo through the night,
Roaring shrieks that know no end,
Each of them to hearts delight,
Each of them to hearts content.

While you stand and wonder brooding,
Sensless wonder breaks the stale,
A force that defies eluding,
Strong and potent lifts the veil.

As one grasps last straws of mind,
They'll be blown away with storm,
Not a thing be left behind,
When the ground is raised  by horns.

All that matters is the fire,
All to be heard are the shighs,
Flesh and soul quench my desire,
A home between her pale thin thighs.

The ****** gallop through my veins,
Vessels boil and start to drain,
I'll take pleasure with the pain,
A good thing that I am chained.

I will escape.....
A brief introduction to sexuality for noobs :)
Nov 2019 · 265
Chris Nov 2019
As I leave, to you I bequest,
All my sadness and unrest.
As I go on burning low,
Noone sees how fire glows.

Noone sees and noone cares,
What happens behind those eyes.
But if one so much as dares,
The light will leave him dumb and blind.

I struck a deal that pulled me down,
I was dealt the poorest hand,
As I turn and look around,
It's hard as hell to love a man.

I gave because I didn't know,
I took because I didn't care.
I wrote but there's no one to show
to, only damp and empty air.

As I leave to you I say,
Don't go crying on my grave,
I knew I went the wrong old way,
But I loved to misbehave.
This is a difficult poem for me to write. (I'll cry myself to sleep tonight) feelings are for ******* I am one I don't have one, Rammstein is awesome and I don't care much for football, **** me!
Aug 2019 · 287
Chris Aug 2019
I am never gonna change.
I don't need to.
I'm already everyhing.
I am what you call deranged.
People see that.
I'm already dead.
Far away and out of range.
I don't want to.
I don't need friends.
I am never gonna change.
Just so you would.
Start to like me.
I am not controlled or stopped.
Say goodnight to niceties.
Goodbye to free will.
Hello misery.
If you ever cross me.
I'm sorry doctor.
There's nothing to cure.
I just hurt because I can.
******* a thousand times world :)
Jul 2019 · 845
Road to Valhalla
Chris Jul 2019
I fell asleep on ocean shore,
Sharp rocks as my bed,
I don't feel them anymore,
I don't feel cold I must be dead.

The sky split clouds of eden's door,
The stars shine as my eyes,
I lay low strecthed on the floor,
With the silence deep inside.

As the heavens keep on burning,
The machines of men are turning.

Valhalla, how I waited to arrive!
Your ravens and your anger,
Were always in my mind!
Valhalla, realm beyond the world of known,
I am among the dead, I am among my own!

I fell asleep on dragon's tail,
With arrows in my side,
The last of them already sailed,
Leave my lying with a smile.

The rain washes the salty air,
And through tears wind blows,
My fingers ran through golden hair,
Valkyrie please fly me home.

As the world just keeps on turning,
And the human hate is burning.

Valhalla, how I waited for your light!
Your splendor and salvation,
Father Odin in his right!
Valhalla, land of gods, for evermore,
I found my peace in your everlasting war!
Check my *** out on YT :
  I hope I don't rest in peace, that I think would be the dullest, most boring death/afterlifeof all possible or impossible afterlives.
Jul 2019 · 145
Get back in the box, hope.
Chris Jul 2019
Have you ever wondered, where it all began,
Have you ever pondered on where it may go?
Time has one and final, direction of arrival,
And it won’t stop nor change it’s sliding ebon flow.

We have oh so hoped for more and there we strive,
Seems that we were ordered by our genetic code
The wishes have a way, to hurt and betray,
Just as hope climbs atop and threatens to explode.

They say a lot of things to console a child,
They say a lot of things, and most of them lies,
Life has paired with death to teach and correct,
To crush our infant souls but sanctify our minds.

In my final hours when The Silence calls,
I will be the one that’s leaving, not my childish hope,
Those that haven’t passed yet, say that hope dies last,
But I left mine somewhere by the hanging rope.

Great evils have sprung out of the Pandora’s box,
None as vile as last one that posed as a sign,
That one, to this day has filled more empty graves,
Than Satan could’ve dreamed of ‘till the end of time.

Have you ever wondered, where we go from here?
Have you ever questioned the merits of fate?
I have seen and I am smiling, If there aren’t worse things than dying,
How come many chose Valhalla over pain and hate?
Hope is just about the worse thing to grace our psyche.
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Jul 2019 · 171
Chris Jul 2019
Admire them from afar,
Things without wings, not destined to fly,
For once you chose, and got to close,
You WILL burn alive.
Stars- it's a pun, a wordplay figure it out
and check out my lyrics at work :
Jul 2019 · 255
Chris Jul 2019
Sitting still upon the throne,
Beauty never fades away,
But the utter dark can leave a mark,
That calls chaos back to play.

Rotting one, the one below,
reflects the unseen side of glowing,
And the eternal snake is ever awake,
On the burnt side of that coin.

We know the price of death so far,
As the ferry man is rowing,
But not as much as a glimpse to nature of simpler things
The future, and the price of knowing.
Basically, to know that much and be praised as she is, you gotta be rotten.
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Jul 2019 · 163
Chris Jul 2019
The chains of life slowly drifting,
As the spirit melts away,
As the tide is ever shifting,
Swallowing the light of day.

Rigor of the body swaying,
To a tune that Hades hums,
Two coins, and no more pain,
River Styx will fill my lungs.

Horror of rejection fading,
As my past loves turn to dust,
I'll go with you, silent, praying,
I will forego earthly lust.

Sanity completely leaving,
Echoes call me to the void,
Things are seldom worth believing,
I'm so sorry doctor Freud.
A quick note on how male genitalia is a faster way to the other side of the veil.
See poetry at work at :
Jul 2019 · 123
Chris Jul 2019
I wonder every now and then,
Will I see those times again?
Will I thrive or will I fall,
Will I get to try at all?
I wonder every now and then?

I picture deeply with a smile,
A world we're given you and I.
All those ****-ups to correct,
All those people with regrets.
I picture deeply with a sigh.

I dream dreams of sliken tears,
In them you will oft appear,
Only one that still makes sense,
That brings me closer to repent.
I dream dreams of frozen tears.

I wonder every now and then.
Was it all a fairyland?
Did all people, the whole world
Lie and made up a universe,
Where I was born and where I loved
With or without god above,
Where I fell and where I cried,
And was often crucified?
I wonder every now and then.
Check me out :) I wanna feel important.
Chris Jul 2019
Dark,bleak days are coming, darker yet ahead,
Would say I am sorry, but won't 'cause I'll be dead.

Sour land below us and angry sky above,
And those who seek to control us, have morons sell us love.

We've severed the connections, not our fault we didn't mean,
We're under the protection of almighty mobile screen.

I'd rather I was mental, I'd rather that  I was gone,
In the world that ***** on metal, I cannot be or belong.

I know the tastes wildly differ, and can tear people apart,
But I'll never ever consider, to consume that which you call art.
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Jun 2019 · 168
Chris Jun 2019
The war is over don’t you see.
Fire still reigns supreme.
The war is over, understand!
Fear still crawls across the land.

Every bullet spent in vain,
Every knife now bears a stain!
Every bullet shot to miss,
I wasn’t born to live with this!

Simple truths for simple men,
Simple wounds hurt now as then,
Complex thoughts expressed through rage,
one more problem to engage!

Damaged sons of damaged fathers!
******* of decline!

We don’t live in reality,
We suffer through a fever dream!
No one rises no one screams!
An escape is what we need!

We are sons of entropy,
Preparing for apocalypse,
******* of catastrophe,
We thrive in our depravity!

The skies are open don’t you see!
Down the rabbit hole with me!
The skies are open, every man!
Run away to rabbitland!

Every head that’s cut in vain,
Every blade forged in disdain!
Every head a price to pay,
For us to see light of day!

Honest words for honest folks,
Bleeding scars from poor taste jokes,
Sugarcoated **** still stinks,
It leaves a mark and so does the ink.
Damaged daughters, lowly ******!
******* of a glitch in time!

We don’t live in reality,
We pursue a fever dream!
We ignore fear and gravity,
bite the fire through the screams!

We children of entropy!
Preparing for catastrophe!
No hope, no love no sanctity!
We revel in depravity!
This is a poem about how reality *****, simply this.
also the lyrics to an upcoming metal song, one demo so far :
Jun 2019 · 296
Chris Jun 2019
They are the destroyers,
They have come through air,
Burning our streets and
spreading out despair,

With their stolen voices,
They have joined the laugh,
Burning through the corpses,
The righteous attack.

We are fallen warriors,
bodies rot in dirt,
We are eyes of ravens,
The blood of the earth,

With a rusty weapon,
We will spread the word,
The swords of our forefathers
are not of this world.

The cloud will spread,
The sky is dead,
Remains are bared,
The sky dies scared.

No mercy!
No freedom!
No mercy!
Lyrics to a song about the bombing of my country in 1999. Here's the link, please do check it out:
May 2019 · 127
Where is that fucking lamp
Chris May 2019
It was a quiet autumn night,
The world was distorted,
So much sweetness in the air,
A kiss was landed and I was blank.

It was a quiet autumn night,
And I misplaced it,
It's not there,
Where is that ******* lamp.

It was foggy, it was wet,
World was still and time
was numb.

I was drunk and I was a wreck,
The night was warm,
And I was dumb.

The dream never seemed as real,
The touch I miss still to this day.
Where is that ******* lamp?
So I can wish this life away.
Amour....ah..**** IT!!!!!
May 2019 · 153
Chris May 2019
I won't be cryin' anymore,
Like time and time before,
I've cried my eyes out for thieves, cheats and ******,
and I won't be cryin' anymore.

Don't you ever look into my eyes.
Not even to say goodbye,
If you look, you'll speak and I know you lie,
don't you ever look into my eyes.

'Cause my pain is mine and mine alone,
In time I hope will go,
And it doesn't glow through the smile I show,
No, my pain is mine and mine alone.

And I won't be cryin' anymore,
No matter how low I fall,
With a manic smile I'm entering the storm,
And I won't be crying anymore.
May 2019 · 109
Tell You
Chris May 2019
You're the  substance of my dreams,
Without you, my nightmares are real,
Let me tell you how it feels,
When love ain't at all what it seems to be,

Sometimes it burns, sometimes it hurts,
We take a lot of awkward turns,
I still carry all the scars,
Buried deep within my starving heart,

The old pills or the new ones,
Doesn't matter at all,
It's the same old dream that
I have dreamed before.

Your emptiness should have released me,
To tear my chains to pieces,
You never saw my hidden stitches,
But the world stopped turning when you kissed me,

Now the name is just a memory,
And my heart a cemetery,
You're there and not yet buried,
Still waiting  for the tears to call.

The old pills or the new ones,
Doesn't matter at all,
It's the same old dream that
I have dreamed before.

The old wounds or the new ones
Doesn't matter at all,
It's the same old blood that
I have cried before.
You know
May 2019 · 198
Chris May 2019
Nero is bald,
He's also fat,
He's ugly and devilishly fast.

Nero's a killer,
Nero is here,
He's ugly and his voice is clear.

Nero is angry,
He's madly mad,
He's ugly and so, so sad.

Nero is real,
He's truly true,
He's ugly and he lives in you.
stop me
May 2019 · 310
Chris May 2019
Her name was Red.
She was a ghost,
Or a bad dream.

Her name was hell,
and more than most,
she made me cry.

She was afraid.
She was fear,
And she managed to destroy,

She was a friend
So dear to me,
I don't see her anymore.

She'd spread her legs,
Sh'ed bare her soul,
She'd bring oblivion.

No more dreams,
No more calls,
No more living, she is gone.

Her name was Red.
I made her up,
My sick brain is to blame.

Her name was Red,
And I grew up,
Without her it's just not the same.
I'm officially going ****** :) a product of my mental illness is the most interesting person I know, yet it seems they always are...
May 2019 · 315
Chris May 2019
It's me, can't you feel,
I love  you but I make you scream,
You won't die as long as I'm here.

You won't die,
but you'll never really live.

Can't you feel the shiver,
the paralyzing fear,
That makes you a useless ****,
Whenever I am here,

I will shroud you,
I will give
You will not die,
You'll never live.
May 2019 · 271
Chris May 2019
I am rabid,
I'm enraged,
I no longer
have a cage,

I am rabid,
I am starved
I am old
and full of scars,

I am rabid,
I'm awake,
I am here,
so is my ache,

I am rabid,
I am mad
I will bite
and I am sad,

I am rabid
I will spread,
I will make sure
that you're dead.
May 2019 · 254
Chris May 2019
The clouds outside and no floor,
Colors fade, they are no more,
The sky is lead it has just died,
The moon is dead, it's dark, it's night.

The smoke arises gray and dim,
It's arousal blue and slim,
The smoke arises ever higher,
The smell is there, there is no fire.

The stars shine bright we cannot see,
The dark is final, the dark is me,
the city tops sleep raven-black,
The beast asleep, no going back.

As the curtain slowly fades,
Revealing light through tiny frames
In the bleak sky color gray,
The moon shines red,shines bright as day.
I'm not sure :)
May 2019 · 139
Chris May 2019
Fate is another lie
Dominated by old powers
Do,die or deny
It's your world not mine.

Freedom to the grave
No filters can be over
Lens is clear and say
Do not tell me how to behave.

Lock and load
shoot and unwind
the ache is gone
so far behind,
Complete, explode
It's what the hell,
As life erodes,
the bullets tell.

Security a ******* tale,
Normal life with normal norms
Until we're all for sale,
Until the world falls pray,

Violent til the end
No limits or laws or defense
No need to repent
Absolute catharsis began.

Red light go
drive over them
the ache is gone,
next stop deliverance,
Complete, explode,
No lie can show,
What you call-
your innocence,

Just die,
It's Death Metal...whaddya expecet
Apr 2019 · 219
A Road Less Traveled By
Chris Apr 2019
Luck is the way to success.
Love is the way to happiness.
Work is the way to both.
Suffering, suffering is the only way to greatness.
Ripping off R.Frost What you gon do? :)
Apr 2019 · 9.7k
About humans
Chris Apr 2019
A: Do you think I owe you my body because you are nice to me?
B: Yes.
A: Do you think of me just as a boy/girl toy that you can do with as you please.
B: Only when I'm *****.
A: You expect I'll ******* after I found out how many people you've had.
B: I don't expect anything, but you probably will.

Stop pretending you don't want *****(or ****) just because of social norms, I've had both (quite a lot) and here's the trick:
DON'T ******* CONFORM!
Apr 2019 · 818
Don't you just love...?
Chris Apr 2019
Don't you just love,
When a friend cries and moans:
'I want someone to find me attractive,
to love me, to hold me.',
And you say: 'I am here, I do all these things.'
and you go for a kiss,
And she says (well as politely as she can):
'I meant someone tall and blond.'
Don't you just ******* love it?
#I go to bed with all my friends
Apr 2019 · 207
Chris Apr 2019
Larry walked to the store,
To buy a pack of smokes,
He's had enough, he want's no more,
He's sick of everything; so he walked.

He entered through a stain'd glass door,
asked for his brand and waited a while.
He saw reflections on the floor,
He saw his ugly crooked smile.

He paid and was ready to head home,
but suddenly, there was a sound.
The glass broke as a brick was thrown,
and blood splattered all around.

Larry got up, his head was red,
He dragged himself out of the store,
Laughing loudly as he bled,
He lit a smoke and laughed some more.

He saw the guy who threw the brick,
Was it him,... well nevermind,
He yelled : ' Oi stop there you *****!'
And started rushing from behind.

They ran a good mile and a half,
before the guy was too weak to run,
Larry smoked and let out a laugh,
And said to his victim:'now you're done!'

Now, Larry angry as he was,
didn't go straight for the ****.
He wanted to have some fun,
And he knew then that he will.

'Kneel' he screamed at the guy,
as he drew close step by step,
'Kneel or I swear you'll die!'
He shouted out this final threat.

The guy afraid beyond his mind,
kneeled and looked him in the eye,
The kick that followed made him blind,
And he only let out a sigh.

Again the blood shed on the floor,
As Larry struck the final stroke.
A man's life was here no more.
And Larry lit another smoke.
Pointless Catharsis
Apr 2019 · 117
Who I really am...
Chris Apr 2019
I see fragments.
I repair.
Make mistakes, and eat despair.

I crave freedom, I enslave,
I am as shallow as is my grave.

I learn and do and reproduce,
I give and take nothing in return.

I come from my fairy land,
To this ball of sea and sand.

It's a world that makes me sad,
That I wish I didn't understand.
I am reminded of how I don't belong in this dry magicless world of sorrow,
It makes me cry. I weigh like 200lbs and am a man grown with tattoos  a Santa beard. And when I cry it looks just silly.
Apr 2019 · 352
Chris Apr 2019
The will of thee
A growing flame,
A fruitless tree, a sinner's shame!

Crawl through dust,
To bow to thee,
I am the blood that's underneath.

Rip the cage,
And become you,
Divine the rage that boils me through.

The raven's eye,
The wolf that howls,
Bless me with fire within your bowls.

Sun is just the same
Every single day
Sun is just the same
Sun is just the same!

Smother me away
Life is just a ray
Smother me away
Smother me awaaaaay!!!!(growl this one real loud y'all :))

The will of thee
A lasting scar
The lust for you has got me far

Crawl through dust,
Beneath the feet,
The sword is rusting in the sheet.

**** the cage
And burn you through,
You are me and I am you!

The vulture's smile.
The sinners shame.
**** me *******, we are aflameeee....

Sun is just the same
Every single day
Sun is just  the same
Sun is just the same

Smother me away
Life is just a game
Smother me away
Smother me awaaaaay!!!!
Thanks to the inspiration I got from a member of this very site :)
Apr 2019 · 164
Chris Apr 2019
Every moment, every mind,
All the world is bent and blind.

Heavy tears, free flowing blood,
Putting cruel stars in place.

Every call and every voice,
echoes, nothing but this noise.

0Da pacem Domine,
(I die by your behest)
1Quam tranquilitas,
2Quam serena mors est.

Every human ever made,
All our tears an icy glade.

Stary skies a sea of loss,
We know now, but what a cost.

Every angel every wing,
To hole of thine grave shall sing.

0Da pacem domine
(I live by your command)
3Dictat, sicut Deum
4Verb tuo,obito meum!
The sentences in parentheses are NOT translations, this poem is meant as a text for a song and this marks the backup vocals....
0= Give peace o Lord
1=How peaceful
2=Death is
3= As God commands/dictates
4= Your word, my death
Apr 2019 · 223
God's top 7 list
Chris Apr 2019
This list will really help you see,
All the life hacks that you need,
How to think and how to be,
If you are of human breed.

Pride- Don't be proud, everything you have achieved,
Is thanks to god(in which you HAVE to believe).

Envy- Don't want what others have, even if their **** is better,
if their gf's *** is fatter.(you'll end up in hell)

Gluttony-eat only as much as you need, and don't
enjoy any of your meals( food is as bad as *** it seems)

Lust-don't ever wish to ****, even when down on your luck
(and you haven't smashed in months)

Anger- don't be angry at the man who ******* your mom and took your land(you sure have to understand, he's a righteous Christian man)

Greed- don't want more and don't try,or you will surely roast,
your life should be sacrifice, only Jesus needs a Porche.

Oh and I almost forgot, Noone likes to **** a Sloth.

If you abide by these rules,
You'd avoid a lot of fun.
But as a righteous Christian fool,
That's a job that's all but done.
How archaic rules opress human nature and how noone really abides by them but would make others do so(usually by force, thresats, child indoctrination, mindwashing and cult-ish smiles)
Chris Apr 2019
First it needs to be noted that the REAL commandments, the set of
ten, come after these in the bible, but for purpose of mockery, I shall use the popular version instead.

1.Thou shalt have no other gods before me.(except for drugs, alcohol, your job and TV.)
2.Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image(except a Jesus magnet, Holy mother Mary and a picture of Moses for a magnet on a fridge.)
3.Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain(except when you're having ***, or hitting your head or having vaginal pain)
4.Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.(Do I need to say anything, in America it seems, the thing that is sacred- money only.)
5.Honour thy father and thy mother(except if you want to do drugs, **** and party even harder.)
6.Thou shalt not ****(That ones easy, you can hire someone who will)
7.Thou shalt not commit adultery(But that loli across the street makes this list a mockery)
8.Thou shalt not steal(except from people who can't defend themselves and you need their oil, for real.)
9.Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour(except if she's an evil witch a Muslim or a traitor.)
10.Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house,
thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife(No, you'll just mimic his behavior in order to have a richer life.)

Now, I'm not a man believing, but it seems these lost their meaning,
Somwhere in between the Moses climbing,
Up Sinai and later finding,
The Lord has changed his mind a bit,
And he's made a brand new list.
I am an atheist, I am just calling out hipocrisy of the people who'd have me be sexually repressed and punish my evil thoughts but who at the same time commit every sin almost every day. Freedom is not negotiable. It is the only imperative.
Apr 2019 · 128
The Blood Tribute
Chris Apr 2019
The calm little town, the green sleepy fields,
The linden wore a flowery crown,
The suns rays in the east, the night comes to yield,
The moon in the sky, it slowly goes down.

As the spring awakens with cold water drops,
A sound in the distance sings of some unrest,
The world seems so distant from the mountain tops,
Something woeful comes for people of the west.

Loud as thunder, quick as sand,
A dozen horses breathing flames,
They have come to quake the lands,
With cloaked horsmen without names.

Growling curses, shouting orders,
In a strange and foreign tongue,
Horsmen rallied unnamed soldiers,
Half a hundred men, and strong.

Doors were shattered, mothers screamed,
Horses made unholy noise,
Daggers blazed and fire gleamed,
As they took the first born boys.

They will train them, tey'll be the same,
Strong as bears and without fear,
They'll lose their home, they'll have no name,
The god wills they carry spears.

One day they will come back,
To the town, where they were born,
To the green fields and they'll attack,
The mothers from whom they were torn.

O, it was many, many a year ago,
And not manyremember,not many care.
And noone really, really knows,
But the linden tree over there.
*The Blood Tribute(danak u krvi)- The Turkish soldiers during a certain time in medieval period took non-Muslim male  children aged (i think) 5-12 and carried them away to become elite soldiers, loyal to the Ottoman empire, this was practiced in order to break people into submission and prevent rebelions. These elite ground troops were known as Janissary and they were fearless and merciless on the field of battle.
Apr 2019 · 382
Chris Apr 2019
A girl walked through the field one morning,
free of worries, doubts and woes.
The path was clear, forever going,
Through the corn field through the rows.

She walked and leaped and laughed and sang,
Until she stopped to see the view,
Something strange has stopped her legs.
She would have walked on if only she knew.

There across her stood a stake
With a strawman tied and bound,
The crows sat on him,sat and ate,
But they didn't make a sound.

A scarecrow- she thought, but amused,
I've never seen one this upclose,
But isn't all for which he's used,
To chase off those nasty crows?

A girl drew closer and so did the clouds,
The birds shrieked and flew away,
The girl went pale and screamed out loud,
She aged a century that sunny day.

There on the stake bound with rope,
In the corn field attracting crows,
Hung, half eaten, beyond hope.
The girl's neighbour, farmer Joe.

She kept silent after that,
As the gray clouds spat out rain.
And the wind blew of the scarecrow's hat,
To reveal the farmers brain.
What most of us don't see.
Apr 2019 · 172
Reasons unknown
Chris Apr 2019
Sport and reality TV,
Bad music and Turkish shows,
Why do we waste our eyes and ears...
The reason is unknown...
stupid people watch stupid people do stupid things and pay for it.... dearly
Apr 2019 · 774
Chris Apr 2019
She's whatever I want her to be,
A little part in you and me.

She haunts my dreams with autumn hair,
She's always red, she's always there.

She calls with leaves falling off her skin,
The needles of pines and light from within.

She walks through fog and brings the sun,
The ink of prayers, the air of my lungs.

She's whatever She wants to be,
She is me
She is me
She is me...
Mar 2019 · 138
Chris Mar 2019
I am just like a cat's *****:
Short, but painful.
Not a description of my ****, but of my character and looks. One sentence.
Mar 2019 · 275
What Stars Can Tell Us
Chris Mar 2019
Empty space.
Kurac moj.
People who think that the stars talk are dumb. Deal with it.
Mar 2019 · 197
Chris Mar 2019
If only you could speak, but ...
You were alive and you still couldn't,
If only you could feel but you don't,
and you shouldn't.

If only...

You were not so innocent,
you wouldn't be that blind,
To not see that you are bent,
and ****** from behind.

If only...

You were not so proud,
you wouldn't be that head strong,
and you'd find food in the woods,
and the food would find you, it's where we belong.

If only...

You would **** the child,
You would bite the excrument,
That burns you from inside,
and you would be permanent.

You would be free.
Blessed ******,
You'd be me.
About how innocence, pride and social norms make us prey for corporate fatcats, government and all other vermin.
Mar 2019 · 355
Chris Mar 2019
The bait is set.
All I do is wait...
For someone to bite,
Waist deep in water, still not wet.
I will go hungry again...tonight.

Wonder what's wrong, the world's unfair.
So many fish in rivers and lakes...
Wonder, Why me? look down in despair,
The fish is all plastic, the scales are all fake.

The rod is tense.
All I do is pull....
All I want is flesh....
The pain is intense...
The fish is a fool.
I am a living proof that a sociopath can write poetry ( not self-diagnosed, so ******* with that) :)
Mar 2019 · 132
Upside down
Chris Mar 2019
The world is upside down,
we did not prepare, we would not believe,
That our time will see a fool that wears the crown,
That the jackboot once again stomps the dreams so free,

The sun and moon will drown,
We refuse to see,
Those who we consider brothers,
Will turn on us with righteous frowns,
That they will cover and devour.

The fear is real and now,
Two horsemen are ready, and they are here,
They make us starve, they make us bow,
Until the other two appear.
The world is upside down.
Trump, Putin, TBA, TBA....
Mar 2019 · 212
Chris Mar 2019
Passing by, just the same,
woods are blue and unforgiving,
The wilderness has no name,
That would be known to the living.

By the mountains proud and tall,
Dare you call the prophecy,
Take a silent, quiet stroll,
And don't bring snow down at me.

Walking up when it pulls down,
The sad truth about gravity,
The abyss is calling now,
The voice of still depravity.

Down the mighty side of her,
Dare you climb the way you came,
One wrong step and little birds,
Will eat you and worms, just the same.
Blahgmahablahablablehhhhhhaugghhhhhh...*****...fall in it stop drop and roll.
Mar 2019 · 167
Chris Mar 2019
Is it a name of a stripper?
I can't remember,honestly,
although my hands are on the zipper,
they do not belong to me.

Was it a word that rang through the empty hall?
Those moments are gone,
As I hit the wall,
I never had such fun.

Was it the bird that flew by the window,
The room never looked so bright,
Or the sounding of the bent old willow,
Or a cricket in the night?

Oh how easy I forget,
Once so vivid, lively, *****,
Now with echos of regret
It's just empty melancholy,
Once I knew what it meant.
Now just marble and cement.
*******, **** not right, lets all **** we'll die in 10,9,3,2....
Mar 2019 · 124
Chris Mar 2019
We've overstayed our welcome,
It is time to leave,
We have seen the sun at its brightest.
Still waiting for a sound of sirens,
To announce the comming ship.

We still stay way past the hour,
of the midnight toll,
We have heard the wind and sea
Still wanting for more,
Before the last plane home.

We drag on and our dear host,
Complaining loudly as she might,
Still let's us linger on and on,
Until that fateful flight,
We're just guests here, be polite.
Just get it man, you're a gay fish.
Feb 2019 · 127
Chris Feb 2019
I won't say goodbye, it will be obvious that I'm gone when I die.
I won't say hello, It will be obvious I'm back, with an empty grave, and me back home.
Feb 2019 · 756
If I wrote....
Chris Feb 2019
If I wrote a poem for every ******* who I should've killed cold dead,
but I didn't
I would have written a thousand poems.

If I killed every ******* who I should have,
I wouldn't be writing poems,
I'd be happy.
Feb 2019 · 211
Truth be told
Chris Feb 2019
I like the truth as I like my women,
Simple, naked and hopefully in my favor.
Feb 2019 · 110
Chris Feb 2019
I don't care for the spasm you call a smile,
I don't care if your soul is vile.

I don't care if you're the bitter one,
Who will carve my life undone.

Simple words are spoken only when
you tell the truth,
and only then.

The truth whatever it may be,
Will seldom set you free.
Tell the truth to ones you love,
They curse and throw stones from above,
Tell the truth to wretched foes,
And be cast with waste below.

Simple words are words for men
who love the truth,
and only them.

I don't love you, don't forget,
I love myself, and only that.
I love the way you curl asleep,
I love the lines that run so deep,
I love the face that I want to *****,
True enough, but I don't love you.
Feb 2019 · 148
Chris Feb 2019
Walk through walls where nothing is flawed.
Walk because there is no door.
Ask the lips of golden ire to start the sacrificial fire.
Ask because you are desire.

Lye with foes with shining ******.
Lye because that is the door.
Look for planes where man gets slain.
Look because you are The Flame.
*النار = Alnaar, The Fire, *One of the Arabic terms for Hell*
Feb 2019 · 359
Chris Feb 2019
A diamond,
A race,
A chase,
Such a ****** shame.
A grip,
A shriek,
A sigh.
When She came.

A sword,
A neck,
A thigh,
Silver rich the name.
A twist,
A turn,
A sword will burn,
With forbidden flame.
Feb 2019 · 188
Chris Feb 2019
1 Cuts the sky with the fingers pale,
1 The sky empty, the sky of gray,
1 Halo, holy above the hair,
1 Adorned with thorns that breed decay,

2 Ripe branches of thy hands are dry,
2 Against the earth drenched with  blood,
2 All of Rome will see thee shine,
2 A messiah for no god,

3 O, Christ of our bleak dismay,
3 Your eyes below, they dare not stray,
3 Stones will shatter, open graves,
3 You fall as the rest just pray,

4 Soon you perish, soon you die,
4 Taken by the wind by flood,
4 Ruined come the sacred shrine,
4 They spoke of thy father's love,

5 Savior of the ones of clay,
5 The last word on the last of days,
5 The revenge you will justly crave,
5 The last word for the ones to stay.
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