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Chris Jul 2019
The chains of life slowly drifting,
As the spirit melts away,
As the tide is ever shifting,
Swallowing the light of day.

Rigor of the body swaying,
To a tune that Hades hums,
Two coins, and no more pain,
River Styx will fill my lungs.

Horror of rejection fading,
As my past loves turn to dust,
I'll go with you, silent, praying,
I will forego earthly lust.

Sanity completely leaving,
Echoes call me to the void,
Things are seldom worth believing,
I'm so sorry doctor Freud.
A quick note on how male genitalia is a faster way to the other side of the veil.
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Nathalie Dec 2018
A medley of lyrics
live in each heart
Some are beautifully rehearsed
or shared with passion
yet some are never heard
or even forgotten.

Words, poetic verses live inside
each and every one of us
Sometimes it takes someone
to come along and turn a key
to unlock the wonderful flux
and flow of sentiments.

A lover's soul never sleeps
It dreams awake and lives
a life of adventure and love
It glows with delight
and surrenders to it's beating
drum, creating with fanciful flare.


— The End —