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If I store my feelings on the clouds and make it rain on you, will it make you feel how it feels to be in love?
Will you finally smile with your soul and feel free like a dove?
I hope this rain washes away the sorrows and restores the love you've lost
I hope it makes you love yourself enough to put no one above.
Sweet Divine body
A little too naughty
A little too shy to admit your body wants me
A little too dangerous when our bodies collide
Creating an everlasting desire like hell's fire
Sweet Divine body I happily admire
I thought I'd be nice to let you know I'd work on it if you hire
And I've got no plans to retire.
When the morning comes the sun is there for us
The sun is the husband who goes to work every morning
The sun doesn't have a mood, it just does its thing.
There are cloudy days
But it doesn't mean the sun isn't there doing its thing.
There are crazy hot days when we think the sun is angry
But maybe we just moved a little bit closer to it.
There are cold days when we think the sun is sick and weak
But maybe we distance ourselves from it.

I think the sun is lonely because of its high temperature
Maybe it is really angry
Angry because it doesn't get the happy ending something that great deserves.
I mean it is responsible for many lives isn't it?


I can't help but being romantic
I can't help but believing the sun has a lover
A lover that waits for it to come home at night and have dinner, talk about the day and make love...
That lover is the moon

The moon has a part time job
Must be a nurse or a therapist
I don't know for sure, Google that.
The moon is most of the times a house wife
Responsible for having everything ready for the sun when the night comes.
And the sun is responsible for its light when it has to do her part time job, which is to illuminate the earth.
See? Perfect lovers!
All for us, their children.
The moon is the reason the sun comes home
And in the darkest nights
I believe they are making love, far from their children's sight

We are left with the stars
They don't shine as bright as them
But they make a beautiful view
Like chandeliers.
With this composition I tried to describe how I seem to repel people with the intensity of my feelings, how they go away thinking they are not deserving of such love, so I compared myself with the sun, yet, believing I have a match somewhere waiting for me.
As vezes quero ser profundo e me manter por lá
Mas sou apaixonado pelo nascer e pôr do sol
E pela lua beijando o mar

As vezes quero sentar
Te ver dancar
Mas sou apaixonado pelo ritmo do teu corpo no meu
Teu calor
E aroma do teu suor

As vezes me pergunto o que será de nós se a paixão acabar?
Mas logo lembro
Que nada dura pra sempre
E enquanto existir este sentimento intenso
Quero aproveitar cada momento

Lembranças não serão levadas pelo vento
Um coração lindo como o teu nunca ficará ao relento
Pra já, faça do meu peito o seu aposento

Encosta a cabeça
Ouça cada batimento
Será eterno até acabar o nosso tempo
I made the toy with imperfections
The broken pieces in my collection

It was whole
And filled with joy
when it was given to me

But so many people wanted it
So many fought for it
Some earned it
Still they crashed it

Maybe because theirs were also broken
Maybe they didn't mean it
Maybe they just didn't know how to treat it

I am aware that there are pieces that do not belong here
I am not proud to say it but I also crashed and and kept pieces of other people's toys
Trying to fix my own
I joined the pieces

Each piece has its story
Stories of different journeys


I've traveled so far with this little gift for you
But how would I know who you were?
Why there isn't a sign on your face saying "soulmate?"
I tried to find you so many times and I had to use my toy as bait
I am sorry for not bringing it in one piece
But hey look around
None of these toys are new
And all this suffering led me to you.
Yes... The Toy is The Heart.
Preso nos erros do passado
Preso a ti porque o coraçao nao quer mais ninguem do meu lado
Convicto de que errei contigo
Talvez devessemos mesmo ser simples amigos
Nada mais do que isso
Preto e branco
Mas , colorir fazia mais sentido
Compromisso sem compromisso
Teu corpo fez-me perder o juizo
Como um vicio
Desejo intenso
Como as chamas de um fogo aceso
Tem sabor adocicado o fruto proibido
Teu calor e gemido
Hoje memorias de um amor proibido
I wake up wishing to go back to bed.
Wishing I was following my dreams instead.
Praying to be on the right path.
Always in the mood, high like an aircraft.
War planes somedays
Other like air balloons good company on a sunday.
I Dont really have notes for this one
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