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Mar 2018 · 288
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
I took your pastel veins
and interlaced them with my cordial fingertips
I knew you were hurting
I could feel how fragile your life was in that moment
Like paper
-Creases for the martyr
Your bones have grown brittle and cold from the tainted oxygen hovering amidst our sorrow
And heartache is your closest friend
Like a pastel painting on a smoke stained canvas
Edges worn, color bleeding
-A work of art for the martyr
I feel your agony through your skin
Your eyes are tired and dwindling
Time, I know has not been on your side
I know
-No time for the martyr
Mar 2018 · 264
Morning Glory
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
Something about the way the crack of dawn seeps life into your
With the blinds intricate lines displayed upon your ribs

Something about the awareness associated with a start of a new day

More people

The ensuing chaos

And all you really want to do is stay here and be consumed by the morning glory
Mar 2018 · 199
Craving Flight
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
For you
I’d just as soon sabotage this nest
Not really for you
Could never catch the strings falling now
That we’ve woven with every aching question left unanswered
The strings that have for so long entangled my heart and soul
[Trapping them]
My caged conscious craving flight
Like you and I
I’m not sure what to do with all of this room now
Or with the taste your name leaves on my lips
Or how your smell is imbedded in the walls
You, you you
Simply I will utter
I am not for
Mar 2018 · 853
Commercial Love
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
Her love
You know the sort
That makes you lay your head against the hardwood floor
Questioning yourself
Or no one in particular
Where did she come from?
Do you remember eagerly awaiting an answer
From beneath the crevices pushing against your jaw line
As the silence gnawed on your bones
Because I bet when she touched her fingertips to yours
Both of your souls response insinuated a path of many colors
Did her laughter warm your frost bitten lungs?
While her stare burnt bright behind your irises?
She probably tenderly confided in you a thousand silent words
Day after day
Until the depths of her beauty lit that fire inside
Igniting it with a smile that threw your heart into the wind
Every time
She was that commercial love , Right?
Misty meadows and crashing waves with summer salt
She was that drown in her kiss and leave you gasping for air, love
That lay your head on the hardwood and wonder where it all went love
Am I right?
Mar 2018 · 263
Hers and Hers
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
Squeamish much?

Did he really think he could call my bluff?

By the way his shoulders fold out to hide his face I assume he sought

Now he's cleaning his mess from the floor, shattered like red rubies

Because he was referring to God but only saw himself in my shades as he accused me

And morality falters with every exhale he can muster

The thought of ripping his spine out, God knows would satisfy my interest in watching him suffer

He stood before me and spat how I was a waste of a woman

Because I prefer soft hands and collarbones, with love as passionate as a dressing room kiss

I said it's perpetually misunderstood in all of its bliss, my preference doesn't hold you liable

Neither, your ignorance

Something about the power invested in the moan of a woman, the throb in my heart causes my blood to flow hotter and brighter

He said its blasphemy, frowned upon in the Bible

So I took his girlfriend for a joyride and taught her how to really smile
Mar 2018 · 185
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
With lion eyes reflecting milky skies
And the ease of a starless night slipping through her fingertips
We watched and pondered
And she silently cried
Not out of sadness, still
She twisted her composure so tight
That’s her flesh ripped and a thousand moths took flight
So we managed our crooked smiles as her lips caressed a quiver
Knowing that her inner flame would no longer ignite, because addiction had dampened the stories within her
And for a time it remained unclear
If her release portrayed the art of acceptance
Or if she’d dispersed all of her fears
Yet we continued to furrow our self consumed faces
With a flinch every time she reflected in the mirrors
Mar 2018 · 181
Lost At Sea
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
Floating on my back in these waters
My company consists of a flicker of light glistening in my peripheral
Reminding me of where I am
Who I am
My arms open, neck exposed
                                                         Still reaching for meaning
Wave after wave, my body continues drifting
One wave…                                  pent up aggression
Two waves…                                         standards and repression
One wave…                                                        manifestation
My own rhythm of solace
But the thousands of miles of burden beneath
             Cannot reach me
And that flickering light…                                                reliability
There’s still a tinge of fear for the unknown hovering on my conscious
The world I know, is crashing all around me
These waves
all about me
But I will continue to let myself drift
Allowing direction to take its own          course
Mar 2018 · 277
Blue Fairy Princess
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
She surrenders to the whispers naively portrayed through my stare

How easy it is to awaken her neglected smile

With every ounce of hunger diminishing from our tangled limbs

She's witnessed many variations of taunted accusations

I know

My hearts frequented too many paths pitched in black , lacking flares that would illuminate any other insinuations

So I refuse to expose her to anymore heedless quarries


I'll embrace her rain and dance in our thunder and trust that she'll do the same
Mar 2018 · 228
Cross Wind
Britney Garcia Mar 2018
Waist deep I find myself submerged in snow.
The feeling cut off at the base of my knees,
It seems I've lost all control.
The cold burns my eyes and when I close them I see the faint outline of your profile.
It drowns out the roaring winds submerging my existence, this waltz I've chosen to reconcile.
Those watching over me know I've buried myself here,
And there's a gleam off in the distance letting me know that they're near.
Accompanied by a shrill echo of an introduction ,
As I fixate on this image behind my eyes.
A whisper near my shoulder says to "Let it be",
But the hum against the nape of my neck rhythms "Wait, there's something left to see".
While recollecting how the warmth of your breath feels against my lower spine,
I admit with tears freezing to my face, this has been my foregoing decline.
With every beat my heart slows as calm as a dying breeze
After that last crosswind , my final decision to set you free

— The End —