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Mar 2018
Waist deep I find myself submerged in snow.
The feeling cut off at the base of my knees,
It seems I've lost all control.
The cold burns my eyes and when I close them I see the faint outline of your profile.
It drowns out the roaring winds submerging my existence, this waltz I've chosen to reconcile.
Those watching over me know I've buried myself here,
And there's a gleam off in the distance letting me know that they're near.
Accompanied by a shrill echo of an introduction ,
As I fixate on this image behind my eyes.
A whisper near my shoulder says to "Let it be",
But the hum against the nape of my neck rhythms "Wait, there's something left to see".
While recollecting how the warmth of your breath feels against my lower spine,
I admit with tears freezing to my face, this has been my foregoing decline.
With every beat my heart slows as calm as a dying breeze
After that last crosswind , my final decision to set you free
Britney Garcia
Written by
Britney Garcia  25/F/TX
     --- and Me Díaz
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