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  Aug 10 Bea
m h John
hearing your voice
and hearing your name
brings back the pain
of what was yesterday

i found your coffee stained shirt
hidden deep in my drawers
and it brought back all those memories
of us at the corner cafe

and days where we’d sit along the bay
and count the stars
as we’d name them after our dreams

these days i find myself
trying to let the time heal eventually
all our memories
all our history
and all you meant to me
  Aug 10 Bea
her eyes looked liked oceans were trapped there:
stormy and tortured
beautiful and captivating.

her was like ribbons running down her face:
smooth and flowing
stunning and graceful.

her smile was like flowers blooming in the Spring:
sweet and adorable
amazing and loved.

everything about her was lightning:
scary and sharp
intriguing and electric.
inspired by my bestfriend, who's been through o much that she deserves a poem about her.
  Aug 10 Bea
Leia Spencer
We stole the night together
Held together by a tether
Telling stories as we went
With a list of movies we had to rent
We played with each other's hair
A quite inseparable pair
We shared all our troubles
Promising we'd be doubles
And we'd bolster each other's souls
Until our hearts burned down to coals
Then we drifted and we struggled
Battling demons that left us puzzled
Until we realized
They're easier to fight together
Than alone
-hopefully your best friend
This is for my favorite person in the world
  Aug 10 Bea
She drew happy faces all over my arms.
She drew smiley faces over my scars.
She showed me with ink and blue marks,
the answer is a pen, not a blade to make art.
based on what happened today.
this really did make me happy,
I love you, hannah **
  Aug 8 Bea
McDonald tsiie
i caught her wandering soul
she caught a whiff of chanel
  Aug 8 Bea
Jack Jenkins
i'm just a small boy staring at a dead tree in the rain
looking up
wondering why love won't grow
//on love and her//
  Aug 7 Bea
Pedro Vialle
I wish I was always inspired
by Light and all its daughters
by rainbows, sunny days
and afternoons filled with laughter
but Darkness
her rainy days and chilly nights
touches my heart in so many ways
I can hardly fight
So, I give in
letting it all flow trough me
turning my sorrow and tears
in this what you read
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