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awknight Nov 2018
Twins, two of one face
Spinning across time
Past workings of innate fate
Force shut the bleeding eyes
Black under the light of the night
Warmth runs between the other’s fingers
Blood anxiously circling around itself
Find home in its cooling on the skin
Must pull open the lids to find the irises
and they fall like pedals into folding palms
A crushing weight.  

I am free again
Her eyes are gone
The blood is drained
Face disintegrates  

She drags her bones across my flesh
internally I ache,
but the irises imbedded into palms
give me fight and take away fear
of her resurrection.
we all have that one part of ourselves we want to keep dead
awknight Oct 2018
spinning away from my own reality
an out of body experience
I am trapped in skin
slamming against the walls
I suffocate in layers of flesh
gnashing, bone against bone
crumbling to dust.

hair falls down the drain
as my tears find themselves
inconspicuously riding among the
streams of heat.

I slide down the cold plastic
a scolding reminder of reality

grounding myself

watching the steam create drops
a mind eager to escape confines
awknight Oct 2018
echoes fall on my skin
like ripples of fear
a lonely gaze toward pattern
ignores the warmth behind my eyes
I trace the veins of my hand
rolling bones and tendons
a feeling of solace
the sound of my own breaking
under pressure I caused

a lilac touches the nape of my neck
soft and forgiving
a grace I do not grant myself
serenity found in chills
interrupting ripples
disturbing the disturbance
awknight Oct 2018
the push of my mind
falls into lavender fields
velvet night brushes against cheek bones
exposed skin floats in time
ecstasy is exposed through the flow of cold

the day unveils things too warm
instead, fall with me into the dark
as my mind incandescently
illuminates the world
awknight Sep 2018
my lungs weaken as my arms shroud my neck
it sees me as I dig myself into comfort
as I find myself in solace
it grabs my wrists from behind me
pulls the wind from my cells
I crawl inside my eyes
black captures my surroundings

a tunnel of fog and glazed pupils
awknight Sep 2018
I am water and made of earth
Trace the dew on my thighs
I mold myself to your shape
Breathing under blankets of solace
Light touches only parts of us
Fingers run across your cheek
Lightly stepping through bounds
Interlaced fingers — palms upward
Inside, my soul shakes.
God of life, take me.
awknight Aug 2018
Take your shovel
shield the light
it burns my skin.

You have unearthed me
when I did not know
I was buried.

Internal sufferings
my home
now brought into

open air.


my lashes bleed in fear
I escape — away from myself
the warmth reminds me

my scars shine in the sun

cover me, until I understand.
we all have our demons, but I finally dont have to deal with them alone...
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