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  Mar 2015 Wynona C
Mandy Blu
We took our turn and tried our best
To find success in a classic game
But with our love put to the test
Found lions much too tough to tame

Young love blooms before two fresh eyes
Which saw their colors brightest in May
But when that flower wilts to die
Best pull its roots than let it stay

Two stars in the sky made to grant
Two wishes one yours the other mine
And you may wish for what I can't
But changes not the ended line

We tried our best and that is true
But do not forget that love can end
For with good time I Firmly knew
This was not love I wished to mend
  Mar 2015 Wynona C

Walls upon walls of soundless treatment
I talk to the voiceless whisperer.

Whenever it gets too lonely and too silent, I talk to myself. I confide to the voices of my mind/head. I guess that's my crazy to sane life.
'Me, Myself & I'
Wynona C Mar 2015
How to cope
when everybody’s screamin’
He doesn’t care,
better stay away

How to know
who to believe
who to trust
who will deceive?

Well what does it matter
if it’s his word or theirs
she knows all are leaving
so why must she care?
Wynona C Mar 2015
I never said no, I just said not now
I never said I don’t, though I never told you I did.
But I do
Always have, always will

It’s no longer "Will you wait for me?”
We’re way past that
It’s “Wait for me. Please.” now
I promise it’ll be worth it.
I’ll be worth it.

**We’ll be worth all this
Wynona C Mar 2015
A song heard
A quote read
A picture seen
All that was
All that could've been

Unwanted, uninvited
Reminders of you
They plague my mind
Anytime, anywhere
**Every moment of every day
Wynona C Mar 2015
For in those words that hurt her most,
she found something to help her cope
a glimmer of hope
for the one thing she wants most
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