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Mandy Blu Nov 2015
pizza pizza on the table
grab a piece if you are able

reach for one before its gone
pizza pizza won't last long

pancakes pancakes on a platter
hear the forks and dishes clatter

ask for one before they're gone
pancakes pancakes won't last long

sandwich sandwich in a stack
what a tasty looking snack

grab it quick before it's gone
sandwich sandwich won't last long

ice cream ice cream in a bowl
Serve it up while it's still cold

eat it fast before its gone
ice cream ice cream won't last long
Mandy Blu Nov 2015
I get worried I'll fail you
every day you succeed
you're too good and I'm selfish
I don't know what to do

have I held myself back
or is it easy to rest
I can't tell if I'm present
So I'm worried I'll fail you

Worried I'll fail you
with a kiss or a touch
with words or a look
do I give you enough

Am I here
Is this love
why can't I tell the difference
Between worry and absence
between passion and desperation

Is this normal
I can't tell
if I'm treating you right
You deserve to be happy
You deserve a fair fight

I'm confused and I'm scared
That I've made a mistake
For your sake
I am hoping its only cold feet

I had this idea
a long time ago
of my future and a man
who was different
one that I didn't know

I was separate
apart from this town and these faces
No memories
just me and a new life

so where do we fit
when its you and its me
when time takes us both
Where will I end up
Where will you be

Was this a mistake
poor timing? convenience?
I don't want it to be
but it feels like I'm losing

and writing this feels like a surrender
a sabotage
because this is good
we are good
why am i worried

im so scared
but I'm happy
I have doubts
but I'm laughing

When we are together
when we are apart
theres a difference

am i shallow
am i selfish
am i stuck up

I'm confused
I'm scared
I'm guilty

but this time
It has to be you.
  Nov 2015 Mandy Blu
Listen to your demons;
They have a lot to say.
Consider, now, the chaos:
It can take your breath away.

Play the devils advocate:
Be shocked by your own speech.
Play with fire, dance with monsters,
Contemplate what they preach.

Hear the echoes in the silence,
Though the resonance is faint.
See the figures in the darkness
Meaning light still remains.

Stare into oblivion.
Embrace the great abyss.
Find beauty in the question:
Can nothingness exist?

And you think it is as simple
As telling black from white;
Little do you know, my love,
That it's just a trick of the light.
Mandy Blu Mar 2015
When I went to New York
I felt something change
Though the feeling was foreign
It wasn't so strange

When I stepped on the ground
And picked up my feet
I felt I was meant for
Those rough city streets

When I was with you
I felt something less
We used to be natural
Before we confessed

But now I have found
That we too have changed
We used to be natural
Before we were strange
I find that my last relationship crumbled because what we had naturally as platonic friends was lost somewhere along the way. When I visited New York City, all I could think of was that I felt the same emotion that I had lost in that relationship.
  Mar 2015 Mandy Blu
Jacob Christopher
I know the pain you feel is deep,
your want from life is simple peace.
And though I cannot guarantee,
please listen closely, as I speak.

Presently you stroll alone,
searching for a hand to hold.
You feel your sorrow in your bones,
in harshest sun, you still feel cold.

Pre - dawn, however, is darkest night
that must be followed by morning light.
I pray you won't give up the fight,
the universe will set things right.

I know at times, it seems unclear
that happiness is always near.
But wholly I believe my dear,
someday soon, you'll find some cheer.
  Mar 2015 Mandy Blu
I B Liviu
Soothing as the wind can be,
Embracing calmly trees of change,
Blowing through their leaves of tea
It bends the branches rather strange,

Flying birds shoot to the sky,
Aiming for the gentle clouds
To be smothered way up high
Far away from vile grounds,

Bathed within the warmth of days,
All that blossoms in the sun
Goes to sleep as darkness lays
A pitch veil you can't outrun,

Waves of foamy salty oceans,
Kiss the shores of golden sand,
Mighty currents are in motion,
Spreading life across the land,

Snowy peaks of rocky mountains,
Stand immortal in cold winds,
Icy rivers blast like fountains
Flowing down the forest's wings,

Fiery lakes of molten rocks,
Hidden from the naked eye,
Rise above like building blocks,
Gravity they must defy,

Rain starts falling from the skies,
Hurtling down towards the ground,
Soil and the clouds it ties
With loose threads that float around,

Stand outside and interweave
With the strings of liquid cloud,
Feel the rain drops and believe
In love and life, and have no doubt.
Mandy Blu Mar 2015
The wind blew cold
Our hearts were warm
Past buildings old
We found our form

And through the streets
We found a pace
moving our feet
in that foreign place

We were not told
We'd grow to seek
The wind blown cold
Across a cheek

But even so
Things aren't the same
We did not leave
Quite as we came
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