sometimes i am a
relentless, untiring, wave that
ebbs and flows to the
shore, back and
forth, back and

but today i am
transforming and
evaporating from the
sea to the sky, yes, i
have surrendered and
turned myself into
a possessive sun.

kindness and
love are now my
rays that  i won't let
you kiss and have
anymore for
i am tired, tired, tired,

of going back
and forth, back
and forth without
receiving what i
always give.

clothe my
frozen soul
with the warm
flow from your
b e a t i n g

defrost me.

are the

to hear them,
is the

who wouldn't want
a happy ever after,
especially when your young mind was fed
with a fairytale-kind of forever,
but as i grow old
and have fallen in
and out of love,
have taken risks and did
some closed-eyes dive,
i have learned
to be scared,
and a bit adamant,
to crave but at the same time fear
gambling, betting for love.

yes, my finger waits
for that coveted ring,
but i know, i'm sure,
i am a queen,
with or without a king.  

but it doesn't mean
i am unwilling,
to meet you, to have you,
my nameless soul's kin.

staring at
the hanging abyss--
a chandelier
of constellations,
made of
sparkling stars so
out of reach,

i wonder how
many times i
have tried and
failed to teach

myself on how
to never wish  
upon people's false

for expectations only
left me with bruised
broken heart, void
of love's lasting

  Jun 27 areadingwriter
Máh Lima

Two lives intertwined
Living at war
Two hearts beating in unison
Looking for peace
Shooting each other down
But tightly chained.
If only for a moment
They would stop and notice
One can’t stand if the other is down
Their wants and wishes were the same
If only for a moment they noticed the chain…

Two lives intertwined in love
Two hearts beating in sync
If only for a moment hope was not lost
Two souls could find peace.

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