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  Nov 2020 Amaranthine
Mary Generic
I woke up adrift this morning
Guilt a million leagues deep

Nothing done is undone
This Morning
Apologies do not come free

The sun which glistens
Upon the drops
Between my moistened

Carry this morning's

Trembling ashamed
Of the lust which came
Into me last night

My mouth has forsworn this place
My darling, forgive me

Of the low hanging fruit I partook
Above the devils knees
Writhing snakes within me bid


The meat is
ripe and sweet
  Jul 2015 Amaranthine
She had an option now
Once a goal, fed until wings spread until flight took until she lost the town
Until shot down
She had an option now, a full fledged choice, all teeth and silence
In the wake of her indecision grew envy, which looks like a giant mosquito, if you believe in giants

Before we go towards sore mode and mope so hopelessly over "wrote poetry", let us take time to give the mosquito a little appreciation
Unlike choice, envy is a toothless *******, and instead pokes and prods and leaves an undesirable little welt
But like choice, envy hovers

She slept on cardboard that night
That night in particular was rather dreary, grey and wet
Kicked out of her home, alone so closed and prone to no hope
She dove to floor and groped dope to erode her dome


She hit that stash and sat back happy in mad hat fantasies
Mad hat had-to-be's and lap dance reveries she tapped untapped man, she gagged for bags and haggled deep

Back then, she was a pariah,
She floated and she owned it, turned around and wrote it and low and behold she sold it, and now she's bold poet

Funny how the world wants you when you don't need it
Funny how a girl flaunts too, for the temporary feeling

We swat bugs who want a fix

But when they're butterflies...

They flutter by
  May 2015 Amaranthine
There would be no way
To determine it's course

Love, be it called
Screaming without a motive
Dripping in tears
Unrivaled in fear

Underfoot lies hate
Decaying in self deprecating
A book
So misjudged
By it's cover

Glorious, and oh
So glorious love

To be set upon
By flights of fancy
Gold, lace and all

To be a spectacle
A beacon of the triumph
Of good over evil
Light over dark
Yin over Yang

Yang over Yin?

Silly ponderous mind
Queer that one
Would meander
Outside the box

Do not forget that poetry
Is only here to
Accommodate your

Perhaps I
Am the box

To think
Of boxes
Perfect little squares
Perfect exhibits
Of a mistrial

To wander
Look away
To see

To think of subjection

To think...
Be free, darlings.
  May 2015 Amaranthine
If her hair was like seaweed
Pulling me into those surfing blue eyes
I would forever have sailed
Upon the waves of her sadness,
Dripping tears into her
Lonely waters

She spoke to me like
A mother speaks to her baby
Soft, sweet and gentle
A pillow of kisses and compliments

I was her lover
We had found a pretty paradise
Anchored and secure arm in arm
Rich in happiness
Hand in hand
Dancing in the rain

Just as simply as
We mistook temporary as forever
The power of loss spread it's
Feared wings
For distance accompanies all

Ah, but to dwell within a hell
Self created shell of hindsight
Even harder to
Move forward from the
Comfortable bed
The silent room
The touch-less relapse
Of memory addiction

The daydream fix
Of a what-if ******
The foot planted firm
Atop excuses
Atop excuses
Atop good excuses

Eventually, get over it
Becomes a favorite phrase
As I grow bitter
Full of emotional

And now
I wait for something to come
No contingency plan
For the most lazy cause of action
Just dizziness
Windowpanes to reflect my futile
searching eyes
Rain, to pitter patter a lost voice
And a dreamy nap

May I stay here
  Apr 2015 Amaranthine
This is the hanging thread
A long string of
Unspoken words
The rope that at one end
Holds down hearts
And at another
Coils around your

Perhaps you weren't awake
During the moonlight hours
Looming reflections of today
Glass to my feet

This is the part
Where I write all the emotions down
And outwardly spew blame
Towards the victim of my insecurities
Whom I see as their


I came home today with
A basket of metaphorical flowers
Chrysanthemums and Roses
All the pretty colors of fake
Yet you saw only the thorns
Of our punctured reality

In bleeding hands is the trust
Heart, soul and mind
As well as
Blood-borne illness

All items are
Brittle, apt to break
Yet I bloodied these fingertips
You did not

You only whisper to me anymore
Still cannot conceal the scent
Of displeasure
Of bile

Here are the musings
I have failed to intone even softly
Under my breath
For you fail to listen
While you are
  Apr 2015 Amaranthine

Given to birth loneliness

                                                    ­                                                    Space

Lie­s fill gaping mistrusts

Barriers pierced
Walls of flesh sing
R  h  y  t  h  m  i  c



Soul to soul
Alas, not heartfelt
Sinister lurks behind
Veils of deceit

One bond
          Two chances
Three minds
          For what?

The end

Love is
Love is
Beautiful poison

Lust is

Lust is

  Sep 2014 Amaranthine
Come repaired
Only to be taken apart again
This house is no longer
A home for you

You there, rusting away
Atop a dusty window sill
Looking out through broken glass
At Memory lane

There is no medicine for your pain
No pill to take this time
You will not sleep here
You will not dream here

You will breathe here
Inhale the bitter past
You will walk barefoot
Through these solemn halls

You will cut your hands
On sharp words that still linger
On the ancient air

See these colors and remember
The paint tells a different story
Rotten wood drives you insane
Welcome back to termite hindsight

This place is no longer a home
A cemetery rests here
Ghosts live here now
You don't belong here
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