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  May 2019 Unknown
Mary Generic
I woke up adrift this morning
Guilt a million leagues deep

Nothing done is undone
This Morning
Apologies do not come free

The sun which glistens
Upon the drops
Between my moistened

Carry this morning's

Trembling ashamed
Of the lust which came
Into me last night

My mouth has forsworn this place
My darling, forgive me

Of the low hanging fruit I partook
Above the devils knees
Writhing snakes within me bid


The meat is
ripe and sweet
Unknown Apr 2019
When you think of sleep
Are you still on your feet
Are you thinking of me?
When you close your eyes and begin to dream
Or am I just a memory
Or am I just a memory

Do you find it hard to remember me,
And my barefoot reveries?

You are the spoon in my coffee
I'll spin you around and the world couldn't stop me
Its they who have lost me
I'm often
Caught in a river if coffins
Your presence it buries them all and
The voices they stop
They finally stop

When the whispers have me to my knees
When the shivers penetrate the trees
You carry softness like the breeze
You carry blushes in your cheeks
You carry hearts upon your sleeve
And all is perfect when you speak

You make me weak

And together something else
And for forever on the shelf
We carry on our broken selves

And never ask me
If this feeling's everlasting
Because the beat sounds sad
But the sentiment is happy

All I really wanna do is run away
All I really wanna do is run away
All we really are are books with blank pages
Lets scribble in the lines and find the plot
We are the authors of our fate
And you're my date tonight
And for the ages

This mascato never sweeter did it taste
Then with your face in front of mine

And through the space and
Through the time
I'll hold your hand and
Stand in line

And ride this roller coaster ride
As long as you remain beside

And for the first time
In a long time
I am patient
And I am open
To interpretation
My lady
Unknown Apr 2019
If the world comes crashing down - devouring itself in a final moment -
I will fall to you
Content to sleep at the fire under your feet
Unknown Nov 2018
I get carried away sometimes
To a place I forsake one time
Rembering something alive
I ask myself how could it die?
I say that it's not my fault
I spread em to cover the fault
My veil won't cover the eyes
The drink won't smother the cries
I think of my love as a prize
But really though what is it worth
I really dont covet the hurt
And what does it mean to her?
And what does she think of me now?
And what does she think of me now?

Years to the back
No word back
I gave her my soul and she heard that
I've come to collect the return, stat
Or maybe I'm yearning to turn back
Or maybe I'm burning the whole act
Shake spears till I **** up the whole pact
The poetry can't bring a thing back
I'm over the camping on been-hads
It's what I tell myself when I'm this sad
I'm a shell of myself and
Why would she bother
No mother no father
I grew up alone but I guess I'll go farther
Distance yourself from the trauma
No one around me, that is my armour
I am alone but that is my karma
Unknown Apr 2017
The distance fed the boredom grew
Our facades, I abhored them too
I crawled upon the floor for you
Not one hand out, I bore you two

Though humble and in pain I kept
Not even but a tear you wept
Though ever since the day you left
Not sounder have I slept...

...see in that heartbreak, there is truth
A heart did break, one heart not two
I brandish mine, untouched and new
For who could love a beast like you?
Unknown Feb 2016
Yo, when you get tired of me
Do me the courtesy of not saying good bye to me
Let me pass silently
I can't stop these thoughts they enter violently
And they're dividing me
Two seperate heads of an emotionally idle beast
You'd be surprised to see
How hard a ******* bites their teeth
When they're told to go left and its right they seek
Come on ******* knife your beef
You start some stupid *** **** don't leave it incomplete
You leave the scraps on the table then it's indescreet
You bet your map on a bible cuz you treasure the sheep
And now you pass along the cycle of the ill and the weak
You feeling the heat?
Are you truly willing to bleed?
If our ideals are not the same then who's the sinister seed?
And can you say without a doubt we are the pinnacle breed?
And then to what do we amount if we're such intricate beings?
With such a stigma on our heads we're illegitimate kings
We're so addicted to our skin and yet we're bigoted fiends
We've come so far at the expense of all the primitive things
You drink water from a sink you don't sit down by a spring
Hey you can talk till you're blue and I'll still believe that you're lying
Your idol is the reason that our humanity's dying
Give me one good reason I'd take your word over mine
I'm my own God. I'll turn your ***** water to to wine

I truly care for the meek
Cuz they'll inherit all that's left when leaders bury the peace
It's scary to see
Ground zero is well within your territory
Clown heros are in ya head when you sleep
Poppin pills because the will of the wolf is dead to the sheep
Several prophets stole our hearts when intelligence fell asleep
You tellin me Hell is deep?
Have you heard the devil speak?
I had passport to the underworld when I turned seventeen
I don't need a ******* book to tell my heart what to fear
I don't need a helping hand when all my days turn to years
Freedoms just a plan without the ***** to adhere
Or the knowledge of peers
See how they interact to a tear
You're stuck alone in this world if you try to follow a path
Under the shadow of a book written thousands of years passed
How could you eat the plate they fed you ***** twice and not ask?
Hows it okay to own a slave but its a sin to love a man
How could you take a palm without even checkin the other hand
Keep in mind we're in his image as we plunder your land
Settin thunder to sand
Tearin **** asunder and we dont understand
Now you wonder why we openly mad
Without a reason to believe this world is nothing but sad
And so they offer you a lie so it don't look it don't look half as bad
How long will it last?
Not sure, but the past is the pass.
I'mma live it to the fullest till they bury my ***

© 2016 Temo Larrabee
A little rap I wrote
Email me for a recording I did with the beat.
  Feb 2016 Unknown
Our relationship sitting in a car
of a parking lot,
my body tangled in your arms.

Around the country
and your grandfather’s house.

It would rain
a lot
and so,
we would drive.

You used to look away
from the road
and into my eyes.

A cup of coffee
and a squeeze of my thighs.

I used to love you so much,
and now I just drive.
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